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Only Mods can have legendary pokemon Sorry But Non mods cant but u can have mega stones

(PR with +Paper Mraco Datly)
Kammy Koopa left Bowser`s castle and went to world 3 to make her own castle.

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name: Kammy Koopa
gender: F
age: 86
hp: 78
Stickers: 15
powers: Magic
extra: has a friend Named Kamek, and cares for the koopalings
Bio: I work for bowser
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the first five to join gets to be a mod

You can pick the same type as someone else and have two types 
Gym 1: (open)  choose type
Gym 2: (open)  choose type
Gym 3: (open)  choose type
Gym 4: (open)  choose type
Gym 5: (open)  choose type
Gym 6: (open)  choose type
Gym 7: (open)  choose type
Gym 8: (open)  choose type
Elite 4 1: (open)  choose type
Elite 4 2: (open)  choose type
Elite 4 3: (open)  choose type
Elite 4 4: (open)  choose type
Pokemon Champion:(open)  choose type 
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