This is a historical moment in India's journey. The common man, woman, child and youth is united and is demanding an end to the greed and corruption rampant in our political and governance system. The anti corruption movement has exposed all political parties, ruling and in the opposition, as liars and completely unwilling to create a strong anti corruption Lokpal law. Since all efforts to plead our case with the existing political system have failed, it is time we change this system of greed and exploitation from within. The Aam Aam Aadmi Party is a chance for every man, woman, child and youth to have a say in deciding their destiny. It is high time we change the corrupt system of India forever. It's time we make politics a noble and respectable calling once again. This is the main vision of Aam AADMI Party. Your party. The common man's party. Jai Hind
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