Thanks for teaching us Mr. Young! This was an awesome year!

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Sheets that test will be based on.  

Tips for the test:

1) Focus on the main ideas and general time of events (specific dates are not required)

2) You will need to have a basic understanding of what each individual accomplished/is known for.    

3) There will be 25-30 multiple, t or f, fill-in-the-blank questions.   

Hi Mr. Young, can I please have an electronic copy of the homework sheets? Thanks.

Hi Mr. Young, are we supposed to do the activity to write a report about a current NASA satellite mission? Or do we just need to read the pages and answer the questions? 

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What are we doing in class today?

In your group, you will choose to build one of the following models:

1) Grappler 
2) Mars Rover 
3) International Space Station 
4) Satellite Dish    

You will have two classes to build your model with your group. Most of the required materials will be available in class.   

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An awe-inspiring video I would like all of you to watch for homework this week.

Math Test -  Monday, May 26 - Grade 9 Chapter 6, Grade 8 Chapter 5.

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Posters are due this week. 

We will be building a model of the Mars Rover in class this week. 
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