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Name: Galadriel [Name She Goes By, Not Birth Name]
Age: Do You Really Wanna Know? Appears 17.
Gender: Female
Hybrid Succubus
Type: Neither. Usually Lives Off Of Humans' Dreams [She Prefers Dreams Over Memories, But Both Are Fine], Sometimes Feeds On Blood - Though Rarely.
Side?: None. She Works For Herself, And Herself Only. She Refuses To Tie Herself To Any "Side" In This War.
Strengths: Agility, Feminine Charm, Intelligence, Moonlight, Persuasion, Speed, Strength
Weaknesses: She's A Succubus. She's Not Going To Tell You Her Weaknesses, So You Can Exploit Them.

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Temporary Name: René Kaito Herondale
Nicknames: Ren, Kai, Blade
Age: 15, Going On 16
Gender: Male
Caster: Unclaimed
Type: Necromancer
Personality: Comes Across As Rude & Arrogant, Always Utilising His Quick Wit & Sarcasm. Is Aware Of His Good Looks, And Often Uses It To Get His Way. - This Is Just A Front To Keep Everyone At Arm's Length. Is Actually Caring & Would Risk His Life For His Loved Ones. Is Self-Sacrificing. Reads Extensively & Has A Perfect Memory. Can Find A Quote For Almost Any Situation. 
Strengths: His Charm, Intellect & Wit, His Good Looks, His Physical Ability [Speed, Stamina, Strength, Etc.]
Weaknesses: He's Actually Quite Insecure, Not That He'd Ever Let You Know That, Under His Façade. But He's An Excellent Actor, So Nobody Has Figured That Out Yet. He's Also Really Emotionally Sensitive - He Doesn't Like This; He Thinks It's A "Girlish Trait". He's Extremely Loyal, Too, And Would Do Anything For His Loved Ones, Not That He'd Ever Admit It.

Lilith sits down on top of honey hill and looks out to the horizon not really paying attention to anything.

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Temp name: Lily Ravenwood
Born name: Lilith Ravenwood
Gender: female
Age: 16 going on 17
Species makeup: succubus/caster
Caster: both
Type of caster: Natural
Personality: Lil can seem rather complicated but she isn't. She is caring and she can be a down right stubborn creature. She will fight for what she believes in but sometimes she can do so with shutting off emotions. She can be a bitch and cruel when she has to be but she doesn't generally like to be. She has a passion for life.
Strengths: reading, helping animals, learning
Weaknesses: her family and the fear of becoming completely dark
Bio: as a daughter of a Ravenwood she has been raised both in gatlin and many other places. She was living with her grandmother when she was to be claimed and has just recently returned to Gatlin for another family members claiming.
Appearance: please see photo

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(Yay first mortal)
Name: River Evermore
Age: 14
Gender: female
Magical ability: wayward
Personality: river is a rather shy girl for the most part. Caring and compassionate. She is what one might call a little broken though.
Likes: her aunt, her aunts work, almost anything occult, rain, reading, singing
Dislikes: her father, people who constantly tell others no, being underestimated
Bio: a lot has happened in her short fourteen years of life. Some of it happy the other half not so much so. River was the second child born to her parents and the only one still living today. She doesn't speak much about her family and moved to gatlin because her aunt fought the dogs as she would say to get custody of her. If you get to know her uou may find out the details or you know you are a mind reading caster. She is the next generation protector of the caster library.

mal sits out in the field behind the school drawing.

Name: Malcolm Reeves
Gender: male
Age: 16 going on seventeen
Personality: Kind artisic see the world in an interesting way more like an artist kinda a loner
Magical ability: wayward
Bio: mal is a gatlin transplant but has been here for about three years now

And now I have my characters up and am thinking about watching beautiful creatures tonight when I get home.

River walked towards the gatlin library holding a book close to her and humming

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What mal looks like
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