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Anyone know Blood domination?
Anyone want to roleplay Blood Domination?
I would be Uzuki

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"Ace, look!"

"I'm eating mom, what is it?"

He stuffed his face with instant noodles as he looked over to his mom, who was dangling a school uniform and a letter

"guess who was accepted into the best private school in the whole state!"

Aces eyes widened

"b....b...but how! We don't have the money for that-"

"shhhhh! They noticed how well you were in academics! They choose you! Out of everyone else in this whole darn place! Its you!"

Ace sat in shock as he watched his family members celebrate. They weren't exactly the richest family, he had to share a room with his little sister while his parents slept in the living room. Now he was accepted into a school made only for the rich? He didn't have to pay a single dime? It seemed fishy to him....

"Ace wake up! Wake up now! You don't want to be late! Don't be lazy!"

She hit him with a rolled up newspaper

"mom! I'm up! I'm getting up! Stop!"

"Brother! You have to get up and get ready! If you're late and look like crap, none of the rich pretty girls will want to marry you!"

"oh shut up!"

He groaned and got up. He got himself ready. He biked all the way to school, he knew he was getting stares, he eavesdropped on a few conversations, they all bragged about jewellery, fancy expensive things from foreign countries. He huffed and walked into the building, people started to crowd in front of the door


"Y/N over here! Y/N!"

"good morning y/n! You look great today!"

"Y/N come to my birthday party tonight!"

He heard everyone shout to....Y/N? He tried to see over the people in the crowd, but everyone soon stepped out of the way, so he followed, watching as a boy walked through...but a girl stopped him, everyone grew silent.

"Y/N.....I baked you a"

She held it out to him with a smile.

"I only eat from high end bakers.....It looks disgusting."

He stuck his finger in the frosting and took a lick, he gagged

"are you trying to poison me!?"

He took the cake and slammed it into her face before he walked off. They all laughed. Ace was disgusted as he saw everyone walk off and the girl run off crying.

"How could he do such a thing to that poor girl! What a pig!"

He soon heard gasps

"you did not just insult the amazing Y/N!"

He watched as three boys walked towards him

"amazing? More like asshole"

They gasped again. In shock

"you better be quiet! His parents own this school, he is richer than all of us"

"way more handsome too"

"and so strong and smart-"

"who are you guys anyway?"

"Oh, I suppose we forgot to introduce ourselves? I'm Ginger!"

"I'm Sunny!"

"I'm mike!"

"uh huh"

"But thats not the point! You better shut your mouth, you wouldn't want to get yourself in trouble, not with him! This is a warning, next time we won't be so nice!"

Ginger snapped his fingers and the group walked off

" people....great"

He walked off to class, he ended up accidentally bumping into Y/N

"sorry, I didn't see you there-"

"Maybe you need glasses- and a bath, you're disgusting, you got dirt on my new shoes from Germany"

"I'm should come off if you wash it, you could even go to the bathroom and do it-"

A crowd was watching now

"are you telling me to go to the bathroom and wash these eighteen thousand dollar shoes? Hah! No, I don't think so, how about you get down and lick them clean"

"ew no! Just go clean them! See all you need is a tissue and water!"

He grabbed a tissue and ran it under the water faucet ans went down to clean it. Y/N yanked him up by his hair

"Don't touch my shoes"

Ace gritted his teeth

"clean it now pig"

Ace smiled, he squeezed the tissue, letting the water run out and onto his uniform

"oops....sorry! You might want to go wash up!"

He walked away....not the best decision, because for months he was bullied and tormented by the whole school

"I'm surprised Ace hasn't left yet"

Y/N was with a group of friends

"Me too....usually people leave in three days....its been months....and he still hasn't left"

"Boys, boys, don't you see? He must like me"


"look at him, he hasn't left, its like he's begging for more, he loves it, he loves it when I torment him"

"I don't think-"

"That silly commoner, he should just come down and bow at my feet and beg for me to torture him more, I want him to beg to me~"

"Y/N.....did you hit your head?-"

"He likes me!"

Y/N wasn't paying attention. He had some of his servants retrieve Ace....which took some time....and some drugs, they were basically kidnapping him. And when Ace woke up. He was being pampered and massaged. He was dresses in nice clothes, he was given jewellery and his hair was done. He looked like a completely different person. He was sat in a room, he waited for Y/N to come in.

"wow~ look at you~"

He pushed him to a mirror

"look what money can do for you~ if only you didn't get on my bad side~ what do you think Ace?~"

He smirked and kissed his neck, y/n then.....

//5+ lines//
//seme needed//
//Not text talk or emojis//
//you might havw to play a few other characters to keep the story going!//
//Down below is what Ace looks like//

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Anyone want to roleplay?
Assassin and gangster
Stripper and costumer
Rich and poor
Red riding hood
I rp as Uke
Animated Photo

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Y/N had known his best friend Yue for as long as he could remember. They were closer than two people could ever be. Though they came from different worlds. Y/N was a son of a very successful CEO and got everything that he wanted. While Yue was from a struggling family though Yue wouldn’t bother Y/N about it. Y/N was their for Yue’s toughest times the worst being when his parents passed away at the age of 18. Yue had was devastated, but couldn’t let it show as he had a little brother Yuki who was only 8 at the time ten years younger. With the two brothers being the only family left Yue took the responsibility of raising his younger brother skipping going to university so he could do so.

