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IMPORTANT MESSAGE: To Join this Public Community as a member, do not just click the Ask-to-Join button - but ALSO Private Message (private G+ post, not a hangout or email) +John R. Ellis with a request for Approval, and include a link to at least one community you Own or Moderate. Thanks.


FAQs about G+ and G+ Communities:
3.33 Billion current accounts
~ 1.0 M more accounts added daily
4.9 Million current Communities
~7400 new Communities created daily

Resulting in these:

Current G+ Community O/M Issues

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*Reminder - be sure to check the information posted in the community About Section for answers to Frequently Asked Questions here.

TIP - To alphabetize your membership list, go to Membership Search and type in: Quote, Bang, Apostrophe - i.e.: [ "!' ]. Should alphabetizes the entire membership list! However, we need to be able to sort by New Members first too.

"New Posts" number is missing or wildly wrong. Mods no longer can see that there are posts to the community if they are in Spam filter, unless they enter the community and check. Number indicates a new post, but it can be hours later before it is actually displayed in the community.

Moderators should be able to set a default order (top posts vs chronological) for their community. Defaulting everything to Popularity "top posts" has been a fiasco.

O/M do NOT see all posts or comments by members who block them, and it is too hard to determine who blocks the Mods now.

We need the ability to Remove, report, and ban at the comment level with the option to remove ALL content from the poster. That means ALL comments and ALL posts.

Need ability to BULK approve and reject applicants for membership, and bulk remove old invitations.

Trolls and hackers still hijacking communities. TRUST NO ONE!

Notifications not working well, and disappear when you try to read them. This link might help you recover the lost ones:

It is too difficult to find the About Section or the Categories in the new UI.

We need the ability to move posts to correct categories on mobile, not just desktop.

Feel free to use the comment section of this post to bring up new questions or new issues, especially if you don't think it needs a full post in the community.

Updated January 26, 2017.

#Community #Problems 


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The latest from Google+ Moderators
Closing Google+ Moderators

Moderators has been a wonderful community to develop and grow these past months, but it is now time for its journey to come to an end. We started this community to create a space for the community owners and moderators on Google+ to discuss common issues and collaborate. It has been so rewarding to see these discussions take place in Moderators, and we would like to thank each and every one of you for contributing to this community!

Moderators will be made inactive this Thursday, Jan 17. No new members will be accepted into our community and no new posts will be shared. All existing members will be marked as limited, which will allow you to access previous posts and conduct your data takeouts. While the community will remain visible to members, all new posts will be held for review and will not be published.

As you move forward with your transition off of G+, we encourage you to check out the resources available on Google+ Help Community:

Thank you for all of your contributions to Google+ Moderators.

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Google Data Takeout: Collections & Communities items got suffixed with 'Metadata'?
Is it me, or did they recently add the 'Metadata' suffix to the descriptions of the Google+ Communities and Google+ Stream Collections items?
I'd say that that is an indication that they aren't planning on providing a complete, portable, export of either of those items.

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The post below had been shared by +al m to the Google+ Moderators community

That's the one I'd mentioned yesterday was effectively shut down by being set to "Hold for Review" (HfR) and no moderators reviewing the queue.

Turns out that's not completely accurate.

Long-time members of the community could post to it, and their posts appeared. Al's was one of those, and several other "test message" posts were made.

Those have since been removed.

It's not the case that the mods were asleep at the wheel or AWOL. The community was actively being killed, either through HfR or by removing those posts which slipped past that. All with no notice of the change in policy.

There is now a subtle note that the community has been closed "since January 10". I believe that's been postdated, and even if that's not the case, the community had been effectively closed without notice for weeks prior.

Again: shameful of Google. Particularly as the company are closing the few forums where Community leads can talk, share information, plans and contact points.

The Google+ Help community is similarly removing informational posts (as it has been throughout the sunset).

Again, G+ Community Owners & Moderators is a very welcome resource.

And the Google+ Mass Migration community is available:

Offsite: the Plexodus subreddit:

And al m has his Facebook Meetup group.
This will be my last post in this community.

I realize we have a no advertising policy, yet with so many mods present, I would be doing you a disservice If I didn't at least let you know we have set up a Google Plus Meetup on Facebook.
Many of the members already there own/operate their own communities on a variety of platforms.
The Group is also for any refugee who needs a place to land and discuss more about social media, social media offerings, learn, educate, and stay connected and so on.

It doesn't matter what social experience you finally settle on, the Google Plus Meetup will be there indefinitely.

Google Plus Meetup

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Good news: There's an ArchiveTeam project for Google+ to save it to the Internet Archive

It's done little yet, but this should be of interest to Community owners, mods, and members.

Public communities only.

(ArchiveTeam are independent of IA, but work closely with them.)
Internet Archive ArchiveTeam Google+ Project

This project kicked off on December 12, best I can tell, and there's little activity other than a landing page and an IRC channel that's ... not particularly lively at 0-dark-thirty on a Sunday morning, US/Pacific time.

The Good News: The Internet Archive are aware of us and had independently started a project to archive G+ content.

The Bad News: Not much activity as yet, and not a lot of time to act.

The Undetermined News: We've got a lot of momentum with G+MM, and some very good talent. We've got a tremendous resource with F+Me who might be able (and probably will, in some ways) be helping here. The Internet Archive is only suitable for public content, but there's a lot of that. This may be a lifeline for large public photo communities in particular, as well as other large communities looking to preserve an archive.

