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We are seeking a crowdfunding partner to purchase properties such as the ones described-we donate a portion of our commissions to Nonprofit organizations

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We are a new type of Real Estate agency that donates a percentage of our commission to Nonprofit organizations-we have an affiliated Nonprofit organization with several hundred members-Any Crowdfunding Philanthropists ready to help take us to the next level?

Demonstrating the power of a Share vice fiscal contribution at this #socent  campaign site

Our development model creates a NEW crowd funding process , which supports the educational endowments for students as a scholarship program. Each of these respective campaigns raises a set amount for specific aspects of our efforts with 88% of funding allocated to underwrite the teaching system. We hope You will consider participating as a ShareGiver by sending a link via Your social communities OR consider making a contribution to one of these campaigns.

We are pleased to introduce this "Share Givers" variation on #crowdfunding as a demonstration of the new B4B approach to businesss development. See

I am Patrick Dacre, a fully practicing 7th Generational Developer and Publisher. The idea here is to raise awareness and capital so that non-profits and charities can benefit through our growing team's efforts to effect massive change through the FreEbooks4Good projects.
Simply sharing this link within Your communities is a good beginning.

7th Generational Development for 2016 - 2040

Over the last 60 years there have been a series of marketing categories assigned to different and unique population trends commencing primarily with the baby boomers the post World War II incredible population growth from 1948 to 1962.

Additional populations identified as Generation X, Y AND Z which then leads to the millennials followed each 20 years. Now we introduce a new category called 7th Generationals, who might be called Cultural Creatives  but frankly is for anyone who sees well beyond the immediacy of the “I” or “ME” generation and adheres to a policy of working and creating so that their Business footprints benefits 7 Generations forward.

We welcome you to this new adventure and suggest that you consider adding the 7th generational approach  to your Consulting practice or your business development work style so that our granddaughter's - granddaughter's - granddaughters can live in a healthy, harmonious and happy World. See this link as a primer

As an example of 7th generational development we are pleased to announce the release of a special program called Socially Responsible publishing , which will endeavour to create 108 FreEbooks4good in the year 2016 to benefit four core vertical markets in the humanities world.

Commencing in January 2016 we will release on the average of every 6 - 7 Days a free book for good to honour the work in these four categories.

Women and Children 1st
Our animal friends wild and domestic
Peace and Non-Violence
Cooperating With Mother Nature
Each of these 27 participants in each category will be honoured with a FreEbook4good derived from information supplied by their website or by the public relations people. We simply ask You to consider Becoming a “ShareGiver” among Your communities. Or perhaps nominate a worthwhile organization via an email to

Welcome to the new adventure of 7th generation Marketing and Development. A printable copy of this post is here


Patrick M. Dacre - A Practicing Philanthropreneur

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DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE... my car got creamed.... Luckily I wasn't in it when waiting for a tow truck on the side of the road. #crowdfunding #indiegogo #gofundme #donate #help #madd #dui #drunkdriver #alcoholic #intervention #drunk #caraccident #legal #dontdrinkanddrive #almostdied 

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Any Crowdfunding experts for Social Enterprise Trade Associations? (Performance Based compensation)

What is the preferred crowdfunding platform for Nonprofits? 

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