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Mod. Man. Service

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Reminder - same information posted in the FAQs here in About - how to repopulate your Communities pull down menu - which seems to be affecting a lot of G+ accounts again lately.

Some additional current issues with Communities:
O/M can no longer see all posts or comments by members who block them.
YouTube video posts going to spam filter, even posted by Owner.  
Collection posts going to spam filter.
Trolls and hackers hijacking communities.
Scroll stops working so can't see old posts in communities.
Posts get dozens or hundreds of Plusses, then the plusses disappear.
Exclamation Point soft porn click bait girls joining Public communities in droves.

Updated Oct 3, 2015.

#Community     #Problems  
Post to repopulate communities for sharing

Making a public post to repopulate my communities to share to.  Stupid code changes.  Last time I had to do this was about 3 months ago, IIRC.

If you can't get the pull down to share to communities - fix it by making one public post, exiting G+ from the account, and signing back in.  They magically reappear.

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+John R. Ellis There is one comm in particular, animal rights, where I am a mod. and I always used to make public posts of animal adoption and rescue, then subsequently share them to the Animal Rights community. Until recently, that is, when that comm stopped coming up. I checked to see if I was still a mod and I am! I belong to other animal rights comms where i am not a moderator. Those others come up,but not the comm where I am a mod. Most annoying.
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I have a community called doritoism, and im just wondering whats the best way to advertise it
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daniel fretto

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I was banned or removed a few months back for posting a pic of the Seattle Naked Bikeride on the LG G4 community. It was legitimately to display the cameras quality...colorful body paint, etc... There was no discussion or warning from any moderator at all...just banned.

I posted here asking for advice which I followed, thanks again. One person replied suggesting that many moderators do so for many different communities and might not have time to reply to people's individual requests.

Although I see the point I have to say that's a rubbish viewpoint. Why do something at all if you don't have the time to do it well? You are serving a community and should have the time to do just that. If you don't then maybe you shouldn't be a moderator. Just a thought.

Incidentally I was just recently added back to that community, out of the blue with no communication from anyone and months after I was removed. Service at it's finest ;) 
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+daniel fretto I take being a Mod very seriously. The rules of any community are posted somewhere. At the very least they are on the initial page when you clicked the join button. I access G+ using a mobile app on my phone, through an app on my IPad, and occasionally on my laptop. IMO laptops and pc's are outdated and my phone and IPad are my preferred choices. Sir, I mod communities that I care about or I wouldn't get involved. I've been a member of them for 2 years. I do a great job. Not for money. Simply because I care. About the members as well as the content of the board. My closing suggestion would be, in the future, familiarize yourself with the rules of a particular community. Problem solved. p.s. I am no prude. I am a responsible adult who realizes there are many children on these boards. I will continue to do my part to limit what they are exposed to in my communities whether it be bullying or nudity. Good luck to you. Have a great day😊
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Chun Fan

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Anime and Manga community - Suspension


I'm posting regarding a recent suspension on a community I was on. I was told by one of the owners for this community "Anime and Manga" there was a false report by someone who formally posted on our community but had left. The owner for Anime and Manga was informed the suspension was 2 days but it has been 4. I wanted to know if there is an ETA as to when our community be open again?

If you are not the person I should be speaking with, could you please point me in the right direction? If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask. 
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+John R. Ellis I am seeing this, more and more as I am discussing it with the creator of the community. Thank You for your input it is appreciated. I think our greatest obstetrical we face is the adult topic that is ingrained in what the community is about. To be completely honest I'm surprised that we made it this far. 
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Jonathan Baldridge

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I HATE the stupid rule that you have to wait 2 weeks for someone to be a moderator in order to be able to promote that person to owner.  That is hampering me on one of my communities badly.  This needs overturned.
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+Jonathan Baldridge I expect that in two weeks, the company that made the game will find comfort in the fact that their official Google + presence has safeguards against ownership hijacking.
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Klongyaw Seven

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I'm trying to download youtube videos from within a community using the drop box,but instead of downloading the actual video,it is downloading the link to the video. Any ideas? Another google plus snafu?
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IIRC - there is no easy way to download YouTube videos - and the merge and split with and from YouTube didn't do anything to change that.
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Joshua Vo

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Hello all.

