Hello everyone here i go go again i need help restoring my butterflykisses account now i got this one back i lost the other yesterday after i got this new phone and im co owner and moderatorr in many communities

To me the hardest part of making a community is thinking of the perfect sections to match the community, I want help coming up with sections/categories for my community "Motivational Quotes" because the current once's are having the smallest number of posts ever.

I see we're getting infested with more porn posts, it's been going on for about 3 weeks. I'm fed up with deleting/reporting them, many don't even go to the spam filter!

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Hello Friends Beware of this account holder who banned all my community members including moderators . Here is the link

I've been trying to post pictures in a popular animal community for the past 2 days, but it seems like nobody is able to see what I'm posting. I'm getting 0 views, 0 plus 1s, and 0 comments on the pictures that I'm posting. Any ideas why suddenly nobody except for myself is able to see what I'm posting? I've tried Google "Help" but that is of no help at all.

Owner and moderator are away The "Chocolate Lovers" community suddenly disappeared. Apparently the community seems to have been deleted by Google as an administrator. So 480,000 members suddenly lost their community. This community continued to be hated by porn men. So I applied for Google to owner authority last year. However, Google did not accept the application. The reason was that moderator's comments were alive. So I was creating a new community and driving members from the old community. Suddenly the old community had disappeared today. I have a question about Google about this result. Why did you abruptly extinguish that community Why did they accept my owner authorization transfer application?
I am sorry about that.

I wonder if I could pay a Fiverr spammer $5 to go around to all the communities and profiles on G+ and Report Abuse as spam every profile of every other Fiverr spammer on the entire site.

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I have found the source of mass spammers that are destroying a lot of communities right now. It is a community and its owner. The owner's post of that community is shared in large numbers and used for harassing each community.
I think that it is probably a subaccount of that owner that shares it.
I fed back that community and owner to Google as a policy violation.
Please be careful of your community.
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Am I the only who are experiencing major difficulties when moderating a G+ community in the spam filter? I moderate two Minecraft communities, and clearing the spam filter can be a real pain. Sometimes the filter just glitches out and refuses to show me anything, or it will show me posts... That were posted way back in 2013 or something. I know there are more recent posts in the filter, due to members tagging me in the comments, but I cannot find it in neither the community nor the filter. And sometimes I can approve the same pots five times in a row, and G+ does not release the post into the community.

This has been going on for me for a couple of weeks now, and it can get really, really annoying, especially when I use the mobile app. Is this a known problem for G+ moderation?

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The community of the big chocolate that I participate is an owner and a moderator are absent and left alone. I applied for the assignment of ownership once to Google. However, because my moderator 's account was alive my application was not accepted. The situation of that community is getting worse and worse, and the number of porn posts is getting very large. I tried to relieve as much community as possible to me, including reporting to Google, applying, but that was impossible. So I finally made a new community by myself.

New Chocolate Lovers
New Chocolate Lovers
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