Apparently some of the Communities don't follow their own set rules. The one that irritates us members the most is the number of posts. Per hour/per day. We get the rules but the communities seem over zealous in moderating.

Another irritant. No explanations from the communities. An example I posted into a community 59 minutes after I posted an earlier one. One of those post every hour communities. Apparently I am in the penalty box. No notification. No explanation. No warning. No nothing. Very frustrating 

Here is the Guidelines we have for the Community I help moderate. Please let me know if anything should be removed, or if anything more could be added?

Welcome To Android Apps.

Like Most Other Communities, We Have A Few Guidelines For All To Abide By When Posting......

Because The Translator Feature Doesn't Always Work Within Browsers Or The Google App. We Ask That All Posts/Replies Be Written Using The English Language. Any Posts/Replies Not Written In English, Will Be Deleted From The Community.

Guidelines For Posting A Favourite App Or Game That You Use/Play, Or Are Promoting An App Or Game That You Have Created.


1. Select The Appropriate Category Before Posting.

2. Include In Your Original Post, A Brief Description Or Details Of What The App Does, Or How To Play The Game.

3. List Some/All Features Of The App Or Game.

4. Let It Be Known If The App Or Game Is Completely Free, Free For A Limited Time, Or If It Is A Purchase Only Item.

5. Be Sure That A Link To The Download Page Is Also Added Within The Post.

6. Only Direct Links To Google Play Or Any Other Authorized Market Are To Be Used. 

7. When Posting Videos, Include In The Post The Download Link To Google Play Or Any Other Authorized Market. 

8. When Posting Updated Versions Of Apps Or Games. Also Include The Original Description And Features.

9. Post Just One App Or Game Promotion (Or Favorite), Every Two Weeks.

Do Not's.......

1. Do Not Post Download Links That Are In Blogs Or Shortened Links.

2. Do Not Post "Shared Posts" From Other Communities.

3. Do Not Post The Same App Or Game Post In Succession.

4. Do Not Post Multiple App Or Game Promotions In Succession. Only One App Or Game Each Day (24 Hours).

5. Do Not Post Anything Related To "Illegal" Apps Or Games.

6. Do Not Post Lists Of "Top 5 Apps Or Games", Or "Best Apps Or Games".

7. Do Not Post Videos Without Giving A Description (In Text) 
Of The Subject. 

8. Do Not Disable Comments In Your Post.

Reviewing Apps Or Games : Include In The Post The Download Link To Google Play Or Any Other Authorized Market. This Includes Any Video Reviews Being Posted. Only One Review Per Day (24 Hours).

Apps Or Games Requests : Looking For A Particular Type Of (Legal) App Or Game? Please Give Details Of What You're Looking For, Including Any Features You Need.

Apps/Games General Discussion : This Is For Discussing Anything Regarding To (Legal) Android Apps Or Android Games. 

This Community Is Only For Android Apps Or Games. Any Postings Of Promoting (In Any Form) Personal/Company Web Pages, Blogs, Social Media Pages, Communities, Selfies. Or Anything Non Android Apps/Games Related, Will Be Removed. Anything Regarding To New/Old Devices, Hardware, Or Any Tips/Tutorials Regarding To Devices, Device Operating Systems, Hardware, Apps/Games, Will Also Be Removed.

If The Above Guidelines Are Not Adhered To In Posts. Some Posts Will Receive A "Reminder Reply" Asking To Re-Read The Guidelines, And Edit The Original Post Accordingly. If No Post Editing Has Been Done Within Ten (10) Hours, The Post And Username Will Be Removed From The Community. Other Posts Such As Listed In Previous Paragraph, Will Be Removed (Along With The Username) From The Community Without Any Kind Of "Reminder Reply".

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i think this might help fellow bloggers who spam on different communities on how to conduct themselves on Google+.

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Something you can share with your link-happy community members. 
Five Community Tips For Crazy Cat Ladies
When you join a new community and immediately start posting your own content - you are a bit like this crazy cat lady from The Simpsons. Some tips for new community members:
Some communities have cat allergies. Be sure to read the rules before posting.
You could hurt someone. Take time to introduce yourself before flinging links around like feral cats. 
Come back and feed your cats. If you post to communities, be sure to check back and answer any follow up questions or comments on the post - if no one commented, and you have low engagement, perhaps you should look at trying again with a new format.
Don't just leave your cats anywhere. Pick just a few high engagement or quality communities - not the back-alley slums that allow all types of spam - you don't want to associate yourself with that.
Meet your fellow cat lovers. Simply posting in a community does not make you a member of one. Engage other people. Talk to them. Prove that you are a real person, then share your blog post. You'll also find your engagement in a community go up as you build relationships in that community.

#Caturday   #Communities   #CMGR   #CommunityManagement  
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I am currently an owner of a group & looking to step down, but no one wants to step up.
Can a Google+ group exist without an owner, with only moderators?
Or can all moderators be promoted to owners?
I am not keen to close the group but no one wants to take over.
Thanks for any advice on Google+ rules & experience on this. 

What about a person putting several posts in one community it gets annoying ?

Does anyone have any pointers to especially well written set of community guidelines?

I'd love to see something where the tone doesn't come across as too authoritative, and yet it still clearly spells out what is allowed, what isn't and what is encouraged. 

Too many communities just post a set of 'don'ts': 'Don't self promote. Don't get off topic. Don't linkdump. Don't post in a language other than English...'.  That doesn't come across as very friendly, and it targets a subset of members, many of whom are quite happy to ignore them anyway for a quick drive by post.

It's akin to reminding the whole movie theater that movie piracy is a cime, as if they think everyone's a potential offender.

Perhaps something that outlines the spirit or philosophy of the community and its goals? I'd love to see some guidelines that go beyond damage control and actively guide a community towards those.

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Hello !
I found that I cant rename my community because its members is over 500 . now I want to know that , is it possible to ask members to leave community for the short time that it goes under 500 and then rename the community ?
I worried about that after that rename option dont turned on 
is any one know that this work or not ?

A Suggestion for Mods of Very Large Communities

If you are a mod of a big community with multiple moderators, I might suggest that one thing you can do to help communication between mods.

Our community is heavily moderated, we really, really want folks to follow the guidelines, and believe that is one of the reasons that the community keeps growing. 

Set up a private community of just the moderators/owners.  Then when you have issues that need discussing (like "is this post really good for our community?") you can post to the private community for discussion  between mods.

We have done that and it really helps on those posts that may fit the guidelines or may not.  Also we use it to discuss tweaking the guidelines, to reduce confusion and hopefully make the community more enjoyable and easier to use. 

And to tell you the truth, to sometimes vent after being called names for just doing our volunteer jobs.
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