I have created a community, and invited all my friends. I then realized it would be tedious to accept each and every one of them. So, I changed it so that I didn't have to accept applicants. After I did this, I could not accept one person; it kept rejecting her. I have asked others who are knowledgeable in G+, but they could not fix it. 

Can you?
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If I change it to anyone can join, she disappears, but she is not listed in the members.
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Lucina Anime

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I need help!!! I woke up this morning and realized that I can't get into one of my old community anymore! Yesterday I could but for some reason I got kicked out!! All of the comments on my own posts are enabled and if I try to comment on my own stuff or other people then Google plus says that a error occurred and that the post didn't send ? What do I do????
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Ok thank you 😀
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Henry Kwong

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What's the limit of "Share with Emails" a member can do in a single day?

I know if a member does a lot of these, the limit gets lowered. But, what's the default limit for "Share with Emails"?
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I remember the first time I used this function, I was able to do 1k in one day. Not sure if I was lucky. But, the numbers did go down after I used it for consecutive days. After I gave it a rest, I was able to do 500 daily.
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Tori Carman

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Tori Carman originally shared:
ok so i have these communities and i have no idea on how to make them spread so we get more members i'd really like for people to join so it ends up like other big communities so if youd be willing to help spread them thatd be appreciated and if youd like i may promote you to moderators and any of my commnities: love quotes, creeypasta ps4 players, and Fx make-up central
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See suggestions in the About section of this community.
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Harry Styles Fan

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Hmmm ,I got a question that is 
My friend ,who is a moderator in my community wants to change the picture of my community & she is not able to do it ,can you please help her do it ???
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Thomas Unterstenhoefer

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The Dark Triad
Troll-able Networks
Hi, I'm Niccolo Machiavelli

The Internet is an anonymous environment where it is easy to seek out and explore one’s niche, however idiosyncratic. Consequently, antisocial individuals have greater opportunities to connect with similar others, and to pursue their personal brand of "self expression" as well as their ongoing attempts to defend decisions (e.g. purchase decisions) they once made.

Everyone is entitled to express his opinion on the internet. But ...

As you can see, there is an Apple logo in my avatar. Here on Google+ (an Android dominated network regarding communities dedicated to mobile devices) this alone is an inexhaustible wellspring of personal attacks.

It could be so easy if both, publishers and commenters are mindful of what they’re saying we will get to enjoy even more fruitful discussions.

Stick to the truth (and to the topic) and reduce your prejudices

you might have just because there is someone with a different opinion.

Here is what Erin Buckels et al. tell us about trolls ...

Online Trolling is the practice of behaving in a deceptive, destructive, or disruptive manner in a social setting on the Internet with no apparent instrumental purpose. From a lay-perspective, Internet trolls share many characteristics of the classic Joker villain: a modern variant of the Trickster archetype from ancient folklore. Much like the Joker, trolls operate as agents of chaos on the Internet, exploiting "hot-button issues" to make users appear overly emotional or foolish in some manner. If an unfortunate person falls into their trap, trolling intensifies for further, merciless amusement. This is why novice Internet users are routinely admonished,

"Do not feed the trolls!".

Despite public awareness of the phenomenon, there is little empirical research on trolling. Existing literatures are scattered and multidisciplinary in nature. For instance, Shachaf and Hara conducted interviews of Wikipedia trolls, finding themes of boredom, attention seeking, revenge, pleasure, and a desire to cause damage to the community among their expressed motivations for trolling. In other research, Hardaker conducted a content analysis of Usenet posts that identified four primary characteristics of trolling: aggression, deception, disruption, and success. The deceptive and "pointless" disruptive aspects may distinguish trolling from other forms of online antisociality, such as cyber-bullying, where perpetrator identities are usually clear and the intent is more straightforward.

