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You have reached the official Google Community for the Google Forms Add-on named "Control Accepting Responses." To join the group, you must request to join. This is to keep people out of the group who want to post spam. Also, every post is managed, and must be accepted before being posted. This keeps spam out of your mailbox.

Add-ons in the Chrome Web Store are being phased out. Once this process is completed, the G Suite Marketplace will be the sole add-on store.

At some point on or after the January 25, 2019 deadline, add-on listings will be removed from the Chrome Web Store.

User installs will be migrated to the G Suite Marketplace. According to Google, if you installed the add-on through the Chrome Web Store (As opposed to GSuite Marketplace) the add-on will continue to work without interruption.

If you installed the add-on through the GSuite Marketplace, then it's basically no change to you at all.

I guess that Google Plus is going to be discontinued. So, this group will cease to exist, if that is true. I will not be approving any more member requests. I do not know if there will be an alternative to this group, or whether I will implement it.

For general announcements, I could use a Google Site, or a blog. For anyone who wants to receive an email, I could have something like a newsletter.

I have installed this add-on but it has not worked in testing. It simply does not turn on. I'd like to turn on and off my form automatically. The literature says it can do this. Is there some setting I'm missing???

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Starting from August 22nd, 2018:

The legacy version of Google Forms will have restrictions put on it. Starting from August 22nd, 2018 you will no longer be able to create a new Google Form that is in the "Old" format. All Google Forms created after August 22nd, 2018 will automatically be in the new format, and it can't be changed back to an "Old" Form.

So, if you have been resisting the new Google Forms, all resistance is futile. You must assimilate.

Version 63 was just published and approved by Google.

There were multiple problems with the previous version. The code to start accepting responses was not creating a trigger to stop accepting responses. I've added code that will create the trigger to stop accepting responses when the code to start accepting responses runs. An Add-on can only have one trigger of each type at a time. The triggers to start and stop accepting responses based on a date/time are both time based triggers. So, I can't create two time based triggers at one time. So, I must create one trigger, then when it runs, have it delete itself, and then create the new trigger.

To get in contact with me, email me at

Any feedback or information that you have is appreciated.

Google is having some kind of problem on their servers.
Multiple people have reported issues.
Sometimes the dialog box will be blank. Sometimes it will state
Error 409
Or something like that.

There is a problem with the time based trigger for the start not getting created if there is also a stop date. I'll be fixing that soon. An add-on can not create two time based triggers at the same time, so if it's a choice between the start and the stop, the start needs to be created, and then when that code runs, it creates the stop trigger.

Published new version 62

Please contact me at with any feedback.

I've decided to have the Add-on always install an "On Form Submit" trigger as a back up to the time based trigger for checking the stop date. So, this new version will always install the On From Submit trigger. That means that the add-on will check the stop date every time that the Form is submitted.

Also, I'm not sure if the triggers are being installed correctly under certain circumstances. I need to do some more testing of the live version to make sure that it's working correctly.

I haven't received any comments from any users yet. There is one 4 star rating, but no comment with any feedback.

Published new version 61.

This version saves the date and time when the Add-on stops accepting responses. The date and time that the Form was shut off from accepting responses is now displayed in the "Status" tab.

The published status for the Apps Marketplace is still pending. But in the Chrome Web Store the new version was accepted within a minute of publishing it.
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