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Name: Lexington 0-77
Rank: Gunnery sergeant
Age: 32 years, 7 months, 7 days.
Date of birth: 2519
Abilities: Can kill you in seven different was with his right hand. Unarmed. Bloody good shot.
Bio: This Spartan has been through hell and back. Born into texas, earth, this texas deadeye was a roughneck in the texas oilfields for most of his life, then he joined the UNSC. That's the cute cover story. The real reasoning behind this is that the UNSC were looking for men with a 160+ IQ. That just happened to be Lex. A great engineer and not a bad shot, this man is your go to guy for armor repair and weapons diagnostics. Has a voice like butter, and can sooth scared civilians and even marines with PTSD.
Weapons: M392 DMR, M6G magnum, Combat knife.
Personality: Smart and quiet.

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A.I.:no but i want 1
Gender: Male
nickname:meta or manie
Age: 23
Race: Human
Weight:125 without armor, 268 in armor
Height:8'68 without armor, 8'96 in armor
Build: athletic
Skin Tone:light brown
Facial Features:strick
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color: Brown
Weapon Attachments: enegry sword, found a Prophets bane, Ma5C Assault Rifle, BR-85 Battle Rifle and Shotgun , miny gun, and anything that blow up
Specialization: piolet, engineering
Armor Abilities:Hologram, Promethean Vision, Active camouflage, Armor Lock, Drop Shield, Evade, Jet Pack, Sprint, Autosentry, Regeneration Field, Hardlight Shield, Thruster Pack, overshield, Teleport
Soldier Type: Spartan III
Faction: U.N.S.C.
Skills: jump, running, fight, martial arts
Bio:My mom died when i was born, so i live with my friend and my dad died when i was 8. So I train martial arts, i also made my own ship name Luna
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for halo 4 what level
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what is better
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halo 4
halo 5
halo reach
halo 3 odst
halo 3

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Character Template

Name: Thel 'Vadam (The Arbiter)
Rank: Arbiter
Age: 73
Armour: Arbiter Armor
Weapons: Energy Sword, Plasma Rifle, Covenant Carbine, Plasma Pistol
Bio: Thel was born in 2485, born to the House of Vadam, rulers of the powerful state of Vadam on Sanghelios. In his youth Thel was trained in the ways of fighting by his relative Lak 'Vadamee. He later joined the Covenant military, adding the "-ee" suffix to his surname according to custom. Thel participated in the Covenant attack on the human colony Madrigal in 2528.
Within a short time, Thel achieved both the rank of Zealot and the title of Shipmaster, and became kaidon of his state through the votes of Vadam's elders. Shortly after being promoted to Shipmaster, Thel sustained an injury in the training ring due to a mistake. His family hushed up the incident, as well as the resultant visit by a physician, due to the Sangheili's cultural stigma toward doctors and medical operations. During his convalescence, Thel handmade an old-fashioned doarmir-fur Shipmaster's cloak, and would later wear it as part of his Shipmaster's attire to remind him that he could make grave mistakes if he let his guard down.
Thel's role as kaidon was important for the House of Vadam, as he was tasked with continuing the reign of the powerful state of Vadam. Early in his rule, he was attacked by three Sangheili assassins wielding energy swords. He managed to kill all three without injury, and proceeded to appear before Vadam's elders to determine which had ordered the attack. Thel discovered that the assassination orders had come from the elder Koida 'Vadam, and after killing him, he ordered all of Koida's line to leave Vadam keep by sunrise.
 Upon being brought to the Prophet Hierarchs of Truth and Mercy, they intervened and offered to commute the sentence if he would become the new Arbiter. Understanding that becoming the Arbiter of the Covenant amounted to an indirect death sentence, but also seeking an opportunity to redeem his name to retain honor for his continuing bloodline, the Sangheili accepted the offer
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