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How to Use Lorelle's WordPress School Community

The class assignments and posts are at on Lorelle on WordPress. All the main links and references will be found there. You may comment on those posts if you wish as everything is a point of connection and communication.

I've let the first week of the program lead me to believe that the majority of people prefer to have most of the interaction here, in the Google+ Community. If you are new to G+ and Communities, or even if you are not, here are the guidelines.

How to reply:

1. To reply to a post, click the reply button or type in the reply box on G+. Try it now on our Introduce Yourself post where you are to start by introducing yourself:
2. To reply to an individual, click the REPLY link by their name at the top of their comment. This will put in their +name or @name.
3. If you wish to get the attention of a participant, use their name by typing a + or @ in front of it. G+ will seek the joined users first then others in your contact list to auto suggest the rest of their name. The use of the name sends a notification to the person that a comment is waiting and forces the comment to appear in their notification area.

For specific help in formatting posts and replies and other G+ tips:

Keep the Conversations Connected to the Assignment: Reply to the posts and other people's comments on the post for the assignment you wish to discuss. If you wish to discuss issues that arose during an assignment, even if the assignment isn't directly related, this may be a thought others might have working on the same assignment, so talk about it there. This will keep the conversations on track and tied to the assignment for future participants jumping in later in the year.

Have a question? If you have a question on an assignment, ask on the post for that assignment here, or on the blog. others may have the same question. If the question is unrelated and you feel it deserves it's own thread, please start it and put it under the right category (described below).

I want to start a topic: You may start a topic if you think it relevant to Lorelle's WordPress School. We encourage sharing!

Notifications: Look in this community on the left under the community title for a gear symbol. Next to it is a bell with the words "Notifications on" or "Notifications off." If you would like to be notified when new information or comments are made, turn notifications on. G+ also allows customization of which notifications you receive.

Posting Links: Properly formed HTML - any HTML - is not permitted in G+ posts or comments. To post a link, just paste the link in. If the link is long and ugly, use or TinyURL or another link shortner to make the link "prettier."

CATEGORIES: The following is a breakdown of the categories and how to make the best decision.

Help Wanted: If you have a question or need help, this is the place to start. We are to help each other find the solution to our questions and challenges. Dive in!

WordPress School Discussions: These are discussions specifically related to the year-long school project, how it works, what to do, and help on the program in general.

Assignments: In general, this is restricted to Lorelle's WordPress School Assignments ONLY. By clicking it, you should see only the assignment posts in a list, helping people to find a specific assignment or see a list of all the assignments.

WordPress News: From time to time I will share news on WordPress related to the course. If you have news on WordPress to share, please post it there. Please keep the information relative to the course, helping us learn more about how WordPress works in general as well as the company, foundation, etc., associated with the WordPress Community and industry.

WordPress Resources: Have a resource, reference, or something that will help people learn WordPress better? This is where to share it.

Feedback on Your Site: If you wish feedback on your site from the instructor or fellow participants, post a note here. Be specific as to the type of feedback you wish, as well as what you want people to look at. Typically it isn't the entire site but a single post or feature you've been working on. Don't make us hunt. :D

General Discussion: This is typically the category you will choose for general discussions.

Suggestions and Ideas: Got some? Put them here.

Events: From time to time I will hold Google Hangouts and other interactive online sessions for free, as well as local classes and workshops if you live in the area. Announcements will be here, as well as announcements of WordPress Meetups, special events, and WordCamps. If someone would like to volunteer to announce upcoming WordCamps regularly, or point out interesting WordPress Meetup groups around the world or of interest to participants, I'd love a volunteer!

Photos: This is for sharing screenshots of your site and other imagery if necessary.

In general, Help Wanted, General Discussions, and WordPress Discussions are where you will most likely put your posts.


Play nice. I have the right to ban anyone. Don't make me.

We are here to learn from each other and that means making mistakes. See the post for feedback and criticism:

For a syllabus and description of the course:

For a list of all the assignments and tutorials in Lorelle's WordPress School on Lorelle on WordPress:

Guidelines and rules subject to change without warning due to disruptions in the peace and tranquility of this year-long experimental course.

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When it comes to tracking WordPress news and industry topics related to your site content, this is the single most important tool to use. I highly recommend inoreader as your desktop and mobile feed reader.

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Dear Lorelle,
I been reading the instructions. I am going over the Master Plan. After publishing my testing site, could you help me to organize what tutorials should I concentrate on?

I am working on the purpose for my site, but! I am not sure of what I have written. Should I post it here?

I am thinking of my main site. Addressing my readers, but! I am going off on several directions. Can you feedback and give me a clue? Thanks! :-)

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Hi ye all, I have introduced myself. I have been doing a lot of reading and preparing. But, not that easy.

Ha! