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Zeb's Corner - Audio Technica ATH CKX7iS The Review #earbuds

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my cover,un pò di karaoke,avevo voglia di cantarla! era da un pò che non cantavo in inglese,mia cover di questa canzone bellissima! spero vi piaccia
Same lips red, same eyes blue
Same white shirt, couple more tattoos
But it's not you and it's not me
Tastes so sweet, looks so real
Sounds like something that I used to feel
But I can't touch what I see
We're not who we used to be
We're not who we used to be
We're just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me
Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat

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Hey Everyone,

I'm writing to you all because after putting out five popular Mixerman books with a publisher, I've decided to produce a new one on my own. It's called Musician's Survival Guide to a Killer #Record, and I'm fundraising for it on #Indiegogo. Here's a little taste of what it's about:

"This field manual is not intended to make you a better recordist. It's designed to get you thinking about your art and the creation of it from a musical place–regardless of genre–and to turn technical decisions into practical ones.

I have no intention of mentioning gear brands or models in the body of this book, as they are somewhat irrelevant. You have what you have, and what you have will change. What’s not going to change is music and how people react to it."

This is a forum of musicians recording at home. You are precisely the audience that I'm writing this book for, because you're not going to make a Killer Record thinking about sound. Only engineers do that. We musicians need to make all of our recording decisions based on the music. The sound will follow, and I can explain exactly how.

Wouldn't it be nice to make a record, precisely as you intend it?

I always feel a little weird posting in these Google+ communities. Post after post is made, with little interaction. It's like a billboard at the local cafe, only no one seems to be ripping of the paper tabs.

So, rather than allow this to be another post in the trash heap of post that aren't noticed, perhaps those of you who have derived great enjoyment from my books over the years (some of which I posted for free) could take a moment to share your thoughts on your experience with that.

Then click the link and help me reach my goal by preordering a book. I'm not asking for an investment in me. I'm asking for you to invest in yourselves. No piece of gear is going to help you like this book will.

Thanks! #mixerman

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4/19/2018 New Cover , Check it out , Subscribe on youtube

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Here's some background info on the gear I used to record a song recently
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