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Alright everyone. We have moved. This place will now just serve as a back-up for the new community. Here is the new community

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Go to my new deviantart. It's so that I can h8 on people on deviantart and maybe make some UTTP/Hater photoshop and post it there

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Important notice.
ICNH, if you find a way where I can talk to you privately, pls, i need to tell u something m8.

Alright everybody. Me, Mike, Yay troll, and George made a deal. Some info I cannot share about alt's and shit but the important thing is that we made a deal.  We won't send shit to mike and george's house if he makes a shitty animation on his channel about me killing him. That's the only really important thing that I can mention.

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This is the story of how Mario defeated the Fazfags.
Course ID: E9E7-0000-0028-DFF0
Make sure to follow so you can just easily get the next chapter

Mario stood outside his house preparing for a walk as he went inside his house and outside quickly and hit a ? block with his fist. He saw a 2nd ? block an hit it with his fist to gain 1 coin when he noticed the structure he built to shoot Fazfags with. He went up to the structure ad went under the brick block. He saw some Gay Fazfags riding each other 2 hammer bros. and one sumo bro coming out of a pipe along with red koopa troopas and goombas. He heard them scream " MORE FNAF LEVELS! " and " FNAF JUMPSCARE DLC! ". He was ready to dispose of them. While a Green Giant koopa troopa came out of the pipe in the structure he waited until it was above the brick block he was under and jumped. The Green Giant hid in it's shell as the springs activated and bounced it into the crowd of screaming Fazfags. " Much better " he said as he kept killing the Fazfags as they came out of the pipes for however long he wanted. He eventually got tired of killing the Fazfags so he progressed on and climbed the vine in front of the pipes. He knew the fanboys wouldn't get to his house because they were so fat they couldn't jump 1 block to get to his house. He saw a ? block and hit it. A strange skinny mushroom popped out. " Hmmm " Mario muttered as he decided to eat the mushroom. When eating the mushroom Mario turned into a skinny tall man. He jumped to see how high he could get. When holding the A button mario jumped high into the air. "Now it's time to take the blue skeleton train to bowsers kingdom so I can talk to him about these Fazfags " he said as he jumped onto the skeleton train. He felt the wind blow through his cap and relaxed... Suddenly out of nowhere Bowser Jr. was flying in his clown copter towards the plumber! Natural instincts kicked in as he jumped on the head of the turtle 3 times. Bowser Jr. couldn't hold on to his copter and fell into the endless abyss. " FUCK YOU, YOU MOTHERFUCKING FNAF HATING NIGGER FUCKTARDED ASSAHOLIC BITCH! " he screamed. " Now I really need to talk to bowser about this " Mario said, jumping into the now unpiloted clown copter and heard the bump of Jr. hitting the ground. Mario started flying the copter to the right towards the castle, " Now who started this whole idea of making levels in my ga- " he was interrupted by a flying Starman power-up as it ascended from the heavens. " Why the fu- " he saw an army of Fazfags in clouds coming at him fast!  " WE WANT FNAF ON WII U!! " they yelled in there monotone squeaky voices. Mario easily dispatched them all. Then mario saw a nightmare... an obstacle course with Lava spinners, Fire plants, flying blocks, Chain Chomps, Monty Moles, and Flying Spinies. " Please help me Lord Stephen " he said praying. " YOU ONLY YOLO ONCE NIGGERS!!!!" he screamed flying into the clusterfuck and trying to dodge as best as he can. He amazingly made it out alive and saw a blue skeleton train. He jumped out of the clown car and onto it. He watched out for spikes but did end up hitting one and going back to small mario. He rode the train until he got flung off. He got a starman and touched the flagpole, He then hit music blocks and springs which caused fireworks to appear as he was flung into the caste. " OH SHIT FUCKING FACEPLANT MY NIGGA!! " he screamed while his face hit the floor of the castle. 

End of chapter/level 1

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Alright so is anybody here an actual fucking adult? Or someone that has a deep enough voice/ a voice changer to pass as one. If you do then reply in the comments below and i'll tell you that phone number to call. We're sending hookers to Mike basics house!
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