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Work still in progress just back this weekend.

Thanks for joining Megan! I am pretty much going in a route like this...any literary arts will do. I am not really concerned about receiving money via co authoring yet i do put my people first. As long as my name is on there as a co-author then we are good. For example, we could write a play together right? Yes. Since i already have books that are out, i am pretty much relying on networking to boost my sales and the name i represent. This is all independent and self employment basically instead of pursuing a inc or corp as a company. We might link up with a book and you might want to have me in there on whatever piece suit fits it right? Well, i'm telling you straight off the bat you can receive all the royalties as long as my name is on their for my work i input so all parties is satisfied. No gimmicks or nothing. I'm just straight up about my work and like networking cause currency comes in regardless plus i got mine copyrighted and i have tons of works i am about to put out on a regular trying to juggle my college. Just hit me up via phone call or just email or chat. Thanks again and i will at least start this session off with a poem...and here it goes.

In life,
there is,
a piece of me,
from within,
i call out,
my voice echo,
return back,
with an answer,
i say to it,
return back,
i beg of it,
return back,
with which i need,
in life,
there is,
a peace of me,
as harmony,
my enjoyment.
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