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do you guys know the toshiba satellite c850 well if you upgrade the ram a bit (just any ware above 4 GB) you can actually use it as a gaming laptop tried playing gta v on it and I got 45 fps avg on low settings and it doesn't look to bad there are a few tricks to do it though you do need to run windows 10 natively and all your drivers need to be up to date and you do need to run gta v in direct x 12 mode with diagnostics enabled be warned that running the game like this will make it highly unstable and you are advised not to play with modds because the game will crash

hi once you have added this Community I would just want you to know I have found a cool new trick for laptop users to be able to watch 1080p movies just like a 1080p screen on an 768p screen and it looks awesome it looks exactly like a 1080p screen but none be the wiser it is still a 768p screen it just looks better it isn't better. In case you are wondering how to do this:
All it is to it is calibrate your display to the nearest it can go to full sRGB and then you can use vlc's built in display scaller to watch your 1080p movie. this can work in other video players but I find this techneque works best in vlc and if you do this you can see the difference in almost any application this will also look much better when watching 1080p videos online. For example I have a toshiba satellite c850 and I always watch 1080p videos on youtube and on 123 movies
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