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[ U P D A T E ]

OC #1

"I take you, Rhea Silvia, to be a Vestal priestess, who will carry out sacred rites which it is the law for a Vestal priestess to perform on behalf of the Roman people, on the same terms as her who was a Vestal on the best terms...."

[ N A M E ]
Name: Rhea Silvia Callainus
Pronunciation: REE-uh SIL-vee-uh cal-LAIN-us
Etymology: Rhea Silvia's namesake was the famed Vestal Virgin who gave birth to the founder of Rome. Callainus is a Latin word meaning green.
Title: Priestess of Vesta
Allegiance: Her family, the Vestal Virgins

[ A G E ]
Age: 15
Birthday: October 21
Place of Birth: Rome

[ G E N D E R ]
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual Biromantic
Relationship Status: Single
Romantic Interest: None

[ W E A P O N S / S K I L L S ]
Tending flame: As a Vestal Virgin, she is to tend to eternal flame of the temple of Hestia.
Mercy: Vestal Virgins may touch a condemned prisoner or slave to free them.
Housekeeping: As Vesta is goddess of hearth and home, several of the Vestal Virgins' duties involve the keeping of the temple of Vesta.
Cooking: Vestals are accredited with performing the tasks of Vesta.

[ A P P E A R A N C E ]
Hair Color: Dark brown
Hair Type: Straight brown hair, bound into the 6 complex braids of a Vestal Virgin and pinned to the back of her head,  with bangs covering her forehead.
Eye Color: Dark brown
Skin Tone: Naturally pale, but has gained a golden hint, especially by firelight
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Build: Very tall for her time and age, Rhea Silvia has a maternal figure with soft curves.
Notable Features: Calluses cover her palms
Clothing: The main articles of her clothing consisted of an infula, a suffibulum and a palla. The infula was a fillet, which was worn by priests and other religious figures in Rome, a vestal's being white and made from wool. The suffibulum was the white woolen veil which was worn during rituals and sacrifices. The palla was the long, simple shawl, a typical article of clothing for Roman women. The palla, and its pin, were draped over the left shoulder.
Voice: A soft treble with smooth undertones
Ethnicity: Latin
Faceclaim: Gemma Arterton

[ P E R S O N A L I T Y ]
Persona: Raised a lady, and living a priestess, Rhea Silvia is a quite, sheltered, and refined young woman. She is dutiful, merciful, and the ideal daughter/mother/bride a Roman could wish for. She is hardworking, not as vain as some, and has softly beautiful features, which she does not flaunt gaudily, but wears as is. She is the sweetheart of the collegium, determined and eager to learn, but even so, she is often emotionally and physically detached from this world.
Anima: In private, Rhea Silvia is always a good listener and comforter. She will lend you a shoulder to cry on, a lap to sleep on, and a hand to press on when you need nothing but warmth. She's caring, and acts far older than her years, and many point out the irony of her maternal nature and its contrast with her oath to celibacy.
Likes: Cooking, housekeeping, quiet, solitude
Dislikes: Spectacle, blood sports
Fears: Shaming herself and her family, being cast out, being led away from her oaths

[ F A M I L Y ]
Father: Vitus Tarquinus Callainus
Mother: Aemiliana Albinus
Brothers: ???
Sisters: ???
Cousins: ???
Uncles: ???
Aunts: ???
Grandfathers: ???
Grandmothers: ???

[ B I O ]
Rhea Silvia was born to a wealthy patrician family. Her father serves on the Senate and her mother was the daughter of another patrician man. Rhea Silvia gots a lady's education, learning to read and write, as well as tutelage in the arts. She often expressed wishes into becoming a priestess, due to her devoutness and faith to her gods, as well as her detached emotional state to earth and her musings of the afterlife.

To obtain entry into the Vestal order, a girl had to be free of physical and mental defects, have two living parents and be a daughter of a free-born resident of Rome. The pontifex maximus chose Vestals between their sixth and tenth year, by lot from a group of twenty high-born candidates.

She was thus selected to complete the term of a Vestal Virgin who had died in her 23rd year of office. She has served for five years and will serve two more before she is released, with a pension, and will, in most likelihood, be married. Marriage to a former Vestal was thought to bring good fortune.
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Name: Salve! I'm Helena Floria Raetia. 

Age: I have reached the wonderful, not really, age of 15

Gender: I'm a girl.

Appearance: I have long and rather wavy, strawberry blonde hair. My eyes are a vivid green and I have pale skin. I'm fairly tall, and pretty skinny.

Personality: I'm quiet most of the time, but when I have something to say, I will say it. I will also fiercely defend, what I believe in, which is not much, and anyone I am loyal to.

Bio: I was born into a well-off, wealthy family. My father was a very successful business man, and quite a nice father too. My mother was a rather vain woman, but she had a soft spot for her children (and not much else) and was doing things with us as much as she could. All in all, we were a happy family. Then, I turned 15. As soon as I turned that age, I guess my father decided I was old enough to get married and has been trying to marry me off to every wealthy man who comes our way. Even if they are older than me. 

Occupation (Consul, Senator, Commander, Legionnaire, etc.): Loyal daughter.

((Open, no text talk, use proper grammar and spelling and try to be descriptive.)) Another shopping excursion. I was thoroughly sick and tired of these, but apparently no one in my family cared. So there I was, silently standing around like a good daughter, nodding when my mother asked me if I wanted a this dress or that accessory, and trying to listen attentively to the shopkeepers as they droned on about the prices. In short, I was bored. However, my current attitude did not last for long. I was just "inspecting" this horrid swampy green dress when I heard a loud shout and the sound of what sounded like the clash of weapons, or something like that. Women started to run, screaming as men gravitated towards the fight. My mother joined the screaming throngs of ladies. I looked between them and the fight and decided that the latter was more interesting, plus I wasn't really that scared. I hurried around the edge of the market, trying to go unnoticed. I had just about made it to the edge of the crowd when...
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