Good day my lovely children, Maddie here, or now known as Ash!

_I'm deeply srry for being gone for such a long period of time, I had deleted my account and can promise you there was many more posts on here than there is right now..

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I-i-im si-silverpool
clan? duh thunderclan
im a girl what do i look like
ima warrior
um -2-25 moons
IM shy but strong and loyal 
i dont wanna talk about bio

Hi I would like to be apart of this role play
This would be who I am

NAME : Flowerfur

GENDER: Female

AGE: 10 moons

Black fur cat with green eyes with one white stripe

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Name : Coldpaw
Age : 9 Moons
Rank : Apprentice
Mentor : Open
Gender : She-cat
Personality : Kind Strong Active Brave
Family : Not today...
Description : White one single right leg Icy-blue eyes, Face : Pic.
Bio : -

Could we post a few communities here?

I'm thinking...Of doing this...Story where it all evolves around a prophecy, I don't care who gets it and what it is, I just think it would be quite interesting but Y'know it's a idea >< 

Any approvals?

CedarStream stared at her neat packed pile of herbs and smiled at her self flicking her tail, she would be ready for the Leaf-Bare coming ahead as cold winds were already swishing past her pelt

''And in some moons I might need a apprentice...I can't be a Medicine Cat forever...''

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Name CedarStream
Clan RiverClan
Gender She-Cat
Age 36 Moons
Mate/Crush None
Rank Medicine Cat(May I? If not I'll be Warrior)
Kits None
Siblings Open
Appearance Slim oak shaded brown she-cat tabby with sharp blue eyes, a few faint white stripes can be seen near her tail and muzzle, a deep but thin scar runs down one side of her flank, and one of her ear is badly shredded
Personality Secretive but loyal to her clan, usually the first one to come up with a conclusion, a quick thinker but not so much of a planner she is also quick to attack but slower to defend, exceeds in hunting and does well in swimming, she mostly keeps to herself but won't hesitate to back up on of her clan mates or sacrifice herself
Bio Same as any other cat, born in clan, raised in clan
Status Both parents were born in RiverClan through father is half clan (RiverClan and ShadowClan)
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