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Thought I would share. Here is our RRHS JROTC conducting the National Security Agency's (NSA's) "Day of Cyber" curriculum. Video HERE. Further, here is the link to the NSA's "Day of Cyber" Curriculum. The cadets have commented that it is highly engaging, interesting, and enlightening! The program energizes interest in STEM, provides the learner with a brief profile assessment, and teaches them about roles open to them in Cyber related domains.

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Googlers, I wanted to share a 2-minute screencast giving a quick overview of how we are collaborating across classes and class days! Any ideas, feedback, or thoughts highly appreciated!!

Semper Fidelis,

Can you help us please create a list of teaching and learning practices to help promote deeper learning and perseverance in our students:
-deep reading
-problem solving
-critical thinking
-divergent thinking
- project/problem based

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My AP World History students created paper slide student projects based on research of key concepts covered.  They recorded on their phones or flip video cameras and we uploaded to my student projects channel.  Enjoy.

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My chrome books have arrived!! Please send me ideas and must have chrome apps and extensions for primary class!! +Jake Duncan +Kasey Bell

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See how to use new Forms Add-ons: Choice Eliminator, formLimiter, and FormRanger -

Choice Eliminator - remove each option from a question when it is chosen

formLimiter - close a form at a specified time, when you have a specified number of responses, or when a cell in the spreadsheet has a specified value

formRanger - populate a question's option list from a Doctopus roster or from a spreadsheet column

what is folks favorite Random Name Generator for classroom use?  I have a couple of classes who won't speak up and I need to use this tool.  

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How do your administrators use GAFE? Here's what we're doing at MHS. #ninjaacademy  

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Stop by the registration table and get your Ninja Academy T-shirt - only $10
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