Just wanting to know if anyone is still active on g+

Hello everyone!

Recently I have launched a group channel called Gromuran Gaming. If due time, uploads will be coming to the channel. Now, I will say that I am hosting an event with the Gromuran crew. It's a Round Robin (But that may change) PvP Tourny. Date will be coming later on. If you wish to join in on this, go to the google forums link below to sign up for the first Gromuran event.


Hope to see some of you there!

... so is the official server down or sth?

Or am I supposed to be on the whitelist?

I'm going to tell you this ONCE and ONCE only.
I don't care what you flipping newbies think! I am the rightful owner of the Five Clans, Eight Clans, and Osgarnioth. You are to give me back my rights now or there will be trouble, I assure you.

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i decided it would be nice if people post their gaming setups. this is my setup.

upgraded PC (6g ram), intel i5, new nvidia graphic card (so i can have 2 monitors. i also have a gaming mouse and keyboard and a few big speakers for better game sounds.

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i made a new logo for this community, i hope you guys use it

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