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Welcome to the World of Estron! A very open universe, accepting each
and every species!


White Ring
The weakest of the five types of rings.
The easiest to find of the five types of rings.
Controls Wind.
Found anywhere.
Compadable with any species.

Blue Ring
The second weakest of the five types of rings.
The second easiest to find of the five types of rings.
Controls Water/Snow depending the environment it was found.
Found in the water or icey areas.
More compadable with species with more intelligence.

Purple Ring
The third weakest of the five types of rings.
The third easiest to find of the five types of rings.
Controls Energy.
Found anywhere there's any natural action/energy, or in any very populated areas.
Energy means it can become anything, but there's a catch. It feeds off of the user's energy.
More compadable with species with very high energy.

Green Ring
The second strongest of the five types of rings.
The second hardest to find of the five types of rings.
Controls Lighting and Levitation (can levitate things).
More compadable with species with a lot more strength.
Found in stormy places and stable clouds.

Red Ring
The strongest of the five types of rings.
The hardest to find of the five types of rings.
Controls Pure Magic and Fire.
Compadable with any species.
Found in the depths of volcanoes.


Does not possess a ring.
Could possibly be on a journey to find one.

Roamer sorry for the spelling error
Possesses one ring.
Does not work for the Rings IN Government (R.I.N.G.)

Possesses two or more rings.
Does not work for the Rings IN Government (R.I.N.G.)

Possesses one ring.
Does work for the Rings IN Government (R.I.N.G.)

Court Member
Possesses one of the most powerful rings (either purple, green, or red, depending on the rank of the Court).
Supreme Court Members (wears red rings)
Admin Court Members (wears green rings)
Court Members (wears purple rings)
The Judges of R.I.N.G.
Have Supreme power.

Does not possess a ring.
Travelers who lost their minds during the search of the rings.

Don't make yourself OP (over powered). Keep it reasonable. If you have more than one ring, don't make your character immune to the insanity.
Red rings are the rarest of them all. Don't have more than two, unless you have a reason approved by the owner or a staff.
You don't have to have a ring. Any role (except for OP ones) is accepted.
There will be a storyline. Something will happen.
You cannot say, during the storyline, “oh my character beat the bad guy woah we did it”. Again, don't be a Mary Sue.
Staff members will be the court members. Unless someone has a reasonable character and won't become a Mary Sue and won't spill anything about the story, no one else can be a court member.


Stormlynn District
The more aggressive side of Estron.
Known for its army strength.
Though it's the biggest district, it does not hold the most amount of people.
Has the highest concentration of Corruptions because of the variety of areas.

Lyngfros District
Home of R.I.N.G.
Known for experimentation of rings.
The lowest concentration of Corruptions because of the cold climates. Though there are Corruptions that are immune to the cold, probably the safest District.
The highest amount of people.

Fulmere District
Known for the largest amounts of materials.
The lowest amount of people.
Holds the most found and unfound rings.

Name : Durin
Not usually used, since most people trade things.

Only controls the rings.
Each district has their own laws, but are basically the same. (Like the drinking age in different places, states, etc.)

A: Estron is 816 years old.

A: R.I.N.G has realized that the possession of two or more rings can slowly break down the user's mind over time. So, every 100 days, they send out a group of 50 soldiers to each district.

A: Well, that totally depends on the ring. The more powerful it is, the more damage it does faster. And for really experienced fighters with two or more rings, their minds do get damaged, too. Here's the list of how much damage 2 of the same rings does (just for reference).
WHITE : Mind completely lost after 20 years of use.
BLUE : Mind completely lost after 17 years of use.
PURPLE : Mind completely lost after 15 years of use.
GREEN : Mind completely lost after 10 years of use.
RED : Mind completely lost after 5 years of use.
And by "Mind completely lost", I mean that the user has lost all sense of reason and common sense. They will become either hotheaded, ignorant, or completely dim witted.

A: That totally depends on the power and the ring. Say your OC has fire magic and uses a red ring. Yes, the red ring would enhance the powers.
But if your character has air powers, and uses a red ring, the red ring will counteract the powers and weaken them. This means that the ring is always the deciding variable. And this was made so no one can be too overpowered.
Quick note ; If you try to say "ohHH My cHarActRR's iMmuNIE To iT!", no. No one is immune to it, same goes for the insanity thing for Juveniles.

Name :
Age :
Species/Race :
Personality :
Likes :
Dislikes :
Ring Color : (optional)
Ring Number : (optional)
Role :
Other :

Helpful maps and stuff

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Am I allowed to advertise my Community here?
It's fine if I'm not..

