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Child or babysitter-

Hi does anyone here babysit

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°Meh OC <3°
Name- Alice Tokubetsu

Age- 9

Personality-Curious, Quiet, Awkward,a liddle bit t@lented xD

Child or babysitter- Child

Looks- Picture below ^ω^ 3rd pic me, 1st little sister, 2nd baby brother

Bio- "I live with my mom who is a single mother of 4 children Which is tough for her , I hate to see her struggle, I dont see her much because she is a hard worker 💪💪 , In the time she is gone I have to look after my two little siblings myself, (since my older brother moved out) Draw , play with my piano keyboard , and play games! Yaay!

My little sister is 7 and my baby brother is 8 months, He can sit and be patient so all Is well!" (I also don't have friends, I'm quiet and have a haunting past;D)
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Name: Ivy Transition
Age: 18
Personality: kind animal lover shy and active.
Looks: long blonde hair green eyes fair skin.

Is this place dead? I just realized I was here

Name: Naruto Uzumaki
Age: 20-40
Personality: Hero,Brave,Demon,Monster
Child and babysitter: Parent
Bio: Lost my mom and dad when I was born then lost my master/granddad and has no other family

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Name- Dalia Jackson
Age- 5
Personality- Sometimes dark, sometimes lights
Child or babysitter- Child
Looks- Picture
Bio- Her mother is a dead sorceress. She has no other family

Plan on adopting another kid anyone wants to be adopted?

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Name: Alice
age: 12
personality: Happy , jumpy , outgoing , brave , sad sometimes when alone
child or babysitter: Child
looks: Pics (ignore wings xD)
Bio: I'm a normal human child , my parents abandoned me , I live alone with wolves but I don't look like one , I still go school when I can because I used to go school when I had parents but I'm not going to just leave my education , I go to one club which is karate because my life is a dangerous one >:P
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