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"Ya think I'm gunna go easy on you"?!
Name: Diego. You may only call me that.
Nickname: I have no other names
Age: Thats none of your business! (15)
Gender: Did you just assume my gender? (He's a guy okay)
Personality: Diego is rather stubborn and introverted. It seems he doesn't like socializing with others. He is also very brave, as he uses Fire Type Pokémon, despite his fear of fire.
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Dark Brown, almost black
Likes: Fire Types! Crackers! Pokémon, especially tough ones!
Dislikes: Water types... humans... that's it.
Pokémon Specialty: Fire types!
Pokémon Team:
Rockruff Lv. 8
Eevee Lv. 10
Litten Lv. 12
he's just started he'll eventually work his way up ;)

Name: PKMN Trainer Shulk
Age: 16
Gender: fluid/homosexual
Personality: they have multiple personality
Eye Color: black
Hair Color: black (with a bit of orange in the front)
Likes: his pet Cyndaquil
Dislikes: water types
Crush: no one
Pokémon Specialty: none
Pokémon Team:

Alolan Marowak
Minior (red)
Tapu Fini

Battle Theme:

why did this place become so inactive?

Mya walked into town, her two pokemon were outside of their pokeball, in her arms was an egg, which she had received ealier. Her noibat, Echo, snoozed off on her left shoulder, it had learned to sleep right-side up after not being able to fly. Melody kept herself at Mya's side, blowing bubbles out of boredom. Mya occasionally glanced down at the egg, but would mostly keep her gaze ahead of her.

"Well, we did our best. I'm proud of you two." Mya said to her two pokemon, a popplio, and a noibat. They had just lost a battle with another trainer.
"You did your best? A low level popplio, and a noibat that can't fly, I thought you were joking when you battled me." Said the trainer as they walked away, chuckling to themselves. Mya growled under her breath, and started working on her two hurt pokemon, wrapping their cuts in bandages, and giving them oran berries for their hp. She put the Noibat on her right shoulder, when she did he quickly tightened his grip to avoid falling. Mya now picked up her popplio, and walked
"Don't listen to that guy! You'll see, one day, we'll be at the top! And he would only dream of beating us. You guys are not jokes, you guys are my friends, and we'll stick together, always."
The noibat on her shoulder squeaked, and the popplio clapped her flippers together.

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Mya: "Isn't it surprising to see me this far? I always thought I'd be weak.... but my pokemon always proves me wrong... I know.. I might not be that tough, and you're probably going to win, and continue to win, no matter how hard we try. No matter how hard they try.... heh.. you know. Me and Mel came a long way now, we've done so much. Been to so many places, some of those places undiscovered, places I still keep secrets about... But this isn't about me is it? This is about you. You and your pokemon have this... amazing bond... you're inseparable... I can feel it. And I know- this may be the hardest battle I've ever faced... And I think you may find it fun too... Now, let us battle! And see who wins this one."

Place: well, if it's the final boss you'd think it'd be in the champion hall

Battle Music:

just thought it'd be fun to do this
we need a better tab for this

1. "Can't stop me bro, imma dance around you all night long"

2. In A Spaceship

3. Flying Lotus - Massage Situation 

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late forth of July rp, because when the actual day happened I was staying at my  grandma's, and she has no Internet. But I'm home now :3

Time (at the start): Night, forth of July.

Reposts: Yeppers, and I'm totally okay with a group rp if you like to do that. But if you want a private one just ask kk?

YN stands for your name

Mya walked to the park, her partner cradled in her arms.
"I know the best spot Mel, come on!"
She sat on a flat part of land, then laid back in the grass, and let Mel go so she could also lie down.
"They should start at any moment now Mel, you'll love them!"
Melody simply replied with a happy "Bwark!"
Soon, the fireworks started, sending colors in the sky, the sparks scattering across the sky
Mya's gaze shifted to the left, a Noibat flew around in panic, it was trying to avoid the fireworks, the loud noises were also messing with its hypersensitive hearing. Another firework exploded, luckily it was away from the Noibat, so it was not hit directly, but some of the sparks hit the poor confused Noibat. It cried out in pain, then fell through the sky at an alarming rate. Mya shot up, and ran toward the quickly falling Noibat, she had to do a dive to catch it in her arms. The Noibat in arms, Mya tumbled to the ground, before she did she rolled in the air, so she would land on her back. Mel quickly wait what's the proper term for run for a sea lion or seal? over to Mya, giving alarmed 'Bwarks' as she did. Seeing all this YN decided to...


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Name: Touko

Nickname: White

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Personality: A little stubborn, bit of a flirt, silent(Doesn't talk much), sweet

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Likes: Acting, Music, Movies, Sleeping

Dislikes: Dislikes: Being yelled at, messing up her acting performances, Certain Bug Pokémon(EX: Beedrill)

Pokémon Specialty: Water

Pokémon Team: Dewott, Greninja

Battle Theme:

Name: Jack Foster
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality: Proud
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Grey
Likes: Fighting Type
Dislikes: Criminals
Crush: None
Pokémon Specialty: Fighting Types
Pokémon Team:

Ability: Technician
Level: 43
- Power-Up Punch
- Thunder Punch
- Mach Punch
- Leech Seed

Ability: Moxie
Level: 43
- Power-Up Punch
- Dragon Claw
- Poison Jab
- Ice Punch

Ability: Fluffy
Level: 45
- Flail
- Brick Break
- Bulk Up
- Pain Split

Ability: Steadfast
Level: 45
- Power-Up Punch
- Iron Tail
- Bullet Punch
- Circle Throw

Blaziken (M) @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Blaze
Level: 47
- Fire Punch
- Thunder Punch
- Brick Break
- Power-Up Punch

Battle Theme:

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Note: i'm at school, replies may be late
Mya walked out of her house, her bag stuffed with supplies she would need for her journey.
"Make sure to bring sunscreen, I don't want you getting sunburned," Her mom called after her as she left "and wear warm clothes in the winter"
"Mhm, got it mom" Mya said back, she was excited, today she would meet her starter, and set out on her journey.
"Make sure to visit me sometimes!"
"I know mom.."
"And have fun! This is your journey, you're going to meet tons of people"
"Yep.. tons.. Bye mom!"
"Bye Mya!"
With that Mya turned and ran off, she was booming with excitement, she got to the pokemon lab, where she'd receive her first pokemon. She reached for the door, but hesitated
"Who will I even chose?...."

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