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Name: Kayleen Fear
Age: 18

Gender: Female

Height: 5'9

Personality: Protective, Mental, Creative and Smart

Likes: Art, Nature, Animals, exploring and Explosions

Dislikes: Bullies, Vegetables, Kids, and annoying people

Species: Human

Powers: Fire, Teleportation, and shapeshifting

Ring Color: Red

Ring Number: 1

Role: Guardian

Home: unknown

Family: Dead (Except her Brother)

BIO: When Kayleen was born, she was born with strong mental problems and evilness.
· Panic Disorder
· Depression
·Bipolar Disorder
As she grew up more; she wanted to change herself self so she could be around others, which was a problem for her as nobody likes her for various reasons.Reasons why, is that she was different from the others and they think that she doesn't fit in so in order to fix that they bullied her a lot and why not she's not popular is that nobody cares about her or doesn't want to even know her. She does have amazing talents that she should be known for, but like I said nobody cared. Years passed as she was at a high school age (16), that she was being bullied too much that she lost control of her self and killed 3 of the bullies with a pencil. After that she panicked and ran home as fast as she could, reaching her home in time. Her parents looked at her with a worried face knowing she did something wrong. Her mom dashed for the phone as her brother and sister tried to stop and convince the mom to give Kayleen another chance but she refused and called the cops anyways. Kayleen had snapped once again; grabbing a knife killing her mom and dad and sister but leaving her brother alive but mostly injured him as she disappeared into the forest as she was never to be seen again.She loved them with all of her heart and wouldn't like to lose them especially her brother who was very protective of her. The reason she spared him instead of both her brother and sister, is that she knew it would be horrible to get rid of something that has been doing so much for that person so she decided to spare him... Afterwards she had herd rumors about rings that have been hidden for years, which brought her curiosity to go and find one for herself. She even herd that the red rings were very rare and hard to find and most likely to be found near volcanoes. She was most interested of finding the red rings if she could. Once she approached a volcano, she began searching around the whole volcano as then she found a hidden cave where the red ring was at. Kayleen thought this was an easy task but little did she know it was a mistake for her to find the ring. Of course she thought she would ever listen to the people that lived in their villages and even though she doesn't like to cooperate with other people for various reasons. As she obtained the ring and equipped onto her finger, she felt a strong source coming from the ring it self. After a moment of looking or whatever she did with ring and creature which she found out they were called "the corrupted". She panicked as fire shot out from her hand when she tried blocking herself. When she looked away and back at the the creature, it was already defeated. Kayleen had no idea what was going on; she left the volcano and started going to different places for her stay. None she didn't like as much. But she somehow approached a current location that she never seen before. With curiosity she went exploring the place when an man wearing a bar tinder like suit look at her with curiosity. She tried asking him questions but doesn't quiet trust her yet. He guided her to his leader of some court room as other people there looked at her. As the main leader of the court gave an glare at her then at the ring she was wearing. Yet, after training that they set her up for, that she was most likely be a guardian.


Pitiful, is it not?

But their backstory is much, much more interesting.

Man was born from nothing in a beautiful world. Recourses aplenty, lands that stretched beyond, and seas to explore. But one day, one man changed the world forever.

This man had found the existence of Rings.

With this great power, came great consequences. People mad for power tried to find these weapons. And then, came the Great War.

Lives were lost. Rings were lost. And so came the birth of Corruptions.

The Corruptions feasted on the Ring's powers. Once man had realized this, they divided the world into 3.

The 3 districts fought along side each other to destroy all of the Corruptions in the world. And man's passion, recoursefulness, and intelligence lit their way through the darkness.

But even the most brilliant lights eventually flicker and die.

And when they are gone... darkness will return.

: But perhaps, we can simply change the light every time. :

R.I.N.G is calling for new Guardians. Will you apply?

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I would totally roleplay with this, but like nobody else lives in Fulmere (maybe I need to make an oc in Lyngfros idk). It's still a nice art though, so I'm sharing it.
sorry if wrong category it's my oc telse btw

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it's bout time i introduce my character :/
Name : Gregory Wells
Age : 25
Species/Race : Human
Personality : Insane and Random.
Likes : Power, Control, and Chaos
Dislikes : Failing, Rejection, peANUTS
Ring Color : Green
Ring Number : 2
Role : Juvenile
Other : Was born and raised in Stormlynn. Was very poor, so he resorted to theft. After stealing a green ring from a shop, he became greedy with power. He searched around the world for someone to help fulfill his hunger. After meeting a group of megalomaniacs, he was given a second green ring. He has been loyal to the group ever since, taking on missions for the megalomaniacs.

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The R.I.N.G beta courtroom.
Not offical, just an idea.
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