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Thank you for being an alpha tester of Showter. Your feedback and comments would be greatly appreciated as you use the Showter app.

First, install Showter. Go to and first click "Become a Tester". Then click on the link in the "Get the test version" section.

**Note: You will need to do this from an Android phone associated to the G+ email account where I invited you. Google Play Stores occasionally shows weird "Not Found" errors with test versions, so if you are unable to download the app, let me know.**

Then, as you go about your weekend, accomplish the following tasks as best as you can, with a mind to how your experience could be improved:

* Find a business that you want to contact and open a conversation thread with them, using either the list of businesses on the Nearby tab or by searching for a business.

* After you have opened a conversation thread with a business, ask a question. Your question may be about anything you would normally call a store about, e.g. product availability, pricing, sales information or other questions. You will receive an answer from the business shortly. You don’t need to keep the app open to receive the answer.

* On a search engine like Google, find contact details for a chain store near you, e.g. Walgreens, Banana Republic, or Sports Authority. Dial the store’s number. You don’t necessarily need to talk to someone at the store. Watch out for any notifications from Showter after you hang up, and click on them.

If you have any questions or feedback (any comments at all are welcome), please email or use the Feedback function from within the app. 

If at all possible, I’d appreciate any comments by Jul 15 so I can expand to a broader group of testers.
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