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State of Uncharted Worlds

Hi folks. This post has been a long time coming. Doesn’t make it any easier, sadly. Long rambling ahead!

Firstly, I’d like to apologize for falling off the face of the Earth. That wasn’t cool. There are mitigating circumstances, which I’ll go into in a second, but it still was something that I feel quite bad about.

Basically, I kind of unofficially “shut down” on everything Uncharted Worlds, and gaming in general. Around November I started to get extremely burned out and exhausted. Work was going from bad to worse, sapping my energy and motivation and leaving a lethargic husk. Add that to my father’s ongoing and soul-crushing neuro-muscular degeneration, and a stressful holiday season, and I just checked out mentally and emotionally. It was either that, or burn everything UW-related to the ground in a fit of blinding rage/panic-attack.

Dark times. I’m not through those dark times yet, but I’m forcing myself to write this because you guys deserve answers.

In many ways, the Google+ shutdown was the nail in the coffin. It takes a lot out of me to be “public”, to be social with a community. It took a ton of work and stepping waaaaaaaaaaay outside my comfort zone just to create this community. It was something that I was proud of. But it took a lot of effort, and I had to force myself to log in regularly, to respond regularly, to make it a routine. And then it fell apart, and everyone left.

I’m sure I could reform that community elsewhere. But I don’t have the emotional bandwidth to try right now. I’m too fragile at the moment, too easily hurt. My shields are down. I’m out of mana. Etc.

As for writing. I wrote Uncharted Worlds because I wanted to share something, I wanted to entertain. And despite not knowing what I was getting myself into, I stumbled into a greater success than I dared hope. I wrote for the community. You folks were my inspiration, my drive.

So that’s where UW is at right now. I’m burned out, watching my father waste away, the community I built is all but gone, and I derive no more joy from gaming. It’s a tangled mess.

I’m working my way through it, from various angles, in the laughably little free time I have between a full-time job in the video game industry, and raising a 4 year old kid (who is as stubborn as his father, and his father’s father before him). More working out. Sun lamp to combat the cold, dark winter months of Quebec. More sleep. Seeing a psychologist.

The first step to eventually reviving UW will be to find a new home to connect with the community again. From there I’ll be able to talk future plans. But I have no idea where to begin or where to go, and I'm not in the right frame of mind to make a decision yet.

Sorry again, folks. And thank you. Thank you so much for all your kindness and awesomeness.

(TL:DR Emotionally broken, UW stuff on back-burner, need to rebuild community elsewhere, can't do that yet because emotionally broken)

Updated the Post Mortem of Uncharted Worlds with the first set of "What Went Wrong", specifically about the game's economy.

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[cross posted from the forum] Just for fun, here's the first pass at a UW/FBH Vessel generator.

It's very random with only a light amount of rules bending to make it a minimal coding effort. [Things like holding off on the switching upgrade due to complexity.] I have a thing for random tables and the 'challenge' of making the pieces work. Feedback is always welcome. Thinking about features like toggle to make FTL mandatory and stuff like that.

A couple of examples...
Grav-Flyer - Sky Vessel. Fast moving plane/grav-tank, propelled by gravity engines.
Must keep moving. Can land and take off on prepared surfaces (landing strips). Low stability,
can be destabilized by harsh weather and environmental dangers. Will crash if gravity engines fail.
Tier I vessel has 1 section.

Upgrade 1
Upgrade 2
Cargo Bay
Upgrade 3
Two reactors without other systems to use them? Oh, this is an emergency relief vessel that flies to areas damaged by hurricanes and other natural disasters. It brings medical supplies and provides electrical power.

