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Hey Office Insiders,
For the folks who also have iOS devices, Sign-ups for #OfficeInsiders on iOS are open again!

If you wanna get your hands on the latest features on iOS devices, you can sign up for the Testflight betas here:


Hello Office Mobile Team,
Is there any beta testing program for the Outlook mobile app?

No sirve no me actualiza nada

Why can't I open my Microsoft Word in my phone?


I came on here to see what is happening, my wife thought I was on a porn site, can you sort the spam problem out????

Hallo Office Team!

Ich möchte euch darum bitten das ihr vorallem Word bitte als Speicherort Nextcloud hinzufügt. Weil ich lieber meine Private Cloud benutze. Benutze Bsp. Google Drive etc gar nicht. Würde mich freuen wenn es bald ein Update kommt wo man auch auf Nextcloud speichern kann.

On my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone I was able to use Word for Android without being redirected to the Office 365 subscription page. I've just bought a new Samsung Tab S4 tablet with Word preinstalled and I can only read existing documents....I can neither edit them or create new documents??????

I have my Office 365 account but on the apps i can't loggin with my account, somebody can help me?

Hello Office Team,
Can we have the Office Remote features built in the PowerPoint Mobile app? It may be introduced into the desktop app too, wherein the slides scrolling, notes and laser, pen etc can used with a Bluetooth connection to PC, or over the cloud...
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