Hi everyone how are you all with me everything is fine and good greets from me Dante ^^

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Name: Nala
Race: Half Neko
Age: 17
Skills: Balance, Speed, Agility
Personality: Cautious, Wary, but kind when you get to know her
Likes: Cats, Flowers, and Nature
Dislikes: Dogs, Dangerous people
Bio: Mom was murdered when she was four. A priest at a temple took her in. She doesn't know about her power and works at the shrine

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Name: Haruko
Race: Half Ghoul (like the ones off of Tokyo ghoul)
Age: 16
Skills: Speed and stealth
Personality: Distant most times, but when you get to know her she is kind and out going
Likes: Strolls at night and cats
Dislikes: "Investigators" and rude ghouls
Bio: Learn later

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Hey I'm new here. I thought I should warn you guys. I'm crazy so just be careful...

Name: Nova Xavier
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Proxy(CreepyPasta)
Personality: Dark, Emo, Loves Music, Sarcastic, Easily Angered, Sassy, Loves Weapons, Mysterious, Stubborn, Likes the Night...
Eyes: Dark Blue/Green When Calm, Red When Angry
Bio: Unknown
Weapon: Moon Scythe, Dagger and Sniper Rifle
Power(s): Control of the Night and Stars, Can Sense and Control Emotions

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(trigun? Somone to roleplay as Vash? im the orange haired girl) this was her plan, she had to do it......She had to get the reward or it was all over for her....She had to take Vash the stampede in, it was her last resort. All she had to do was find him and she was home free! Once she found him she could dispose of him quickly get the money and go there! there Vash was sitting outside the bar eating something........Is that a doughnut!? she asked herself quietly backing up and getting ready to charge in and take him down, instead she bumps into  a huge thug like looking man and in turn he bumps into one of his friends 
Thug 1: and whos this?
Thug 2 : oh wow shes cute! I say we take her and make her our pet!
Thug1: good idea! Come here little girl we wont hurt you
she became extremely frightened and rushed out of her hiding place the thugs chasing after her, she began crying while she ran S-STOP LEAVE ME ALONE PLEASE!!!!!!
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Name:Tyler Phantom
Personaility:Kind Caring Friendly.
Bio:Lives on his own never knew his parents and probably never will.
((open rp ))

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Hello id like to invite you to my Naruto Rp site. Its timed 1000 years after naruto so no cannon characters. also we have 26 members and counting. i hope to have more and more jutsus are being put up and i just put up squads and soon missions. its still in progress but we have come along enough for new members to easily get started.

http://naruto-newlegends.forumotion.com/ I hope to see you there.

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Name: Sarah
Age: 16
Height: 6"4
Species: unknown
Powers: unknown
Gender: female
Personality: caring, helpful, quite, and shy
Weapons: sword, short knives, razors (in my sleeves) and throwing stars
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Name : Death
Gender : Male
Nation : Necromancer / reaper
Age : 17
Birthday : May 16
Sexuality : straight
Relationship status : Single

Height : 6'1
Figure/build : Tall, Muscular
Hair color : Black
Hair Style : pointed anime hair
Eye color : red pupil and eyes glow
Skin : Hard and pale colour
Personality: Death is a less emotion more demolition type, but does have feelings sometimes. Extremely violent when mocked at, summary the more his enemy makes him mad the closer is  the enemy's demise. Born by the hatred between heaven and hell.
Likes : Mostly none.
Dislikes : Mostly everything.
Hobbies : Harvesting souls.
Acquaintances : Crow {bird ~ navigator} and Despair {horse ~ Steed of Death}
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name: eve
race: elf, ice dragon, ice demon
sex: female
age: 15
personality: shy, slightly bossy sometimes
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