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Community members not being displayed

Note that currently - there is a glitch in G+ where new community members are not being displayed with their membership cards, and if you create a new community, there will be no visible members section, since none will display - and you can't manage them either.  As per Rupert Wood - the G+ engineers are aware of the problem.  

G+ pretty glitchy today

I usually enjoy weekends in Ghosttown so I can catch up with community posts and Moderation, circle management, and other G+ stuff.  Seems things are really glitchy lately from what other people are noting, as well as my own problems with my Profile and Pages and Communities.  I blame the roll out of Windows 10, the Streamlining of G+ as it breaks up with YouTube, and the removal of G+ Photo for Google Photo.  And Bush.  Or Obama, depending on your personal bent.

Regardless, G+ is forever Beta, and the price is reasonable.  Have fun!

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Update: There have been rumors that banning does not work. That is not correct. If you ban someone from a post, they will be banned and unable to post to the community -- but they will not appear in the Banned list due to the problem. As a result, there would be no way to reverse a ban until the problem is resolved. 
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John R. Ellis

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Circle Sharing has been Officially discontinued

[Will keep pinned until ~Tuesday so the weekend and weekday Plussers have a chance to see this new information]

If you look at your Circles, you will see that the Share icon is now missing - just Edit and Delete remain.  As of yesterday, G+ discontinued this feature - no reason given so far.  Probably won't have a major impact on Communities or Moderation, but it will be harder for Owner/Mods to share circles with each other to invite those circles to similar or cross-promoted Communities, or to give members an easy way to Follow curated circles of people.

May affect a few Communities (and Pages) whose entire premise was sharing circles, too.  There is a LONG discussion of the pluses and minuses of this change going on here:

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+John R. Ellis Yeah, I can see that working for you more popular posters.

Cries uncontrollably....
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Clint Udy

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I currently mod or own numerous communities. Recently one came under attack by a specific group of trolls that created a pretty good sized headache.
They are nice enough to make their community public, Troll Legion
I have included a set of screencaps with their current member list so you can watch for them in particular. Please note that many of them have numerous all accounts and one in particular (Hugh Jass) will create numerous ones on the fly.

You can view present targets under their edicts section.
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They all pulled up for me
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Rupert Wood

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New Feature!
Show off what communities you are a member of on your profile! 

Now you can select to show visitors to your profile which communities you are a member of. You can select all, or just select to show a few that you belong to. Only 3 are 'displayed', though others can be seen by selecting the 'xx communities' at the top of this new card. 

Private communities selected will only be visible to other members of that community.
New on your profile: Community memberships

Starting today, you can show the Communities you belong to on your profile. Just visit your profile on Android or desktop, find the new ‘Communities’ section, and decide which memberships you want to display (if any). It’s a great way to share your favorite Communities, as well discover what your friends are into. So try out today’s update, and let us know what you think! 

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Cute puppies! nice :)
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Kathleen Tehrani

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Kathleen Tehrani originally shared:
"AUTISM BRAINSTORM: Poetic Outspeak with Erik Estabrook"
+Erik Estabrook will share new poetry with the #autismbrainstorm   Community on G+.  

Erik Estabrook is the author of seven published books. He shares his poetry for autism awareness and social knowledge. He has a show called "Poetic Outspeak" with Kathleen Tehrani of autism brainstorm and a show called "Poetic Travels on the Autism Highway" with Kelly Green.

Erik's poetry for this session will be:
~ A Calling
~ Grey Skies

*Guest poet for this hangout will be: +Jason Ross 
*Guest poet for this hangout: +George Pavlovich  
*Guest poet for this hangout: +Andrew Smith 
*Contributing poet for this hangout: +Gee Vero 
*Special guest panelist for discussion is: +Miriam M.  

George's poetry for this session will be:
~Dead Trees

Andy's poetry for this session will be:
~My Eyes
~Taking Things Literally

Gee's poem for this session will be:
~For Elijah

Jason's poem for this session will be:
~A Poem About Thinking Inclusive

#Poetry   #prose   #autism   #aspergers   #literature   #AutismHangouts   #Hangoutsonair   #HOA  
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Matthew Beck

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Matthew Beck originally shared:
Anybody/company that wants their logo on the SoCon website ( email it to +KrisTen Slevin or let me know and I will get it through. Thanks #k10friends #socon #socontaj
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I guess I still don't see what this has to do with community moderation. Nor do I know what k10 network is. You keep saying things that have no context.
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Face of Art Technologies Ltd

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Rob Gordon

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Communities API and Member Directory.  I am not sure if people here are aware, but Google now has a business community staffed by three professional community managers who are employees of Google.    The title I used is somewhat inflammatory - but accurate - both the member directory and API really are all but useless.     

I am not sure if many here care about this issue - if your communities have fewer than a few hundred people it is probably not that big of a deal, but if they get much larger than that it should be.  In my mind, it brings into question the whole issue of what it means to "own" a community.  If we have no meaningful access to our member data can we really say we "own the community in any sense of the word?   