Over the past 24 hours or so I've been crawling through the Archive's tools, docs, and other information. The Wayback Machine Help Center Page is a good starting point:

There are tools to save pages to the archive independently, including both browser plug-ins and command-line tools. The first is suitably largely for very small-scale salvage. Your G+ Activity Log file should be a good source for larger archive requests. This can directly feed the archive.

Integrating IA archival with backup tools is a distinct possibility, stay tuned.

Note that there are limitations.

The Archive works with public data only.

G+ pages don't deliver full comments. You're limited to a subset (<10) of the most recent comments to a post.

Once you've archived data you have to be able to find it. That ... gets complicated. For personal posts, content appears under your G+ userID (or personal URL). For community posts, there is no centralised URL patter -- posts still appear under the author's G+ userID string.

This post, for example, will under my "Edward Morbius" UID of "104092656004159577193", and not the G+MM Community ID of "112164273001338979772", if you check the URL string in your browser after opening the post itself. (App users ... can't do that.)

However, if you have the URL listing in the first place, you can query for items in the Archive. And it's possible to create index pages which will point to links in the archive. So there's some reconstruction possible.

It's quite possible that I and/or others, and possibly other IA volunteers, may be able to help in archiving Community content. If we can get URL lists, we can process the requests. It's a matter of scale and process speed (mostly bandwidth-constrained), at that point.

But overall, I'm pretty excited.
Google+ - Archiveteam
Google+ - Archiveteam

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Aimed largely at mobile users, though Community owners facing very large export challenges might also take note.

The server-based and Internet Archive options in particular may be suitable.
Data Export Options for Mobile Users

Google+ users with access to only mobile devices (smartphones, tablets), with metered or data-capped Internet service, unreliable Internet service, or very large Google+ collections, have particular challenges in exporting and re-publishing their content and data.

We can try to help you, but you'll have to help us help you....

A run-down of options and resources available.


Is there any clarity yet as to whether G Suite for Edu domains will have continued access to G+ like G Suite Enterprise domains?

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Closing one of the few, large, and at least modestly engaged G+ leader communities, Google Aspire, without notice, in favour of the hot, crowded, and uninformative mess that is Google+ Help, seems unwise.

Past behaviour suggests Google may do the same to Google+ Moderators. That leaves G+ Community Owners & Moderators as the likely best alernative.

So much for "Over the coming months, we will provide consumers with additional information, including ways they can download and migrate their data."

There's also the Google+ Mass Migration community as a useful alternative.

And the off-site #PlexodusReddit:

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Google shut down the Google+ Moderators Community six weeks ago and never bothered to tell anyone

I've been trying to reach out to G+ Communities especially over the course of the shutdown, a process I'd found frustrating. There are few mechanisms for directly contacting community moderators (unlike, say Reddits "message moderators" feature), and there are few forums for G+ Community owners and moderators to get and exchange information.

One of those is the Google+ Moderators community itself, the official Google channel for mods.

I've been posting and commenting there occasionally over the course of the shutdown particularly my statistical analyses of Community size and activity. There'd been little if any response.

I thought it was simply that moderators on Google+ are apathetic. It's not that.

Six weeks ago, without informing anyone, Google effectively shut down the forum. Posts are "HfR", held for review, and unless they're approved by a moderator, they won't appear for other users. The submitter does see their posts in the community and has no indication that the post has not been submitted.

You can confirm this by viewing the community from an Incognito / unauthenticated session. Doing that just now, I realised that the forum had seen no new activity since December 10, 2018.

The two screenshots here show this. The two-column view with the visible "Sign In" button at top right, shows an Incognito view, with the most recent posts being dated 6 weeks ago. The three-column view is what I see logged in as "Edward Morbius", with several posts I've submitted in the weeks since then. I can see those. Nobody else can.

Screenshots also available via Imgur:


And if anyone else has posted to the community in the meantime, nobody but them can see those posts either.

This is not only extremely disrespectful and poor business practice, but it's straight up low class.

Google appear to be falling apart.

The unofficial G+ Owners and Moderators Community ( does seem to be reliably available presently.

In other news: You cannot rely on the fact that posts to Google+ will be visible to other users, most especially not in Google's own Communities and spaces. Google are systematically dismantling the ability for users themselves to be informed on Google+.

If you're not using an off-Google channel for information already, start doing so NOW.

Again: there is a subreddit available at, devoted to the G+ exodus, run by me. You're strongly encouraged to use this. There are also /r/googleplus and /r/google, run by others, or other communities can be created. Please join one or more of these.

We have and will link other sites as well, and maintain a list of exodus communities:
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Assessing G+ Community Vitality: Members and Recent Activity

We're continuing to get a sense of G+ Communities and how many of these are significant, active, and have some sense of vitality. The large numbers of both small and inactive communities make this a challenge.

One metric is to look by both size and recent activity. We're arbitrarily selecting 100+ and 1,000+ members, and activity within the past week and month (corresponding to G+ Community Insights available to moderators). We've done this for all 8.1 million G+ Communities.

G+ Public Communities with Recent Activity

Members . . Week . . Month
1,000 . . . 28,823 . . . . 39,301
. . 100 . . . 63,874 . . . 105,166

From previous analysis, it's likely that only 10-20%, generously, of these communities have substantive interaction between users, as opposed to other activity, including spam or link-drops. We have not investigated this dataset yet to assess this characteristic.

Still, that would leave about 3,000 - 6,000 communities of 1,000+ members with weekly or better activity, and 4,000 - 8,000 with monthly activity. For communities with 100+ members: and 6k - 12k and 11k - 22k respectively.

We hope to provide additional information on activity in upcoming days.

(More on stats, methods, etc., at the link.)
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