Years later Everything seemed fine. Yue and Y/N were still as close as ever though unknown to Yue Y/N was absolutely in love with him. Though it was very one sided. Yuki was in the last month of high school and was getting ready for University exams though he had started shutting himself in his room right after school studying all throughout the night sometimes. Worried Yue asked Y/N to start helping Yuki as Y/N was now a rather famous Writer and had a flexible enough schedule to watch over the boy. Of course Y/N agreed that was where things started. Yuki found himself in front of a large condo with chocolate he made himself as thanks. Though he had known Yue all of his life he didn’t really know much about him just that he was always around his brother.
(Seme or Seke needed please try to be descriptive 5+ lines)

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Age seven

Y/N watched a boy who sat at a tree, reaching up for the sky. He always sat at the same tree, by himself, but he always laughed and smiled, like someone was there with him.

age ten

Y/N walled up to the boy, finally brave enough to do so.

"What are you laughing at?"

"the fish"

"What fish?"

"right here!"

The boy pointed but Y/N saw nothing, but they boy smiled as if there were fish floating around.

"Right....I'm Y/N"

"I'm Akio! Wanna play with me?"

age thirteen

It was a hot summer and Y/N was staying over at Akio's house, Akio searched through his freezer before finally giving up and standing in front of Y/N

"there seems to be only one pop left...."

Akio smirked before licking the packaging.

"Hey! That was on the outside! That doesn't count!"

Akio ran as Y/N chased him, he was going to have that Popsicle, and that day, he did.

age fifteen

Akio sneaked up behind Y/N before hitting him in the face with a piece of bread.

"What was that for!?"

Akio laughed

"you should've seen your face!"

Y/N growled before grabbing a piece of bread and chasing after Akio.

Current age, 18

Y/N and Akio were still best if friends, Y/N remembered how it was back then, but things haven't really changed, Akio definitely lived up to the meaning of his name 'bright boy'. Its like he never grew up. It was their last year before they set off into new adventures, Y/N was worried, but Allo seemed to care less. Akio was creative, and he saw a whole different world, so did Y/N, both of them complete opposites, which sometimes lead for Y/N to be stubborn, and very self centered, everything had to involve him, while for Akio needed different elements and he was laid back, but super energetic, which lead Y/N to be annoyed quite a bit, but their friendship has lasted so long, nothing could break it.....right?...

They had so many memories together and nothing had ever pulled them apart before. Sure Y/N was a bit of a stubbrorn brat, but Akio still saw him as his best friends, and for the both of them, they seemed to have feelings for each other. Y/n was even thinking of possibly revealing his secret crush.

Y/N had just taken a big test at the end of the day and was in a sour mood, Akio skipped along, walking home with Y/N he blabbered on about his day, but each word dragged on, and each word made Y/N more angry, to the point where he finally snapped.

"just shut up! Can you do that? Are you capable of being quiet for one second, ever?! No one cares about you or how your stupid day went!"

Akio stopped in his tracks and his mouth stayed shut.

//3+ lines please//
//seme preferred//
//no text talk or emojis//
//I'm Akio and the photo down below his what he looks like and how he sees things//
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Alexander lived a normal life. He was a 25 year old kindergarten teacher who was engaged to a Man who worked at the local supermarket. He never could imagine that anything would happen to him. Yet soon his life would turn upside down. That is where Y/N comes in. Y/N was a coworker of Alexander’s fiancé Derrick. The two of them were good friends at work. Y/N was seemingly normal though he was extremely handsome. That was something everyone commented on. The only secret Y/N held was he had an obsession with Alexander. He saw the man for the first time when they were both only 20 and When Alexander was in College. He would come and he would always Flirt with Derrick. He was of course nice to Y/N and would be a little flirty towards him as he was handsome, but Derrick got him first. Something Y/N hated.

Once Y/N had heard the news that the couple was engaged something snapped in him. He knew that he couldn’t let Alexander marry Derrick. He wanted Alexander all for himself. He didn’t want to share the man with anyone. So he put a plan into action. He got even closer to Derrick to the point of being invited to Derrick and Alexander’s house when Alexander was At work. Y/N found this to be perfect he had got some chloroform and when he could he knocked Derrick out and locked him in a random room and waited for Alexander to get home. It wasn’t long until he did. The last thing Alexander knew was someone had grabbed him from behind as he walked inside his home having a cloth stuck in his face.

Alexander woke up completely tied up in a dark room on a mattress. He struggled as he tried to figure out exactly what happened only to hear footsteps coming to the room he was trapped in.

(Seme needed. You can be cruel or sweet it’s up to you.)

