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If you are struggling with fear and insecurity this just might help.
The Simple 3 Step Solution To Conquering Fear And Insecurity.

I struggled with intense fear and insecurity most of my life.
It wasn't that long ago I was pretty much a shut-in in a one bedroom flat in East London. I was too afraid to go out or speak to people. I was locked in an emotional prison of fear and insecurity and using addiction as a means of escape.
Today I am a qualified therapist; I live in beautiful Cambridgeshire and have been happily married to my wonderful wife Lolly for nearly eight years.
The controversial solution to fear and insecurity is hidden in plain sight and so simple that most people will dismiss it as soon as they hear it. I sincerely hope that you are someone who "gets it".
You see fear and insecurity is a form of self sabotage. Likely to have been triggered in childhood from trauma or neglect but leaving you with a deep sense of not feeling safe, not being good enough or deserving of much. It is a profound feeling of insecurity, self loathing and unworthiness.
OK here is the simple 3 step secret to finally overcoming fear and insecurity.
It’s as simple as ABC.
A stands for Awareness. First you need to notice and become aware of when you start to feel afraid. What kinds of situations trigger the fear? Where in your body does the fear manifest? How does it feel?
B stands for Breathing. Next you need to still yourself and focus on your breathing. Taking long slow deep breaths helps get more oxygen into your body, calms you down and allows you to think more clearly.
C is the last and most important step to successfully conquering fear.
This one idea revolutionized how I thought about fear and completely changed my life. It can transform your life too if you allow it.
C stands for Choose your feelings.
As bonkers as it sounds, with practice you can absolutely choose how you want to feel.
As a child I never really felt safe. I realized I had carried those feelings of insecurity through adolescence and into adulthood.
My primary goal in life was to feel safe.
I learned to relax and say to myself "I am choosing to feel safe right now", "I am choosing to feel calm and relaxed right now" and as strange as it sounds it actually worked.
With practice we really can choose how we want to feel
I went from choosing to feel safe, to choosing to feel happy, to choosing to feel confident, to choosing to feel powerful, to choosing to feel deserving of my best and the best. I finally felt free!
No one ever tells us we can choose how to feel but with practice we really can.
How much longer will you continue to live half a life? Never allowing yourself to experience the happiness and fulfillment you deserve.
The time to make a change is now. No matter how long you live, life is very short. Starting now decide that you are going to take action to make your life better. The confidence and happiness you really deserve is waiting for you once you've decided enough is enough. Are you going to transform overnight? No, it will take time. Years of fear and insecurity isn’t fixed in an instant but it can be fixed. You can do it! You are worth it!

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I love writing stories! They really help me let my feelings out.

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Just wanted to say hello and thanks for adding me. I've suffered with being extremely shy my entire life and it's gotten worse. I can't hardly speak to someone I dont know at all and I hate it. Never learned how to make friends because of being so dang shy.

I am very busy with school, so I will no longer be posting on this community, so it will up to you to do the posting. Goodbye!

People need to post things who are not me! feel free to post or comment on anything, or email your post to kaykayorloff@gmail.com

Do you have any advice, if you do, feel free to post it on this community, as long as it's appropriate and relevant. happy posting!

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