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·TW: cutting, bullying·

Tonin, has been blind since birth, as well as he’s a hybrid, he’s a neko, he has pastel colored natural hair and he usually hid his injuries. He has a normal human older brother whom he trusts very much, ever since he was little. When Tonin was still young, both parents left Tonin to his older brother’s care, when his older brother was just starting 8th grade, they got tired of trying to deal with Tonin’s blindness. Even though Tonin received help to learn in school, he was always bullied to no end because he was blind and different. Before his older brother started high school, Tonin being halfway through 8th grade year, got into a large school fight, coming home to his older brother, hiding what he could running upstairs to his room closing and locking the door cleaning his own wounds.

Halfway through high school

Tonin walked next to his brother silently wearing his long sweater with the hood covering his head, he never wore any short sleeves or shorts since he used to cut when he was younger and the marks dusted his skin. He never told his older brother or even showed him. They spent the evening working on homework, Tonin asking for his brothers help with brail since math was a bit harder for him. As the school year finished, the half day they got before summer break, a fight broke out in the school, as usual, Tonin was the one in the middle getting hit and other things. He curled into a corner seeing a male pull a knife on him before security pulled the fight to an end

~Summer Break~

Tonin didn’t really leave his room much, since it’s still the start of summer break, as well as that fight or bullying still lingered in his head, getting him back into his bad habit of cutting, he would always clean up making sure his brother would never find out, even though he could barely see, he knew by feel on what to clean up. One evening he went downstairs stumbling a bit his ears flicking as he held his hands out in front of him completely forgetting about the fresh wounds on his arms, his sleeves going up a bit as he called out for his brother unsure of where he was


~ Seme older brother needed, kind, caring, very protective
~ Give name
~ 4 + lines please
~ Do not abandon

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Jericho was never a normal child. He despite being rasied in a family of demon hunters, took more acter his great great great great grandmother. One of the fea. He looked like a fairy more so then the rest if his family purple eyes, short black hair that looked blue in some spots. He was taller then most of his family staning at 5'9 to the average 5'7 that was his family. He was slender to all lean muscle like a fairy knight. His parents alwaus wondered if prehaps he was a changling and the fea had their real child, but no Jericho just happened to get more of the fairy traits when he was born.

He like all hunter children was trained to slay the dark creatures of the world. Vampires, demons, werewolves, and those who used their dark powers for personal gain. Jericho even growing up in this world was a terrible hunter. He just could never do anything right. Even the easy missons, somehow he'd always mess it up. Trip over his own feet, fall out of a tree, accidentally shoot hos partner, oh and there was the time he burnt down the training facility.

Jericho really wasnt cut out to be a hunter, but both his parents ans the order wouldn't let him leave. Hunters where dwindling, and despite how useless he was there was still a use for him. Grunt work the missons no ome wanted to do. Maybe that's how he emded up on a recon mission to gather information on a werewolf pack in Ryijo city.

He was armed of course he had his gun that fired sliver cross bullets. It was a little hand gun he also had a dagger on him as it was thw only weapon besides a gun that he was not awful at. He sat a small café in the city square; in the outside dinning area. He drank his coffee as he looked at the poor amount of information he got. He couldnt even get were the pack was in the city. He just managed to get a confirmation that they where here. Busy work. These missions where just to keep him busy.

He tapped his pen to the paper sighing. They should just fire me im completely useless. I'm a moron. Nothing I do is good anyway. Its almost like they keep me around for a good laugh. Jericho thought glumy to himswlf as he finished his meal and got up. Paying he left wondering with his head down not really aurw where he was going. He wasnt in uniform so it was hard to tell he was a hunter unless you saw the gun pokimg out his waist band with the orders insignia upon it.

if Jericho was a better hunter he would have noticed that he was being followed it wasn't until he had mistakenly wondered into a dead end alley that it became clear to him.