The Google employee on this post - to his credit, did confirm that the communities API essentially have no functionality - a more polite way of saying "worthless" but didn't really have any suggestions about what to do about it.

I am not sure that this is an issue Google cares about - and if no one complains they probably will never do anything.  Having good access to information about the other members is usually a key part of building any community - both for the members, and certainly for the community managers.   I also thing that the ability to send an email to all community managers - with proper opt out consideration, is also key to building a real online community, but one issue at a time.

I did a search here and didn't find any post about it - which was surprising.   I also posted this on the Top Community Owners Community and there wasn't much interest there either - which surprised me even more.  

I am not really interested in knowing the reasons why Google wouldn't want to do this - I am not asking for anything that is not already on the members public profile, I just want to know if there are others here who think this is an issue, and would like better access to their member data.
Is the Google+ Communities API Worthless?

Let me preface this by saying I am not a programmer, but I do know a few things about community management and have several here - public and private.  

One thing I have always noticed about communities is how useless the member directory is.  Every community has one of these - on this community just go to the "see all" member link.  Even with just a few thousand members, it is already impossible to scroll through all of them - even if you could tell anything about these members through their  pictures or hovercards.  When you go to the search function you learn that the only thing you can search on is the users name - which is all but worthless.  

If you already know the person's name you don't need to do a search for their profile - you could just go to it directly - that is not something you need to search for on communities.  For business, it is much more likely that you would want to search for things like location, interests, industry and interests - and if those things aren't overtly stated in the profile, then at least a full keyword search.

As I have a business community that just hit 50,000 members, I have known for some time that i would need to dig into the API for communities.  Like I said, I am not a programmer but I always assumed was at the very least i would be able to download a Cdl file of my membership data - but I hoped there were some cool things I could do beyond that.  

Since i couldn't understand the attached API instructions, I asked a programmer friend of mine from here to look into it, but he seemed to already be familiar with the issue and said that the API had almost no useful functionality, and that Google didn't want us to have information about our members.  

He is the only one I have asked so far, but rather than ask around covertly I thought I would just mention this issue here since this community is about using Google in business.  Could someone let me know - what if anything can we do with that Communities Api and is there some way to get access to our members data for communities?
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Thank you +Joost Schuur but I have just seen this behavior before - one too many times, which is why I specifically said in this post that I was only interested in connecting with people who might be interested in this issue, not those who want to explain why they think Google keep this data trapped.  

 I had a post on my profile the other day on my own profile that was just set out to the 4000 or so people I follow that discussed a specific issue with Google.  There was nothing inflammatory about it - it wasn;t really even critical, and we had a good discussion.  Had I posted that same thing publicly however, I would have been absolutely vilified here.  

The way this usually works is that everyone jumps in and there is a big discussion of what is in Google's best interests, and then an bunch of vague and irrelevant discussions about "privacy".  These get addressed one by one, with a great deal of time and effort until they are addressed - and I am exhausted - and while I usually managed to finally address all their concerns, mine never are.  

It is a HUGE disincentive to even ask for help here, and in fact has made it impossible to get help in most cases.   For reasons I won't go into it was a big risk to ask this question on this particular community.  I had asked on the top community owners forum and much the same happened, and after the same discussion of what is in Google's interest did actually get the ones there to change their minds and understand the issue, but it was of no benefit to me - just a wasted of time.

I am sorry you think that I "a limited notion of what a community is" - I run several here including the large entrepreneurs community - I work my ass of to make it work with crude and limited set of tools, but we have made it work while most of the other large business communities have failed.

I hope I have satisfied you because I don't have too much more time.  If you read the post I complimented the Google employee for being honest in admitting that the API has little functionality - and if fact barely exists.  I will likely have to delete this post but want to leave it us just in case there are people to whom this is an issue as I originally requested
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John R. Ellis

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Another G+ Community hijacking reported

FYI - Another Community hijacked by +Lara romeo for Islam.

Was "Nature" - now "Islam".
And the profile picture appears to be of Paola Torres, so that is a lie too.
.                             The Defamation of Islam

We call on all followers of Islam to denounce the activities of the profile 'Lara Romeo'  and associates
محمد حبيبنا (Mohammed beloved)

They are telling the world that Islam promotes lying, cheating, dishonesty, and deceptive practices in general. They are saying that Islam teaches that it doesn't matter what you do to others, so long as you do it in the name of Islam.

No, not in the words they write. They proclaim it loudly in the actions they have committed.

We all know that actions speak louder than words. It is what you do, not what you say, that shows your true values.

They have hijacked yet another community and are LYING to you and to everyone by presenting it as a community of people who joined in support of Islam.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

for the story on the 'Photo' and 'Food' communities.

The 'Nature' community is at:
now renamed to 'islam'.

The communities started as something that appealed to many people, regardless of religion or irreligion. People joined them thinking they were contributing to 'Photo' and 'Food' and 'Nature', only to find that their many posts and, indeed, their very membership, were dishonestly appropriated and presented as if those people and their posts were made as followers and supporters of Islam.