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There was a lab, known for making hybrids of all sorts, they were hidden and mainly secret...until the day the hybrid creatures took off, destroying the lab, killing off the humans. This was now their home. The abandoned lab was left alone for years. Y/N was a (whatever you decide to be) hybrid, and he was one of the leaders. Being one of the stronger hybrids, he had killed anyone who dared to come by.

Lynx was a young and quite stupid man, only in his early twenties, he wanted to explore the lab, he wanted to know what happened, what was there now. He always loved the story, but he wanted to know more, he set out , climbing the fence and entering the pretty eerie place. Y/N watched the human as he explored and took a few thing. Keeping them in his bag. Y/N was in mating season....he normally killed humans but he thought he could have more fun with this one. He trapped the human (in any way that fits your hybrid). Lynx yelled, he tried to escape, Y/N only chuckled

"what do we have here? You know you aren't supposed to be here...this will be fun~"

//sorry its so short, had a big brain fart//
//seme needed//
//3+ lines//
//no text talk or emojis//
//this is a sexual rp//

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Two great empires were at war with each other, but couldn’t be anymore different. The empire of Auyogon got its empire by being kind and smart politics. Winning over countries to become apart of the empire. They treated people kindly doing there best to keep the peace and for the most part it worked. Though it was hard the empire flourished in peace. While the empire of Parene used war and violence. The king was cruel and vicious. Sending out his army to slaughter anyone who got in his way. Of course the two Kings were complete opposites hated each other and were always at war. The king of Auyogon though fighting just as hard wasn’t a match for the other army. He was constantly losing men and he slowly saw his empire fall. He knew he had to save what was left of the small amount of peace he had. He called for a truce. Begging for them to come with some kind of treaty.

The peace treaty took years to make as the kings couldn’t think of a way to bring the two empires together that was until they thought of marriage. They would marry off their first borns. That way the bond between the empires would be strong. Though it happened both were prince’s. That didn’t matter to the King’s as they both now were seeing the prospects of a single empire under the rule of the two royal families. Though getting the prince’s to get along would be difficult as they were just like their father’s. So the Kings came up with a plan. Once the boys turned 13 they would spend every summer alone together with staff to keep them safe in a summer castle so they would get close.

The prince’s both hated the idea. They couldn’t see how they could ever get along with each other. Once the summer’s started they hated each other with a strong passion. They often ignored each other and if they did talk it would be fighting. They never thought they would like each other, but things changed when they were 18. It was the last summer alone until they were to be married.

(. The rp will start when the prince’s arrive at the summer Castle. If you are a Uke Say “Flower”. You will be the prince from Auyogon. If you are a Seme say “Fire” you will be the Prince from Parene.)

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Cinder lived a perfect life, filled with love and harmony...until the moment his father had died. It was just him and his mother for quiet a while. Until his mother fell in love with a man with two boys. He soon became his step father, and now had step brothers. They treated young Cinder horribly behind the scenes. Cinder refused to tell his mother, she seemed so happy with the man, so he kept his mouth shut. Months later his mother had died mysteriously and he was left to his step father.

Years later, everything had just grown worse, he worked day and night, a servant really to them. They were jealous of Cinder, so they made sure to keep him low, they had his fortune. He had grown used to this life. He was in his teens now, he wanted to go out and do what his step brothers were doing, but his step father always refused and gave him more work onto his plate.

One day while he was scrubbing the floor, he heard a knock on the door. He opened it, a man handed him a letter. He couldn't help but read it, his eyes widened as he ran up the stairs to inform his family of the news, he ran into the room they were in, practicing instruments.

"Step father! Look! Look!"

"what is it?"

"Its a letter from the palace! T..theybare holding a ball! Everyone is welcome!"

"let me see that!"

The step brothers fought over at, the step father bopped them both on the head

"Quiet! Give it to me!"

He read through it

"oh my!"

"oh what should I wear?"

"I want to be royalty!"

They all spoke amongst themselves

"what should I wear?"

They all turned to look at them, they laughed

"you!? Please! You shouldn't even step foot in a castle!"

"all you have to wear are those dirty wet rags! No one wants to see or smell that!"

"well who will take care of the house while we're away?"

"step father! It says everyone...I..I'll figure out something nice to wear! Please let me go!"

his step father thought about it

"if you finish all these chores....and if you can find something to may go..."

"oh thank you! Thank you!"

Cinder went straight to work. The step brothers whined, but the step father reassured them...Cinder would not being to the ball.

Cinder did all those chores, and he pulled together some of his old step brothers clothes to wear. Later that night he ran down the stairs as the rest of them were about to leave

"wait! Wait for me!"

They turned, shocked

"Boys....aren't those....your clothes?..."

"yeah! They are!"

"thats my tie!"

"those are my shoes!"

They started to tear and wreck his outfit

"you can't go to the ball like that....I guess you just have to stay..."

Cinder ran to the garden, tears in his eyes as his step family left without him

//this is obviously a male Cinderella rp//
//seme needed//
//you might have to play multiple characters but you will mainly be the prince unless you make the story go a different way//
//no text talk or emojis//
//3+ lines//
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