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The Google (non)Organic Mega-SERP

+Pete Meyers post on the Moz Blog today blew me away:

He mashed together all the new and popular features of Google's search results onto a single page, and the result was truly impressive.

Looking at this Mega-SERP, I couldn't help but notice how few of Google's search result features actually lead to real websites. Instead, most of the search features led to:

• Ads
• Other Google properties (Maps, Google+, YouTube)
• Paid product placements
• Knowledge Graph features collected from other sources

In the image below, I highlighted the few places where Google search result features actually pointed to other sites. Note: This is not an actual search result (and the image below is a mere vandalization of the original) and as Dr. Pete points out you would never find all these features together in real life.

The takeaway for me is that Google continues to innovate, both behind the scenes and in front to improve user experience, but the days of the traditional "search" engine is disappearing. Most of Google's new search results features seemed aimed at keeping you on Google, although they do a heck of a job answering your questions.

I'm still bullish on search as a marketing practice - even more now than ever. Search and the number of people using services like Google to look for what they want continues to grow at an astounding pace. Any marketer that isn't using SEO and other forms of online promotion is sorely missing out. The opportunities are huge.

But the tactics are changing. In particular:

• Your traffic is going to come from a greater variety of channels
• There are more places for you to broadcast your message
• Rankings are becoming a thing of the past (ht to +Wil Reynolds)
• Your customer journey is going to become more complex
• An integrative look at your marketing efforts and a holistic view of your metrics is going to be essential

The old model of search marketing was Ranking > Clicks > Conversions. The model of tomorrow will be much more complex.
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