Jericho turned around to come cace to face with 3 people. His hand moved to his dagger, drawing it ad they cheaged forward as one. The fight was over just was fast as it started. Jericho had nwver been vary good at fighting. When they attacked he attempted to block only to get knocked on his ass, the next hit swallowed his world into darkness


"Is he awake yet?" (y/n)'s voice broke threw the haze, and terrible headache Jericho had. He slowly opened a eyes a vary little bit to see His surroundings. The room was vary dimly lit. He felt cold stone floors beneath him as well as a chain around both ankles. The only light in the room came from the window high up the wall. He must have been in a basement. His eye moves the person who had spoke. (Y/n).

"No, (y/n) not yet" A small girl spoke she was short 5'0 but he instantly recognized the brown haired girl as one of his attackers

when (y/n) looked over Jericho stiffened noticeably, seeing this (y/n)....

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Connor was born to his parents, his mother Anna and his father Y/N. A year after Connor was born his mother was on a bus going to work when it was in an accident and she was killed. Y/N was devastated he had loved her more than anything else. For a few months he didn’t even see Connor, he just gave him to a nanny and went to greaved. One day he came home and saw the nanny playing dress up with Connor and putting him in little girl clothes. He got an idea. He wanted a woman back in his life and could make Connor be that. From then on all he wore was dresses and girly clothes. Even when he was old enough to make his own choices he still made him dress like a girl. As Connor got older he grew used to it and acted like a girl. Y/N would always tell him how cute and pretty he looked. He was the only person in his life that was nice to him. Every other person knew he was a guy yet none crossdressed like him. They all despised him and hated him. One day it was just too bad. He ran home crying and ran to his dad. He ran into his arms and hugged him.

”Dad you are the only person that loves me. I only want to be with you.”

Y/N looked down at him. He wanted to make him only his and was never going to lose him like he did Anna. He soon became even more obsessed. He wouldn’t let him leave the house and locked him up in his room. One day he figured out a way that he could make him just his. He could mark him in a way he would never let anyone else do. He walked into his room where he had locked him. He had a almost mad insane look in his eyes.

”Connor, do you want daddy to make you feel good?”

Y/N then…..

-please give a small description of your character once I give you a pp or hangout.
-yes there it is a father son play and with a large age difference
-i would like 5+ lines
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No. 9 with the original name of Ale, was a natural born demon of royalty, had recently disappeared from his castle leaving everyone to wonder where this white haired boy with a blue stripe had gone off to. Ale not even knowing where he was or what was going on, accept for hearing noses of bone crushing/ bone cutting sounds and other noises, waking up a while later laying in a white room a collar attached to his neck connected to the wall, he sat up groggy feeling something in his nose making him reach up and feel the oxygen tube, he looked around confused with his bright purple eyes as he curled up noticing he was only in the white shirt out of his entire uniform he had on. He shifted his shoulders a bit before his eyes widened feeling a surging pain as he reached back feeling for his luscious well-kept pitch black wings speckled with some white feathers, tears started to fall from his face, he started to rub the tears as the red under his eyes formed and stayed, he hadn’t known how long he’s been in there, but it felt like years, even though it was only a month or two. As days went on and on he constantly stayed in his corner curled up in the only shirt he had, his wound staying bloody and red since he tried to use his magic to heal himself only realizing it did nothing since it was taken from him as well

8 Months In

As Ale had started to be let out his room, he walked around noticing he was in some type of hospital, but everyone was human…. Accept for him… One evening while dinner was brought to him, so was something else, they threw a body, more or less a male into the room, attached him to an oxygen mask and put a collar similar to Ale’s on the boy and chained him to the wall. The male’s shirt was open with wrapping around his chest and one shoulder, as well as across his forehead. Ale moved back into his corner still having all the same stuff he did once he woke up, he didn’t bother the other male across the room from him at all, not wanting to bother the male at all. As the days passed, Ale noticed the male starting to wake up, the piercing red eyes sent shivers down Ale’s back, the male was quite strong, stronger than Ale, by the looks of it Ale knew this male was a vampire, but he still stayed silent in the corner only noticing the males number and no name ”No. 7”. Ale wanted to get to know the other male, but knowing this facility wouldn’t give the vampire what he needed to survive, Ale didn’t want to wind up as dinner if he said anything wrong. One night as Ale was sitting in his corner, he started to hum softly while drawing on dome paper that was given to him, he wrote “Nameless” at the top before hearing a voice behind him


