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“Separating children from good and fit parents is wrong regardless of whether it happens at the border or in our family court systems. When those in positions of influence and power become aware of such wrongdoing yet still keep quiet and fail to call it out, the ‘it’s not my problem’ mentality provides the complacency for such transgressions to continue to take root and flourish.”

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I am looking for someone in the know about Human Rights and/or crowdfunding for this kind of thing to help me organise a campaign to raise funds for legal expenses to take a British government institution to court for violations of the Human Rights of my children and I. I need legal advice on what to write on the campaign too. Please contact me.

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A Broken System: Wake Of Family Law

"Periods of calm followed by an onslaught of turbulence, in whiplash fashion, adversely impacts those caught within the family court system as it often churns like a hurricane over parents and children — leaving a wake of devastated lives, denied liberties and seized property that put many in a place where weathering such conditions become a lifestyle set in constant survival mode."

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June 7, 2017 - Attend an evening event in New York to support the documentary in-the-making, Erasing Family, the first film that will reunite families erased by the divorce courts.

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A Broken System: Timed-Out Custody (The Good Men Project)

After divorce, time is the cloud that hangs over every aspect of the parent-child relationship.

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The Virtual Round Table's Podcasts

Listen to Huffington Post Contributor and family rights activist Stephen L. Krasner as well as U.S. legal system reform advocate Zena Crenshaw-Logal, J.D. in their debut broadcast of Your Extended Family - Working on Pro-family Family Courts. This week's broadcast begins to make clear that concerns about judicial training, family court funding, conscious and subconscious judicial biases, universal rights of parents as well as children, and so on are much like rivers feeding into the ocean of U.S. legal system corruption.

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A Broken System: Contempt Of Family Court

The term “Family Court” is designed to portray itself as a judicial institution that looks out for the best interest of a child — the overwhelming reality for many is the discovery that the name of the court — like the industry and players that stem from it (judges, divorce lawyers, mediators, custody evaluators and Title IV-D beneficiaries) — is often a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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I have regained my self confidence that was disrupted by family courts as they told lies about me to take away my children and made me feel shame and guilt for things I didn't do, but I stood up and realized I DID NOTHING WRONG! I am ready to retake my life, retake my self worth, my self confidence. I'm done living in fear created by family court. Family court and my x can kiss my ass because I will always speak the truth. I am ready to build a life for myself. I'm ready to start over and be successful with self confidence and trust and hope that the truth will win in the end. My kids only have me, us, you and me only to fight for them. We must fight for them. We are the protectors of our children. We may not have them but we must rise up with self confidence and skill and education to stop the corruption to save our children and all future children and parents from this suffering. We must rise up together. I have the fight in me again because I'm done feeling bad when I have no reason to feel ashamed for I did not wrong and nothing to be ashamed of. I had low self esteem for a while from family court but no more. I'm a proud, self confident women, mother, parent ready to fight for my children and take back my self confidence and take back everything that was taken from me. It starts with me loving myself.

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