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Hey everyone! To continue the community, we have created a Steam G+ discord! Feel free to join! Same rules apply. We will have give-aways and more!

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Well, the future is now!

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Looking for PUBG friends to play with?
I drive well but shoot badly xD.
someone come?
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Does anyone know of a $100 racing wheel that works with steam link?

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hey can you try out my test chambers? no? okay i understand...

Wuppo is a fun game were there are 4 species and you are a wum you get kicked out of a place called the wum house you go on a journey to get back to the wum house along the way you get to find out more about the species and the story there are puzzles and secrets

I need recommendations

any other spy mains?

is PUBG a good game to get, ive seen vids about it and it seems good but i want your guys opinion!

Hey guys. Anybody here play doorkickers action squad?
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