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IMPORTANT MESSAGE: To Join this Public Community as a member, do not just click the Ask-to-Join button - but ALSO Private Message (private G+ post, not a hangout or email) +John R. Ellis with a request for Approval, and include a link to at least one community you Own or Moderate. Thanks.


FAQs about G+ and G+ Communities:
3.33 Billion current accounts
~ 1.0 M more accounts added daily
4.9 Million current Communities
~7400 new Communities created daily

Resulting in these:

Current G+ Community O/M Issues

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*Reminder - be sure to check the information posted in the community About Section for answers to Frequently Asked Questions here.

TIP - To alphabetize your membership list, go to Membership Search and type in: Quote, Bang, Apostrophe - i.e.: [ "!' ]. Should alphabetizes the entire membership list! However, we need to be able to sort by New Members first too.

"New Posts" number is missing or wildly wrong. Mods no longer can see that there are posts to the community if they are in Spam filter, unless they enter the community and check. Number indicates a new post, but it can be hours later before it is actually displayed in the community.

Moderators should be able to set a default order (top posts vs chronological) for their community. Defaulting everything to Popularity "top posts" has been a fiasco.

O/M do NOT see all posts or comments by members who block them, and it is too hard to determine who blocks the Mods now.

We need the ability to Remove, report, and ban at the comment level with the option to remove ALL content from the poster. That means ALL comments and ALL posts.

Need ability to BULK approve and reject applicants for membership, and bulk remove old invitations.

Trolls and hackers still hijacking communities. TRUST NO ONE!

Notifications not working well, and disappear when you try to read them. This link might help you recover the lost ones:

It is too difficult to find the About Section or the Categories in the new UI.

We need the ability to move posts to correct categories on mobile, not just desktop.

Feel free to use the comment section of this post to bring up new questions or new issues, especially if you don't think it needs a full post in the community.

Updated January 26, 2017.

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+John R. Ellis +John Skeats

If it helps, I suggest that Facebook is analogous to newsletters, while G+ is analogous to radio stations.

Collections is like a company that owns several stations one broadcasting Jazz, one country, one rock, and one is a news station.

Communities is a bunch of shortwave ham operators who always tune to the same frequency to talk about a shared interest.

Circles are tightly beamed stations which can only be picked up by those to whom the signal has been beamed if they choose to turn their receivers on.

Public is this small planet in the midst of a vast universe beaming its signal out into space hoping that someone somewhere will tune in. 

Regarding the problem where posts and comments deleted (G+ on a browser) did not really get deleted...

UPDATE: the problem has apparently been fixed as of last night. Thanks to everyone who must have fussed at Google :)

Any one know what to do about this?
We are in the process of closing a community and transferring the posts to another community we own to consolidate, and cut down on work we are doing.

When I transfer a post I delete the original. (these are posts I created in the first place) I do this because it is handy to know what was moved and not moved.

Now we find the second post can not be shared further if anyone wants to do so because it tells has been deleted.

Does this mean all the work that has been done in the past is gone forever now?
What happens to transferred information once the old community is closed? Someone said all the transferred items will disappear. Is this correct? How can we save things like this?

I sent feedback on the situation, but one never knows if one will hear back from them. 

Anyone having the problem where comments and posts deleted by a moderator still appear when the page is refreshed?

Post has shared content
What is the meaning for 'Hold post for review' is it for every post shared by members or picked by Google plus
Starting yesterday morning a community that I own will not load posts in 2 of the 8 categories.
This is on Google+ mobile app where I do 95% of my business.

Has anybody else seen this? Is there a way to get this fixed?

One of the Communities I help moderate is,using the Ask To Join feature. I check all new members profiles before choosing what to do. Today I noticed two profiles had the word Restricted beneath their username, what does restricted mean?

Starting yesterday morning a community that I own will not load posts in 2 of the 8 categories.
This is on Google+ mobile app where I do 95% of my business.

Has anybody else seen this? Is there a way to get this fixed?

Is anyone having this issue I'm having where posts in a community feed are not posting in "most recent" order? I have the setting for categorizing posts set to "most recent", yet it seems like the more relevant/top posts from within an hour are sorting up first. It's making it a little more difficult to moderate.

Is it possible to change the order of community categories, e.g. move one from the bottom to the top?
Wait while more posts are being loaded