---------------- ---
Starship - Space Vessel. Operates in vacuum, can enter and exit planetary atmospheres.
Tier I-II can land on any surface, Tier III-IV can land on prepared surfaces (landing pads).
Tier V+ count landings as crash landings. Vulnerable to hull breaches (decompression).
Type IV vessel has 4 sections. [helm, engineering, unassigned1, unassigned2]

Upgrade 1
Life Support
Upgrade 2
Upgrade 3
Upgrade 4
Upgrade 5
Upgrade 6
Artificial Gravity
Upgrade 7
Upgrade 8
Artillery Design:
Optimal Range: Distant, Very Distant.
Breaching, Penetrating, Detonation, Armored, Sustained.
Upgrade 9
Upgrade 10
Upgrade 11
Upgrade 12
Interplanetary orbital bombardment gunship designed with lots of black spiky bits to make it look as dangerous as it is. With shields, armor, and boosters, it is hard to take out. On board are two automated munitions factories to keep the artillery supplied with ammo.

[cross posting from the forum] Rules Question...
In FBH under Vessels, it specifies which upgrades require reactors. But, under reactors, it also mentions shields. Is this a situation where both are right? Can you have shields without reactors? Can a crewman that assigns a reactor to shields either boost or replenish them after they are damaged?

Wrote up Part 1 of an Uncharted Worlds post-mortem on the forums, if you're interested in meandering designer musings.

Also a reminder that the the exists and you should totes sign up if you haven't already.

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Uncharted Worlds Forum now opened

Hello everyone.

Just a quick note to let you know that

is now operational. You can register old-fashioned way or using your G+ account (through Oneall (which will be obvious from the registration window), who manages the whole API, OAuth thingies).

This is my first phpBB board (and my first board in a long while), so if something doesn't quite work, or if you can't manage registration and posting, let me know here, as I will monitor this post.

I will make sure to save as much of the content of this community as possible. There are some options Sean should have access to that should allow for retention of the data. Once that is done, it will be added to the website.

Have fun, and see you there.

Migration to a new platform

Hello Uncharted Worlds players and aficionados.

Given that the deadline for the shutdown of G+ Communities is fast approaching, and not wanting to burden Sean with the details, I want to inform you that a forum will be opened on the official website.

I will make sure it has the following features, but I am for a simple solution, not something with tons of bells and whistles.
- Forum (threads, moderation)
- Google login support

If there is a bell or a whistle which would be useful to the community, reply to this and tell me and I will do my best to ensure that the needs (or even just the wants) of the community are served.

Uncharted Worlds at kapCon: The short version:

Round 3, I ran "Repossession", in which our plucky band of heroes "rescued" an Epoch Trust research vessel with an experimental "safer" jump drive from the clutches of Ironclad (which of course they damaged). Of course, the unexpected item in the quarters area was a grubby little urchin named Lee, stowed away from one of the countless slums around the Ironclad Naval depot. While guns were pointed, eventually they bonded, with the result that Lee was standing next to the Merc in the airlock waiting for the boarding party (!) when the plan went sour. The ship wild jumped to avoid being boarded, and the game took a hard turn into SF-horror, with a player deciding that the airlock door was what disappeared in the jump, which meant Lee went with it, lost in the warp. And then they found their arm, still clutching the pistol the Merc had given them... I think several of the characters were psychologically scarred by this.

Round 5, I did the Ship Job. A simple heist involving rescuing / kidnapping the daughter of a nakamoto executive from her pirate boyfriend (and bunch of bodyguards), from a liner, mid flight. The characters executed it perfectly, taking over the security system, locking the bodyguards in their cabin, and disabling the target and boyfriend with knockout gas before stuffing her into a room service hover-trolley for a sneaky extraction. It was only when the security system crew tried to walk back to the service airlock that they were noticed, and the Wrecker was shot and cut off from the airlock. They were saved by a quick-thinking and very sneaky bounty hunter, but ended up losing a leg.

In both games people loved the cascading consequences, and the crowded quarters rolls. And I had a repeat player who wants to start running it. So I'd call that a success.

Currently prepping to run Uncharted Worlds at KapCon this weekend. I think I'll try offering "The Ship Job".

Hi +Sean Gomes

Any news on Carta Galaxia, UW 2.0 or where this community is moving after G+ implosion?
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