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Hi Everyone,

We purchased the Flak Jacket 11" case ( for our freshman Chromebooks this year, based on recommendations from others. The case seems to be offering superior protection.

We have a parent in town who is in the business of manufacturing custom items in bulk. We have contracted with him to design a custom case for next year that will be an exact copy of the Flak Jacket case, with a custom logo. The cost will be roughly $15/case based on purchasing over 500 units.

He can manufacture the same case for other schools, with your logo. There's nothing in this for me, aside from the possibility of getting a slight reduction in price due to higher volumes. It's really an opportunity for you to get a case at a discounted price and I happen to like the guy. If you are interested, here is his contact information if you want to reach out to him:

Mark Morris
781-702-5220  x11
VP Sales

Mark designed a case for our initial implementation (see photo). While we like the case, it doesn't offer enough protection. That' why we are looking for a redesign.

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This is awesome news 

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I am very excited to announce the official GEG for Massachusetts is up and running! Please take a moment to join the community & introduce yourself!

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Looking for an interactive preview of Google Classroom?  Then look no further than the "Technology for Innovation in Education" conference at +Tilton School.

#T4IE   #GAFE   #goolgeclassroom  

Looking for WACOM tablets or something similar to be used with chromebooks. Any suggestions?

Need them for math class. Thanks

Wanted to let you all know that this week's #BYOTChat on Twitter will be about all things chrome: The twitter chat is live at 9pm ET, and chats are archived afterwards.

Is anyone using or familiar with Hapara for Chromebook and Google Apps management?

does anyone know of a good app that i can record voices with a chromebook.  or the best way to record voice and video?
thank you in advance for your help.
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