Is there a way to combine two categories of a community together without having to move each post of one category into the other individually?

If not, is there a way to "hide" a category, without removing all the posts?

The original owner of a community, I own, left sometime ago. This is the first time, I went in to edit the community. It did not have a "Discussion" category showing before, but when I reorganized the order of the categories, a "Discussion" category, all of a sudden popped up with old posts in it. I do not want to delete the old posts, but I want to combine this category into another, and get rid of the "Discussion" category.

Thank you!

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Why am I not able to translate anybody's comments for the last week? It gives me the option to translate, but It doesn't translate. I've tried three different devices, one of which is my laptop, but none of them will translate people's comments. Is this another Google glitch?

3rd question fokes.
I've posted something a few minutes ago. I checked again a few minutes later because that is ususlly how I lay the notifier to sleep instead of pushing the mark all as read, or whatever its called button.
So, I've had 7 likes, and a few minutes later I had 5. I generally see less engagement in my interaction since a precise point in time.
Am I a russian bot, or wtf is going on? Shadow banning?

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Since yesterday, I've not been able to delete member comments on posts in communities that I own. This is on both the Android app and the web version. Anyone else?

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Hey fokes.

I have another question.
This guy was kicked by the other owner about 6 months ago, he was a mod, and I'd like to make him a mod again, but he is incapable of entering, and I am incapable of inviting him... he is also not in the banned list, although that banned list probably contains more people than the communuty itself... here's a screenshot of what it says to me when I try to send the invite:
Any ideas?

Hi everyone!
Is anyone else having a problem with translating posts and comments?
I keep getting the message "you can't translate this post or comment".

Hello everyone I lost my elisabutterfly account due to A reset this is my new account I have 3 communities 2 I can not be made owner of again the other I'm back as owner is there any way anyone know a way that I can regain my old account

Search on G+ can be "wonky". Does anyone else even use the search feature?

On some people's PCs when they search for "ponds" on G+, our "ponds lakes and streams" community comes up in the first couple of places. When some other people do the "ponds" search, they get a couple communities that have no posts and another couple that are not even related to the search phrase. Can I get a couple people to do a search for the word "ponds" and let me know here if they get communities related to the search or if they get odd results? Thanks so much in advance! ( that's right, you should not be a follower of our page or community to test this, thanks)

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Hello, I recently noticed that when on laptop the grid at the top right no longer has the "Photos" option. The only way I can get to my images is by clicking on the notifications symbol.
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As the owner of a small community, is it possible for me to edit certain members posts to be featured into a different category of my community? If so, how do I do that? Example: If they post under the title Discussion, would I be able to change that to Post of the day ?
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