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Name: Behemoth

Mech Class: Heavy

Height: In Feet = 154 In Meters = 46.9 In Stories = 14.2
If Behemoth is crouching at it lowest distance off the ground, then it is about half more or less.

Length ( Main Body ): In feet = 106.4 In Meters = 32.4 In Stories = 9.83

Armaments: Two Heavy Revolver Artillery Cannons ( Think of them as cannons that should belong on battleships... ), Medium Gatling Gun, Heavy Gatling Gun, Swift Missile Launcher ( Meant for Aircraft or very lightly- lightly armored targets) 16 missile pods. And the weapons can aim at low angles as well to hit those close targets, but the cannons cannot fire at anything that is within about 20 meters, if crouching, then about 10 meters, unlike the gatling gun which can hit targets at that are very near to the Behemoth or are on it ( bottom and legs are covered by the gatling guns and the top is covered by a combat drones if someone gets on top of it ).

Armor: Very highly thick and very strong lightweight alloys/metals. Strongest area is the front, but it is mostly even compare to others areas, exact for the rear which has slightly less armor thickness compared to other parts of the mech ( almost same for the legs, except armor is equal on all sides. ). Capable of absorbing massive amounts of damage and keep trucking along.

Strong against: Any target, but is strongest against heavily- extremely heavily armor targets, such as heavy - super heavy mechs or heavy - super heavy tanks or large - gigantic ship vessels. It can handle itself against infantry and aircraft. Also against small/light mechs or tanks, but as effective, but it can handle horde of those, especially if they bunch up into tight groups or got too close and become pancakes.

Weak against: Nothing

Mobility: Top speed ( running speed ) is estimated to be 50 mph ( walking speed is about 4 mph ). Turning speed of the lower body legs is fair, slightly less than medium. Main body rotation speed is fast and the turrets are as well fast ( slightly ). ( Very great for fast moving targets ). Overall maneuverability is fair-ish.

Ammo: AP and HE shells of appropriate size for cannons, bullets of appropriate size for gatling guns, and Swift missiles for missile launcher. ( Swift missiles are specialized missile which are might to destroy swift aircraft at long distances, but are also quite effective against lightly armored targets, such as light mechs or tanks

Weak spots: Legs of course ( Natural vulnerability for most mechs ) but has enough armor to withstand a good beating and maybe the rear of the main body, but don't count on that, due to the fact that the rear only has only slightly less armor compared to the rest of the mech.

Personnel Requirements: Requires at least 4 crew members to completely operate the mech and each weapon system ( Gatling guns and Swift Missile Launcher can be AI controlled, but is more efficient if crew members seize direct control of them instead, due to accuracy of the AI is quite poor, but it can get the job done ), but usually has 2 or more crew members for internal or external repairs and also on the side note contains a small drone bay which usually houses repair drones ( Also the drones are capable of flight of course or magnetic legs ). Max amount of crew members it can contain is 11, but if you pack them like sardines, then maybe even more, but is ill-advised.

Other features: Capable of jumping quite a distance ( Average distance of jumping while standing still is about 17 meters, max 23 meters. While running is about 50 or more meters. ) Also has speakers if you want to talk to your enemy or something...

Manufacturers: Created by the Legendary Empire. ( Personally created by Legend, Emperor of the Legendary Empire himself )

Timeline: Depended on the timeline this mech is constructed in can determine it armaments and armor. This mech has kept this design and armaments for as long as it was first built, only changes was in improvements of its weapons power, and stronger alloy/metals, and in many years in time it was given an heavy shield generator. But this Behemoth right now that I'm describing to you right this instance was the early models of the Behemoth.

Sensory, Radar, and Computer Functions: Allows the Behemoth to track targets at very long distances and the precision, accuracy, and estimation to lead the shots to hit those targets. The Behemoths lacks powerful scanners to detects targets at long - medium distances and targets with great stealth capabilities, but is fixed if there is a spotter or radar drone around to assist it. Fantastic visual scanners, capable of spotter targets at very long ranges and even very small targets at very long distances ( These visual scanner are located only in the front and top, but the sides and back and even the underside is compensated with poorer, but at least fairly good visual scanner and sensors ). Radar not good, only capable of detecting targets at medium ranges. Capable of artillery bombardment, but is limited, due to this, the Behemoth requires spotters to give it coordinations of bombardment location or radar ( if the targets are not in line of sight of the Behemoth ). The Behemoth computer allows it, as mentioned above, to engage targets at very long to extremely long distances ( basically as long it is in line of sight of the front visual scanners ) and to track, lead, and shoot with great precision at these targets.

Additional Information, Story, and probably Bio.: Legend wanted a mech that is capable of serving as a frontlines, long range, able to attack any target, and to absorb massive amounts of damage. And thus the Behemoth was born, even though it was quite expensive, like most units created by the Legendary Empire, and also like most units of the Legendary Empire, it has the most amount of quality compared to other Empires/Factions heavy mechs classes and types. It can go up close and personal ( it can, but is... actually that is not even that rare..) with the enemy and be a great damage absorber, while dishing out damage of its own to the enemy hordes. Or it can sit back and snipe, which is recommended, due to its very long ranged capabilities.

Melee Attack: Obvious, but I'll say it anyways. If a much smaller enemy unit dares to come too near or in the path of the Behemoth. The Behemoth will easily squish it or stomp on it like an insect, due to size and weight of the Behemoth and with incredible force too. It can stomp quite quickly too surprisingly.

The Behemoth (my mech) and my crew lives in a large hanger in the snowy hills. 
On a side note, the reason I chose the snowy hills is due to the fact that the Behemoth would benefit the most on snowy hills, due to visibility reasons.

Legend if you wish sence you are a moderator yau may choose an orbital station or house or a hanger if you wish

Excuse me, but are there any limitations or rules for our mechs here and requirements?

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orbital hangers ONLY
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hanger owners ONLY
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