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For reference.

List of canon Dust types

Fire (Red)

Used for shooting out fireballs, creating pillars of fire that erupt from the ground, and creating fiery shockwaves with the help of certain weapons, as it can be seen in the episode New Challengers with Octavia Ember's kris.

Water (Blue)

Mentioned by Weiss in The Shining Beacon. It's safe to assume that this type of Dust is used for shooting out water.

Earth (Brown)

Seen when Blake made a clone out of rock in No Brakes. Not much is known about this type of Dust.

Wind (Green)

Has the ability to shoot out gusts of wind. In New Challengers, Dew Gayl was able to create a tornado using Wind Dust.

Electricity (Yellow)

Used for electrifying weapons and is a power source for machines. Can shoot out bolts of electricity.

Explosive (Pink)

First seen in the episode New Challengers, when Nora's weapon made that heart-shaped thingy that blew up on contact. Ideal as a form of ammunition.

Gravity (Purple)

Shown in RWBY Chibi. Can be used to propel people to certain directions.

Lava (Orange)

Can be used to shoot out jets of lava at the opponent. Also used for creating obsidian, as seen with Cinder Fall (Obsidian= Volcanic glass)

Ice (Cyan)

Can be used to create a covering of ice on the ground, or for ice formations like shields and the giant fist Weiss created in Round One.

White (Generic)

Used as ammunition.


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Blake looks out the window of team RWBY's dorm room. It had been an eventful week. The White Fang were on the rise, and attacks had gotten worse.

she sighs, then pulls out Ninjas of Love, and begins to read.

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Anyone want to rp with male Yang?

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Okok. Already can consider me as the official and original Neptune now and you can finally mark me to do RP's without any problem?

It kinda died here....

We need to get this community going again but how? Hmmmmmm

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I'm taking Roman :)
"The real world is cold! The real world doesn't care about spirit! You want to be a hero? Then play the part and die like every other Huntsman in history! As for me, I'll do what I do best: lie, steal, cheat and survive!"
Roman Torchwick
At some point in the past, he was detained by the Vale Police Department for an unknown reason. Though it is not said whether he has been previously imprisoned or convicted, it is stated in a Vale News Network report that he "continues to evade authorities". This suggests that he has been a fugitive for quite some time. At some point he met Cinder Fall and was recruited to her faction.

Roman's sidekick is also Neo who will help him when they are both in conflict, since both are criminals they do seem to commit crimes anywhere when needed, also if they are doing a job for someone.

In photos

Roman's personality was a mixture between that of a formal gentleman and a ruthless criminal. He emits charm and speaks calmly even in the middle of an armed robbery. Roman emits hostility when upset or frustrated.


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