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For years, the World government has kept a secret: mythical creatures such as centaurs, harpies, and lamias are real. Six years before the start of the story, the government revealed the existence of these creatures and passed a legal bill, the "Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act". Since then, these creatures, known as "liminals," have become a part of human society, living with ordinary families like foreign exchange students and au-pair visitors, but with other duties and restrictions (the primary restriction being that liminals and humans are forbidden from harming each other)

When any monster from mythology has a human form, the world gets crazy

Are you a monster?

A human?

A youkai ( Halfbreed monster/human )

Rules and Special Info
1: You can't make monsters from scratch, but there are thousands of monsters in myths and folklore, I'm sure you can pick one
2: Use the proper section
3: Due to certain species adapting to it being an Ecchi anime, species like " Lamia " or " Harpy " have male counterparts, A.K.A. " Naga " and " Harpon "
4: Spam will result in one warning, two warnings is a report, remove, and ban
5: Try to keep the community alive, if you do then I'll set up more things and promote more people




Host or Exchange student ( Host = Who do you host, Exchange student = Who's your Host )~

Relationship status ( Single, In a Relationship, Married, In a Harem Relationshp, In a Harem marriage )~


Physiology ( If human, just say normal, if not describe traits, abilities, etc. that make you different from human )~

Hair Style and Color~

Eye Pupil and Color~

Body Shape~


seras was working at her magic shop welcome, how may i help you?

Trent was in his room playing huniepop while loudly screeching JUST LET ME GET IN YOUR PANTS TIFFANY LIKE HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!! he loudly screeched as he matched shit together

Lets get this community booming, can we?

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Host or Exchange student ??

Relationship status



Hair Style and Color~
Differs to when I'm using my powers when I'm tranquil my hair is black when I'm in use of any magic it I blue

Eye Pupil and Color~
A lizard Blue

Body Shape~
Human figure with dragon like wings

Creative, outgoing, kind, hotheaded
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All monsters go crazy on the night of the full moon, some attack randomly, some feel a strong instinct to mate, and some go completely loco

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Name- Scott                                                      Create your creature
Age- 17
Species- Werewolf
Werewolf rank- Alpha
Nicknames- none
Relationship status- Single
Job- Im a vet trainee
Hair style- Black and short
Eye color- (as a human) Brown, (as a werewolf) Red
Body shape- slim, has pretty hot abs. ;)
Personality- I'm nice most of the time. But when there's a full moon, I go nuts.  As a human, Im very friendly and nice. As a werewolf, I can control myself... most of the time.

Trent was walking through the park with his eye glowing while his tentacles rape various monster girls behind him Anyone I see will be raped.

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After the full moon Eli signs up for and is recruited into M.O.N.

Current members

( These are technically Ocs but anyone can use them since they're M.O.N. Ocs, so anything involved with M.O.N. )

Name: Circe Succubi

Age: Alive since Greek mythology times

Race: Half Human Half Succubus

Abilities: Magic, specifically Charm magic

Sidenote: Child of Circe, who was actually a Succubus


Name: Vylad Vlad Dracula

Age: Immortal as long as he drinks blood

Race: Pure blood Dracula-type Vampire ( The three known types of Vampire are Succubus, Vampire, and Dracula type, Dracula type kills by draining blood, Vampires just crave blood and as such do stuff like order their steaks bloody, Dracula types are more suited to fight )

Abilities: Unlike normal Vampires, he cannot turn into a bat, but he can drain the blood out of a body with a single tiny bite or by simply licking a wound or the such

Sidenote: Descended from Vlad the Impaler


Name: Kuroko Ayakashi

Age: Unknown

Race: Black Slime

Abilities: Shapeshifting, draining the liquid from bodies, absorbing shock, etc.


Name: Taiyang Yin

Age: 150

Race: Ryujin

Abilities: Enhanced physical abilities, bulletproof scales

Sidenote: Second-in-command of the M.O.N. unit since the canon M.O.N. was promoted to S.T.E.R. ( Severe Termination Elite Raiders, Eli's goal since it's paycheck per raid is enough to pay for everything his liminals do even without the government even though he still gets money from the government to fix problems like that and feed them )


Name: Athena Parthenon

Age: 30

Race: Arachne, Largebreed Black Tarantula

Abilities: Her thread is pitch black and coated in her own venom that gives you the symptoms of a heart attack but keep you alive, it is harder than steel but not as stretchy once laid out completely.

Sidenote: Leader of M.O.N.
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