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Call For Paper
#18th #International #Conference on #Social #Sciences, #Business, #Technology and #Management (SBTM-MARCH-2018)

Theme: Provision of unified communication platform for researchers in a wide area of topics from all fields related to Social Sciences, Business, Economics and Management Studies

Venue: Hi Seoul Youth Hostel Seoul, South korea
Conference Date: March 15-16, 2018]

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Unbelievable Gift for All on Coming-of-age Day - Japan
The second Monday of January is Coming-of-Age Day (Seijin no Hi). The day honors young Japanese - if you want to keep it memorable ever, Every Japanese boy or girl who reaches the age of 20 feel free to get an opportunity from us on your photography. This Offer also effective for all Designer, #photographer, #Model and product & Travel #photography.
For lovers of #Japanese #fashion, one of the best things about Coming of Age Day is that young women attending the official ceremonies throughout Japan traditionally wear formal furisode kimono along with beautifully done hair and makeup. Young men occasionally wear kimono as well, although we more often see them in suits. So, for any of your captured pictured if looking anxious or need some Edited so don’t worried & forget to Hit Our web site Free trial page
Most young men wear business suits, although sometimes men wearing dark-colored kimonos can be seen. Certainly, It is much less expensive day for the young men than the women. You may snap your picture as model photos for make it more attractive and submit your 2 or 3 images for full free trial option no hidden or extra charge. Hit it:

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HT +masashi yokota 

Is it ok if I use this photo as our community photo? A link to the original photo has been provided. Thanks! 

Len, Telapost
a little bit too colorful.
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