Ale looked up in shock seeing the other male as he choked on his words before giving out a stuttered answer


*Give Name
*4+ lines please, try to be descriptive
*Seme needed
*Comment "Nameless" for Rp

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"Be careful when you go outside Ivan, the hunters will kill you if they find you" The little demons father always warned him. His father took care of him. Ever since the day he found him. Ivan was never the smartest demon and often got himself hurt. He'd get stuck places, make a mess of himself when he ate and for the life of him couldn't do anything remotely like a demon. He was helpless. So helpless.

After his father died Ivan was helpless once more. He brushed his hair with a sad smile as he looked into the mirror. His father never explained to him the concept of life and death so well he thought his dad was just sleeping. Sleeping for a really long time. Ivan went over to his pantry finding it empty he sat down he had no idea where to get food from. No idea how to even cook it If he had the food. His eyes where full of tears he played with his hair. As he pulled out the last peice of food from the pantry a slice of bread he chewed it sadly looking at his dad. "I really need you to wake up, I don't know what to do without you"

Later in the day he left the home trying to look around for someone to help his dad. Those who saw him screamed and ran away he was a demon a monster people were scared of him.

it want long after the first time he was seem that that the hunters showed up in his town to kill him

(y/n) was one of those hunters. Having no idea the demon he was looking for was so well clueless. Had no idea he was about to find the one full demon in the world who was kind.
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(TRIGGER WARNING! In this to there are going to be mention of rape depression and self harm please if these trigger you don't read any further)

Yumi when in college was innocent and sweet. He trusted to easily and always found the good in people. That ended up being his biggest down fall. When he met Yue. Yue was a cruel person who hid it behind beauty and charm. With that charm Yumi had fallen hard for him. They had a few classes and they talked seemingly just being friends until one day Yumi decided to confess his feelings. He was a blushing mess clutching his books when he confessed his feelings. Yue didn't return the feelings,but he found Yumi interesting so he lied to Yumi and said he felt the same. After that they seemed like they were the perfect couple even spending nights with each other at least a few times a week. It was months that Yumi felt like he was in heaven. Yet that all changed when Yue led Yuminto a strange place. It was a small room with a small couch and a bed small lighting and absolutely no Windows. When in the room there were four men about the same age as Yumi and Yue. Yumi recognized then they were friends if Yue. When a confused Yumi went to ask Yue what they were doing he was grabbed by the men as Yue simply sat on the couch a evil smile on his face. With that the men began to rape Yumi. Yumi always calling out to him only to get a response of laughter and Yue telling Yumi to be a good boy and let his friends have fun with him. Even if he tried Yumi couldn't fight back.

Three years after that horrible event Yumi had a relatively happy life. He had run away moved changed his phone number so Yue couldn't find him. Even so every night he had horrible nightmares of that horrible night. Often after the nightmares he would just lay in bed trembling. Yet Yumi had a life he had a job at a convenient store and thorough his job he met Hikaru. Hikaru started of as a regular customer getting the exact same thing at the same time to the point Yumi put aside the order to make sure Hikaru had it and he found himself looking at the clock. Eventually the two became friends. They became close the more and more they hung out. Though Yumi didn't tell much about his past. Soon Hikaru and Yumi found themselves falling in love. Though they both were hesitant and yet again Yumi confessed first, but this time the feelings were returned. The two took things slow they went on dates for two months for two months before they even slept in the same bed. That was when Yumi found the nightmares stopped. He was happy and the two lovers now lived together even though they had yet to have sex. Right when it was perfect things went wrong. Yumi had a nightmare it was a bad one he woke up Hikaru screaming in his sleep. Hikaru had to manage to softly wake him up and a trembling Yumi clung to him for an hour without talking. After that he had to quickly get ready and go to work even if Hikaru was unsure. To make things worse later that day Yue showed up at the store. When Yumi saw him he was scared stiff that was when Hikaru walked in to see the scared Yumi and he heard Yue talk. "It's been three years Yumi you should be over it."

