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Hi Folks:
Please visit the Everyone On site for reduced Internet cost for students and staff members.

This is the email we received from Cara at EveryoneOn:

Hi James,

Thank you so much for reaching out to EveryoneOn, I’m excited to let you know that you are approved as a pre-qualified partner! We’ve set up a unique URL (see below) that you can share with your staff and constituency so that they can access the discounted offers available in your area.  

Your URL is 

Please note - when you use your new customized URL, it will appear as "" in the address bar and there should be a blue bar with a welcome message under the top navigation bar.

I've attached an overview of the online sign up process as well as instructions on how to access your analytics portal. I also recommend that you take a second to look at the resources available on such FAQs, Flyer for Individuals , and a ton of other great information. 

We truly thank you for joining the movement and helping us to get Everyone On! If you have any questions or would like to discuss the program in more detail - please do not hesitate to reach out and I'd be happy to set up a time to speak over the phone.

Thank you!

+Christopher Allen,  +Jamie Thomas, +Kristin Hall, +Elaine Smith, +Jennifer Kless  got Chromebooks for their students today. I'm sure they would love to hear from you, and your students.

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I just wanted to thank +Kathleen DiMartino +Leilani Coelho +Maria Monti and their students for allowing so many adults into their classrooms today.Everyone appreciated your graciousness, and they were all impressed by the learning taking place. The Commissioner remarked at how you got it right! They all understood that this is about communication, collaboration and content creation. Thank you!

Math Data Lesson: For morning work yesterday the students completed a form  about the number of people in their family which automatically populated a spreadsheet. During math time, we created a graph with the data. As a class, we discussed which kind of graph would display the information most clearly. After choosing, I shared the graph with each student, and they commented on the contents of the graph (and replied to each other's comments) on their Chromebooks. In the past, this lesson would have taken multiple days because of the time we would have needed to collect the data, organize the data, and print a copy for each student. I am blown away at the possibilities!

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It was like Christmas morning! The best first day of school ever! Every student getting to open their own brand new Chromebook-fresh out of the box! Thank you Mr. Monti for being there to guide us through the set up-you are permanently an honorary member of our class. The students in room 233 feel privilege and excited to have this wonderful gift! Thank you!
Photo has a quick reference to teach kids how to write a friendly email.  It also shows the parts of an email.  It looks like just enough information for kids, but has an Arthur theme.  I will use it with my third graders, but fourth graders may be a bit turned off.  

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We have also been having conversations with folks from Mobil Beacon, and their program for low cost Internet access.
Mobile Beacon
Mobile Beacon

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Here is a program that we will be sharing with families for low cost Internet access.

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+Maria Monti has been doing a lot of research on Chromebook covers, and cases. I came across another possible solution that I wanted to share: They are approximately 9/cover. I've requested the cost on a bulk purchasing, and color options.
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