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Welcome trainers; breeders; merchants; and whomever else this concerns. I am the new Pokedex AI and your tutorial. Please enter your name and other information so we can get started.

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Gym Leaders?
_Item info?_

Gym Leaders? Why yes! Here's a list:

Myra: Water

Sphen: Fire

Glys: Grass

Lyren: Rock

Denny: Dark

*What's your name?* (Enter:)

*What's your age?* (Enter)

*Are you male or female?* (Enter)

*Do you have family? If so, who?* (Enter)

*Please, describe what you look like* (Enter)

*Where did/do you live?* (Enter)

*What is your story? Or, bio?* (Enter)

*Lastly, enter the Pokemon you have in your party and their moves. Don't forget the level* (Enter. You don't have any to start yet)


(Delete everything in parentheses including this. Replace the parentheses with your answers.)

Item information:

Huh? You want to know about items....? Certainly!

Your Pokédex is the most important item to anyone who captures and collects Pokémon! I am your guide to the real world of Pokémon! I know everything about anything, your personal friend! You wouldn't destroy or lose a friend would you? Of course not!

A medicine that revives a fainted Pokémon. It restores half the Pokémon's maximum HP

Potions heal a Pokémon's HP depending on the type

Berries are consumables that remove status effects from a Pokémon

Capsules that capture and hold Pokémon until you send them out. Different Pokeballs have different catch rates

_You want more....? Go out and find it then!_

1. Character must be accepted in order to roleplay
2. Absolutely NO NSFW, take that to a private post
3. Cursing and foul language is aloud, therefor do not become upset when someone uses it
4. Do not talk back to a mod/owner.... Or just be nice, alright? (This does not include your characters actions)
5. Beforefighting with another player, alert a mod and wait for their response.
6. Do not buy anything you cannot afford
7. No, you aren't a pokemon master or well known being until you have actually earned this title
8. No begging to be a mod
9. No crossovers! No stealing characters! And you are a human!
10. No one is immortal
11. This is realistic, do not continuously dodge.... You have stamina
12. Obey the rules.... Will ya?
13. No spam or meaningless posts. (Including posting things such as "I'm bored" or "anyone want to rp?". Simply post roleplays.
14. Yes, your profiles can be denied.
15. Fill out necessary requirements on your profiles.... More of a tip, really. Your character will be denied otherwise.
16. If someone is abusing moderator/owner privileges be sure to alert AV (Original owner)
17. No being OP
18. Absolutely no controlling of the other person's character! NO exceptions! This includes time skipping without the other person's consent!
19. You are not aloud to use another person's art unless you have proof of permission. Draw your own character or have someone do it for you. There are plenty of "games" where you can make characters. I do not care if you give credit, the owner of the art must have allowed you to use it.
20. No cannon characters.
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