Frequency of activity is an important correlate of antisocial uses of technology. For instance, cyber-bullying is often perpetrated by heavy Internet users, and disagreeable persons use mobile technologies more than others - not for socializing, but for personal entertainment. Similarly, gamers who express non-social motivations for online gaming (e.g., competition, personal achievement) demonstrate lower levels of agreeableness and conscientiousness than others. Still other research has linked low agreeableness, low conscientiousness, and high extraversion to heavy Internet use. These patterns parallel gender differences in online behavior:

Men are higher in overall Internet use and higher in antisocial behavior online.

Overall, the findings suggest that it may be fruitful to examine associations of trolling with the Big Five, gender differences, and global Internet habits.

The noxious personality variables known as the Dark Tetrad of personality

Narcissism, Machiavellianism, Psychopathy, and Sadistic Personality

are yet to be investigated in the trolling literature. Their relevance is suggested by research linking these traits to bullying in both adolescents and adults. Also suggestive is research showing that narcissists and those with antisocial personality disorder use Facebook more frequently than others, thus indicating that dark personalities leave large digital footprints.

Of the Dark Tetrad, we expected everyday sadism to prove most germane to trolling. After all, trolling culture embraces a concept virtually synonymous with sadistic pleasure: in troll-speak, "lulz".

About the term "Dark Triad"

is characterized by grandiosity, pride, egotism, and a lack of empathy.
is characterized by manipulation and exploitation of others, a cynical disregard for morality, and a focus on self-interest and deception.
is characterized by enduring antisocial behavior, impulsivity, selfishness, callousness, and remorselessness.

The tenor ...

There are many people trolling in social networks. It can be a soul-destroying task to engage in pointless discussions in the comment section of posts. We cannot expect members or moderators to become psychotherapists. So my suggestions is to simply delete comments and block people with mental diseases according to Niccolo Machiavelli's saying

The wise man does at once what the fool does finally.

Otherwise it's most likely that you will lose your passion to engage in one of the best content networks worldwide, it's Google+.

More ...

About Google+
About fanboys
About etiquettes

About Internet trolls
Buckels, E. E., et al. Trolls just want to have fun . Personality and Individual Differences
Feel free to download (PDF) this article

Thanks for reading.

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About this community

This is a grassroots community of Google+ Community moderators that come together to share the experience and expertise in effort to help each other build stronger Google Plus Communities (GPCs). NO SPAM. NO LINK LITTER. NO SHARING YOUR NEW COMMUNITY HERE. Our most frequently asked questions: Q: How do I get more members to my GPC? A: Fill it with remarkable content so that they cannot help but join. Q: How do I get more members engaging with my GPC? A: Accept that most will lurk, but see the first answer. Q: Can I change my private GPC to public? Or vice versa. A: No, you can't. Q: How do I become a Community Moderator? A: Owner promotes you from membership. Q: Community was left Ownerless - how do we get one? A: You can't. Read this: Q: I'm new and want to create my own GPC. How? A: Read this: Q: How do I create/manage a Community on my mobile device? A: Read this: Q: Posts are missing - where did they go? A: Read this: Q: Why are my posts in the Spam Filter? A: Read this: Q: Ever since Collections rolled out, when I try to post to my Communities, the pull down menu no longer lists it. A: Make one Public post from your account. Sign out of G+. Sign back in. The pull down menu will be magically working again to show ALL your communities. Note: The Banter category will be periodically purged. The community was founded by Peter G McDermott, but is now lorded over by a mix of gentle and heavy-handed moderators, none of whom actually work for Google or G+.