They were NOT!

If these people do not represent YOU or your religious beliefs, then it is imperative that you speak up NOW, denounce these people and their actions, and show the world that these people and their practices have nothing to do with you or Islam.

If these people are part of some plot to discredit Islam, NOW is the time to say so, loudly and clearly!

To sit back and say nothing gives silent assent to their assertion through deed that Islam is the religion of the corrupt and dishonest!

 You need not allow this!

Speak, say they are wrong, and be heard!

Community Owners:
Obviously, you should not let the profile 'Lara romeo' addressed above join, much less moderate, your community, if you wish to keep it honest.

#islam #warning #calltoaction #lies #abuse #corruption #defamation  
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+John R. Ellis
Yes. Looks so innocent, doesn't it? You would never suspect (from this photo) that behind that happy face lay the mind of a hijacker.
Of course, as you pointed out, it is not likely to be the face of the profile owner...
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John R. Ellis

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Hijacked Photo and Food Communities and Community Name Changing Change

Was "Photo" Community:
Was "Food" Community:

1)  The above linked 18K member "Photo" community was a thriving general Photo community as of yesterday.  Today, it's another "I Love Islam" community.  Likewise, the same Owner just converted a 4K member "Food" community linked above into an "Islam" community.  How very rude!  All the prior posts and categories have been swept clean - but you can still see the photos from swept posts in the Photo section.

2)  The old Rule was that you could not change the name of a G+ Community after it reached 500 members.  The above hijacked Photo one had over 18K, and I wondered how they could change the name, so I tested one of my 600 member communities and could change the name - so obviously that rule got changed.  Many people have wanted to change Community Names of large ones - apparently we can do that now.  YAY!  [Note, I changed this Community Name too - so it works to at least 20K Member communities - and maybe some of the people who asked about Name changes here previously will notice this Name Change and rule change].

3)  Trust no one.

#hijack     #CommunityNameChange  
                                        HIJACKED !


The 'PHOTOS' commuinity has been hijacked and renamed as the 'I Love Islam' community!
In the process, at least one moderator was removed from moderator status without warning or notice!
It is not known at this time whether this was done by a moderator from within, or by hacking from without.
If you were a member of the 'PHOTOS' community, be warned that your name is now being presented as a member of 'I Love Islam' !

#photoscommunity #communities #hijacking #googleplus #islam #warning #alert

+John R. Ellis John, have you seen this before? Do you know anything about it?
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Sorry, got sidetracked on point 2. ;))
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Destry Wion

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Another bad omen.
Bad news for new #TLD  owners that use G+

#googleplus  doesn't provide link support for the 245 (and counting) new TLDs that are selling like wildfire. It will be another nail in the G+ coffin if they don't address it soon.

As a demonstration, these should automatically convert to links:

But if you're the proud owner of a new TLD and want to start rocking it, too bad:

What we can only hope, for Google's sake, if they care about G+ anymore at all, is they forget this auto-link crap and give us true URL control, whether Markdown or Textile style, so that we can actually add links with our own labels instead of straight URLs

Listing, Google? Because this is a big one.
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+Peter van Rens Agreed, but thats the best reason I can conjure currently.
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Evo Terra

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Adminstrata BS you may not care about, but...

Effective immediately, the fantastic and much more patient than I +John R. Ellis is now an Owner of this fine GPC. 

Tip to those of you who own your own community: Before taking an extended sabbatical (or #ShEvatical in my case), be sure to promote someone else to Owner status. Make sure it's someone you trust, and someone who's probably a lot more active than you. 

Rock on, John!
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+Peter van Rens I'll be watching you in particular.
+Evo Terra Thanks, and have a good trip!
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Evo Terra

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New to owning a GPC? Read this handy guide!

I'm adding this to our "About" section, but felt it was worth sharing, as we get a lot of "how do I get started" questions. +Andrij Harasewych did a great job assembling this. And I'm pleased the policies/guidelines I created long ago are being used in so many places!
Google plus communities are great for starting conversations around hobbies, interests, groups, or organizations. Learn how to start your own today!
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+Evo Terra +Mari-Lyn Harris Done! (I think - still need to review, but wife needs some quality time! Give it until tomorrow if you would like to repost - I would be grateful and honored!) Next step is the members guide here: - ill be getting to it late tonight/tomorrow
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Robert Dover

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John must be sleeping in this morning.
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Tommaso Vigliocco

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The #Egg Society now is taking #elections following a term of wonderful service to #eggs by our current #president , +Úna Ni Shé . Egg-selent work!
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... Probably only ET, CT, and WT...
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David Spinks

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Hey Moderators, we're doing an AMA with Nathalie Nahai, the web psychologist. Lots of really interesting stuff.  Join in.
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+Rich Koning It took my brain 2 days of thinking to figure out BH.  You can guess where my head was most of that time.
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Captain Henry

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hello? i am in need of help over my communities
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you know that the communities I basicly build are taken care of by me and I don't need help with that....
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