Guess who has a shiny new custom modded server just waiting to be played on?  That's right! We do!

After playing with Feed The Beast, changing around modpacks and getting a feel for Forge and how it behaves in SMP, +Michael Pagano and +Dan Parker have decided to just go full custom this time around.  Now, the server's whitelisted, so if you want to join, all you have to do is message one of us and we'll work on getting you in.

First thing's first: What mods do we have included and how do you get them all ca-jiggered up so's that you can plop into our little server?  Well I'm glad you asked.  When we add you to the whitelist, we'll also provide you with the download link to our pack.  This is to prevent any random person from downloading all of the mods from us instead of their creators.  We're solely providing the link to members of the server so that you guys don't have to configure them and all that (we've already done that for you, isn't that nice?)  Some of the more notable mods include:

 * Thaumcraft
 * Tinker's Construct
 * Dimensional Doors
 * Millenaire
 * Thermal Expansion
 * Applied Energistics
 * Biomes O' Plenty
 * Metallurgy
 * ComputerCraft
 * Ender Storage

Now, once you receive the mods from us, and thus, have been accepted into the server, how do you go about installing them?  Well it's not as easy as a FTB private pack, but it's easier than doing this all manually, that's for sure.  First, you'll need MultiMC, found here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1000645-multimc-43-windows-linux-mac/ and place it in its own folder somewhere.  Now run MultiMC and create a new instance of Minecraft.

Next, you'll take the modpack that we've provided for you, and unzip its entire contents into the newly created instance's root directory.  The folders in the zip file should match up to those in the instance root folder.

After you've gotten the instance all set up, go back to MultiMC, and go into either the global settings, or the instance settings (by right clicking on the instance) and raising the memory that Java uses to at least 2GBs.  (Otherwise Minecraft will run out of memory and crash on you.)

All you should have to do now, is click "Rebuild Jar" on the launcher main screen, and click play.  If all went well, you'll be at the minecraft main menu in no time.  Now it's just a simple matter of entering in the server URL, and click join!

-Undead Zeratul

Would anyone be interested in playing a custom mod pack +Dan Parker and +Michael Pagano put together? It's not an official pack from Feed The Beast so the instructions will be a little more complicated on how to set it up.

We've moved to a new server. A local server in fact! We're hosting on our own dedicated box now. If you encounter any problems, either on the server or on our website, please let us know. We're still working out some of the kinks and what not.

For those of you having trouble joining our server, here's the steps to get all setup.

1. Download Feed The Beast - http://feed-the-beast.com/  - You can either download the exe or the jar. The exe is easier to work with.
2. Open the launcher and pick the Mindcrack mod pack. Currently at time of writing this, it is version 7.
3. Go to Multiplayer and join the server play.nincraft.com

If you run into any issues, send us an email at support@nincraft.com with screenshots of any errors if possible. We'll try to help you out the best we can.

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Due to a decrease in activity, we will be downgrading our server and no longer be running a vanilla Minecraft server. We will only be running a Feed The Beast server on the main port which will be whitelisted only to trusted members. Trusted members include anyone from OCW and higher ranked players from previous Minecraft servers.

If a time comes again that more people would like to play vanilla Minecraft, we will swap servers accordingly. We will always run whatever is more requested by the community. We keep backups of all of our maps so nothing will be lost.

If you need any help installing or launching Feed The Beast, feel free to email us or leave a comment. We'll help you out the best we can.

Feed The Beast will be updated Saturday and change the world generation. Since not very many people have been on our Feed The Beast server and  new mods will be added, we'll most likely be starting a new world. So just keep that in mind if you plan on joining the FTB server soon!

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