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Hinterlands of Elandria Actual Play Podcast

I'm receiving quite a few requests to release the Hinterlands of Elandria actual play in a podcast form. I'm trying to figure out a way to do that. One suggestion I'm probably taking is to not worry about editing or polishing the sessions too much. That will greatly save on production time and make it much more likely this is something I can do.

If you're interested in a podcast version of the AP, please respond to this and let me know. Also give me your thoughts on the following questions.

1. Would you prefer that the AP episodes are part of the GMJ stream, or a separate podcast, or you don't care?

2. Would you listen to the AP if it weren't heavily edited or produced (similar to the YouTube videos, a live experience, if you will)?

3. Should this be available to everyone, or possibly a patron perk? If it were a patron perk, would you become a patron to gain access?

4. If I produced the AP as a separate podcast, would you want the Behind the Screen episodes to still be part of GMJ, or would you prefer those episodes were part of the Hinterlands of Elandria podcast?

Thanks for your feedback!

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Saw this picture on FB & knew instantly that this had to be included in my homebrew.


Fun question: What would cause an entire city to be abandonded, and guard the entrance against any who would dare to enter said city? Are there any favorite, little-used-but-powerful-and-frightening enemies out there, maybe from previous DnD editions? I want the players to have a moment of shock and pause while they decide if they should dare to venture inside. I've been going through the Monster Manual and Google searching, and a few things seem interesting, but I'd trust the feedback from the folks here over a Google search.

Episode 194 will be delayed, as I'm getting over the flu, and you do NOT want to hear my voice right now. ;)

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Tomb of Annihilation battlemap sneak peek!

Want a free preview of my hi-res maps included in tomorrows release? Explore the Merchant Princes Villa early here –

Please share the news and enjoy!

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My Tomb of Annihilation cartography has finally gone live! The high resolution digital versions of all the RPG maps from the newest D&D adventure are now available at -

Want top quality artist's prints of Chult, Port Nyanzaru, Omu or a wide variety of other fantasy maps delivered in time for the holidays? Make sure to order yours here -

Plus! Use the coupon code ANNIHILATION for 10% off your entire order. Good through the end of the year and reusable, it's my way to say thank you and seasons greetings!

As always, keep exploring!

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Hey Lex, I can imagine that the Game Master's Journey Patron system is the best way to support the show and what you are doing. But I bet that I'm not the only one that would love to support the podcast but hesitates because of the 5 bucks minimum. Especially if you compare it to the prices and content (quantity and quality) of spotify, netflix, HBO now, amazon prime and even other patron systems (for example Frog Leap Studios or some Twitch Channels)...and of course: youtube!
It adds up really fast even if it is an hour and a half of content per episode - not all episodes are of the same "interest" and therefore worth to everyone.
Certainly I don't have any real world data on pay on demand compared to flatrate media consumption or the ratio of content to price and how it is percieved by your listeners.... But I could imagine that the price elasticity of your podcast and the willingness of your audience would allow for a much higher total patron level, if you would allow 1 or 2$ patrons. Maybe consider a 1$ patron with no bonuses....or maybe a 2$ patron with just the old episodes. Did you ever thought about changing something in that regard - or even did in the past? Things like the T-Shirts and your adventure are nice but the reason, why I return every week, are the high quality podcasts and the constant flow of content.

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