Rajini Rao

» ­Discussion  - 
Massive increase in community bots and porn

We are seeing a big increase in porn showing up in the community feed, that is not being caught by Google spam filters in the +Science on Google+ community. Suggestions on how to deal with this, and whom to contact at Google Plus? Thanks! 
cc: +Chris Robinson 
Seriously what is happening to this community for the past week the only thing I have been seeing is porn, why is this happening? :( :(
John R. Ellis's profile photoDan Eastwood's profile photo
+Rajini Rao More likely - the post was in the community and got comments, then it was marked as spam in another community by a Mod or by algorithms detecting further spammy behaviour, and was pulled into your spam filter by that action, rather than members reporting actions - but maybe I'm just overly pessimistic in this issue.
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Raven “Avy” Hexenia

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I have a question, is there a glitch that randomly kicks people out of communities? I'm  moderator of a community and several people have asked me why they were banned when they never were, they had to rejoin. I'm just wondering if my hunch is right that it's just a glitch.
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If this is happening regularly, I'd demote all the Mods and see if it stops.  You might trust the Mods, but do you trust their mad ex-lovers who still have access to their G+ accounts?  
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Thomas Scholz (toscho)

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Every single community's members page right now looks like this. 

The poor state of the members page has been pointed out many times already. Now the spammers are exploiting the shortcomings.

You have to remove every account separately. There is still no sock puppet detection.

What's worse: Deleted accounts are not removed from the communities. In a 5k community I just found ~200 dead accounts. You cannot clean it up in steps, because there is no pagination, so you cannot come back later to page 10 or something like that.

I am fully aware that moderation has the lowest priority on Google+. But this is ridiculous. All of this could be solved with a few very simple changes:

- Sort members by the date they have joined the community.
- Remove all memberships of deleted accounts automatically.
- Enable pagination on that page.
- Limit memberships for an account to 10 per day and 50 total.

This isn't rocket science. I have written such code multiple times. Every programmer can do that before breakfast. An intern might need a whole day. Google, do you have interns? Please?
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+Dan Eastwood The Trolls have figured out to use the end of the alphabet to hide where they can't be found.  These bots are looking for exposure at the top of the list.  Different techniques for different purposes.
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Mike Noyes

» Ask Questions  - 
I just noticed that I'm no longer able to see comments by members that have me blocked (restricted from following) in a community I moderate. Did Google+ staff change this recently?

Update: banned the individual. I can't moderate what I can't see.
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+Ed S It was listed near the top of the pinned post last time I checked - I'll verify it when I'm signed in.
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Rick Korchak

» Ask Questions  - 
It appears that Google now allows Google+ contests? Here are the rules I found: 

My question: I would like to run a giveaway in a private community (BMW Scooters) and have members post a photo of their scooter and I'll pick one at random and send them the item. Sounds simple, but I wanted to check to make sure this sounds OK? Seems fine to me, based on the rules in the link I reference above? Thanks.
Google+ Contests and Promotions Policy. Policy Requirements. Google+ allows contests, sweepstakes, and other promotions ("Promotions"), to the extent they are permitted by law, subject to the following policy requirements and legal terms laid out below. Generating spam or encouraging individuals ...
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As long as you follow the rules, but do read them carefully and make your entry rules very clear 
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Demis ‌

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Hi , I'm new here . I'm looking for 3 or 4 good moderators for my small community ( small at present )* You can see it in my profile it s called "Trollolol " 
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Once the G+ Trolls find your community, you may find it to be much harder to moderate than you imagine.
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Lynn Connearney

» Ask Questions  - 
What can be done in a large public community (100,00+) where pornography posting is a daily occurrence. Attempts to contact the mod go unanswered. There is a majority consensus that the mod is failing in his role however, we don't know how to find out who the actual owner is?
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Update: we got a response and I've been made a moderator. You guys ROCK!😘
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Maynard Thomas

» Ask Questions  - 
Hey I'm a mod on a private community and I'm using the mobile app. I get notifications all the time of people asking to be in the community, but it won't let me accept them. Is there any way I can accept someone into a private community on the app?
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From the FAQs in the About section of this community:
Q: How do I manage a Community on my mobile device?
A: Read this:
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