~Yumi Route~

Yumi trembled in fear and anger. he couldn't just get over what the other had done to him. not when to this day he still had nightmares that would cause him to scream and cry in his sleep. "H-How dare you say that i should just be over it." Yue sneered at him, but he wasn't going to give up on Yumi just yet yue liked playing with him and wasn't planning on giving up any time soon.* "Yue I think you should leave You don't have any business being here. I'm with someone now."

~Hikaru Route.~

Yumi trembled in fear he didn't want to say anything else and just quickly scanned Yue's items and made him leave. when he saw Hikaru at the door he took a breath trying to seem like he was calm even if he was clearly still shaken. "H-Hikaru Hey you came at a good time my boss told me i could close up early today."

(Seme needed you can be either Yue or Hikaru if you want you can change the name I just put them their to make the story flow a little better chose the Route and then start All i ask is you do 5+ lines) 

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"That time of year"

It was a normal day like any other and you were having a good time with your family. You had a son you lived more than anything in the world and willing to do anything for him. One day he brought a "Friend" home you were more than shocked that it wasn't human. You of course didn't say anything what so ever to your son explaining most people aren't friends with a wolfskin, but just to be safe you did a lot of research for his friend. As they got older you grew worried about your son, your wife died when he was born so you were a only parent.

One day your son was at school usually this wouldn't mean anything but this time it did. His friend had to stay home because of an important time for his people, not really important but just a time of year for them. It was their mating season and this was the wolfskins first year, you were helping him only because you read the longer they go without some sort of relief it could have consequences you never wished to happen around your son. Since then you would help him every time it was mating season, and of course you kept it a secret from your son.

It was a rainy day you just got the news your son along with the parents of the wolfskin had died in an mudslide. You were devastated by this but you had to still have a calm attitude because you had to take care of the wolfskin. He blamed himself for what happened You knew there was nothing he could of done, but you had to take care of him. You stopped helping him around the mating seasons since you had no reason to help anymore, you slowly for over the death of your son. But his friend did not, he use to be cheerful and happy but now he shut everyone out soon running away. You moved shortly after still in the same town, one night you heard a crash in your house and you quickly went to investigate to find the wolfskin older than the last time you seen him and you...

Please tell give me a short description about your character before rping]
My name is Zero Snake the same as my user and I'm a seke]
Please ask before rping]
Reports are available]

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Ryuk is next in line to be alpha when he finds his mate and turns 28, even though he looks well into his twenties. His pack sets off an alarm when they smell a scent of rouge on the land. They prepare to attack when suddenly the fresh scent of lavender hits hit nose.

NAME: Ryuk
AGE: 28
LOOKS: Hazel eyes, long brown hair with a purplish tint, eight pack, around 6'4
LIKES: Making others blush
DISLIKES: When people are sad
TURN ONS: When someone he likes looks into his eyes
TURN OFFS: When they don't enjoy it.

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Teddy is a rabbit shifter, though the rest of his family still questions how this happened, considering the rest of his family are rouge wolf shifters, he is also very clumsy, and is very shy but covers it up with a blank face. He is nearing 18 but looks to be around the age of 12.

Ryuk is next in line to be alpha when he finds his mate and turns 18, even though he looks well into his twenties. His pack sets off in alarm when the smell the scent of rouge on the land, they are prepared to attack when he suddenly smells the scent of fresh lavender.

NAME: Teddy
AGE: 17
LOOKS: Brown hair, brown eyes and around 5'4
LIKES: Being told what to do, food, quiet places.
DISLIKES: Being hurt, people, loud noises, small rooms.
TURN ONS: Teddy: "I-i don't know what that means," scratches head.
TURN OFFS: Teddy: " Well I don't like being hurt much, it well...hurts," blushes and looks away.

The other would be your character, you just have to go off of what I already have, but you can make up the rest.

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