Did the color problem with the main rule book ever get fixed?

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I formalized my thoughts about pets here:

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Issues of Scale

One of the defining aspects of the first campaign (codenamed "The Core") is going to be the Faction interactions and how omni-present they are. Six factions, each with their own agendas, dominions and schemes. Each uses catspaws and subterfuge to undermine each other without being so overt as to foster cooperation among their enemies. This campaign will cleave closest to cyberpunk/dystopian, while hopefully maintaining the Space Opera bold primary colors (Neonpunk? Is that a thing?)

However, I'm hitting a bit of structural dissonance: the scale. The themes and mood really calls for clustered cityscapes and omnipresent faction branding. Originally I was considering putting that into a galactic setting, with multiple inhabited planets and trade routes. But the more I toy with it, the more I feel that the setting would benefit from a scope reduction. It would allow more focus on the shifting landscape, and there would be less "dark"/unpopulated spaces.

Compared to an Intergalactic War setting or a Frontier Exploration setting, the Faction Web setting seems like the best opportunity to really pull in and make things crowded and claustrophobic, without all that pesky empty space to expand into. Make them struggle to get a bit of elbow room, kinda thing.

So here are my options, and I'd be interested to know what you guys think would be most interesting:

- Galactic: Most familiar, most compatible with standard Uncharted Worlds. Multi-planet empire, each planet ruled by a dominant faction with other factions trying to dethrone them, trade lanes, interplanetary passengers, space fleets.

- System: Single colonized solar system. One main planet separated into territories, plus a smattering of off-world territories (space stations, mining facilities, lunar colonies). Territories contested by multiple factions. Some space travel, but no Jumps. Needs custom/altered Explorer career, since everything is explored (and claimed).

- Planet: Single heavily populated planet, divided into territories. Focus on mega-cities. Territories contested by multiple factions. No space travel. needs custom/altered Explorer and Starfarer, since neither are useful as presented.

Note: I am purposefully not including "all of the above". I'd like to create something specific, rather than generic. Theoretically, the Planet or System could be part of a larger Galaxy game, but it would be a Galaxy I would not write about. What I'm considering here is a change of Level of Magnification. How far I zoom in or out.
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Reading through FBH and loving it, especially the page on Beasts.

Carta Galaxia Weekly Update - Week 1

Yes indeed. Now that FBH is out the door, I'm re-committing myself to doing weekly updates about the next book (series of books).

That said, a year away from Carta has given me step back and re-examine the idea of an Uncharted Worlds campaign setting.

So I pose a question to the community, especially those who regularly use settings/campaign materials: What do you look for in this kind of material?

- World Building (Factions, planets, cities, resources, opportunities, history)?
- Storyline (Missions, characters, branching resolutions, plot twists, events)?
- A mix of the two?

I have my own preferences and ideas, but I'll admit that this is a bit of shaky ground for me, since I've always been more free form (gee, could you tell with the way UW is written :P ) and obviously I want to give the community what they would find the most interesting.

What do your groups buy with their Cargo? We're running with a group that doesn't have much focus on combat, so even during character creation, we were struggling to find enough Assets for them to buy. And now they've started Bartering up their Cargo (including a pen of Class-4 thoroughbred race horses), they're looking for things to spend them on. What sorts of items have your crews acquired through Barter? What are your "hot" (or interesting) commodities? What have GMs used for the "unique item / service" on a 13+ roll? Do you tend to make them up on the spot, or do you have one in the back pocket ready to go?

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I love the Running on Fumes move, it's a lot similar to the "cascading dice" I've used in my fantasy games to keep track of ammo or wand charges, bringing a certain sense of randomness and impending doom to the players, but in a controlled and intuitive way. For fun and profit, I computed the distributions of how many jumps can you make before a fuel unit is expended, depending on its starting class.

Use antimatter responsibly, folks!
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Hey everyone, had my first session of UW last week (with 3 of 5 players who were new to the hobby!) and it went splendidly. I envisioned the first part of the campaign a bit more "do the job" based, so I drafted up a few moves for it. I thought I'd share them here in case people would find them helpful. I'd welcome any feedback on them too!

When you negotiate a shady contract, roll +Influence.
On a 10+, pick one:
• You know identifying details of the employer. If the employer is familiar to you, you learn of the motivations behind the job.
• You know intimate details of the target.
• Pick 3 from the list below.
On a 7-9, pick one:
• You gain a Data Point about the employer.
• You gain a Data Point about the target.
• You secure a guarantee of payment (partially in advance, something to hold on to, or something for your troubles, GM’s choice).
• The meeting does not attract unwanted attention.
On a 6-, times are desperate and you’re flying on fumes. In addition to any consequences from the fiction, if you turn down this job, the GM makes a move.

== FIND A JOB ==
When you spend some time on terra firma (or terra ferrum), looking for enterprising opportunities, tell us how you’re interacting with the locals and roll +Influence.
On a 10+, you get the lay of the land and make good with the locals. While planetside, hold 1 and spend it 1-1 to:
• Give the authorities the slip
• Find someone with particular skills or sympathies (pick one)
• Find a golden opportunity and take +1 on Contract Negotiation
On a 7-9, you get to know some interesting people, and they get to know you. The GM will tell you some interesting rumors. In return, what truth about yourself gets spread in local gossip?
Regardless of the result, you find a job. On a 6-, you find some trouble too.

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It's liiiive! But +Larp Wellington beat me to the punch.

Kickstarter Backers: you should be getting your free pdf by email any moment now.

It's been a long day at ComicCon and I am bone-tired, so I'll have more words to write later. For now: Enjoy!

[Edit] Print On Demand option coming Soon (tm)

How do you GMs reward your crew? Some missions like salvage and ye olde trucking runs provide their own reward via the Cargo and Barter systems. And bigger missions could be rewarded by clearing Debt. But what about other situations? Say a passenger wants to charter passage (or even charter passage in a hurry)? Or variations on the Fetch Quest (go deliver the McGuffin to the Tatooine system)? What other carrots have GMs baited their plot hooks with?
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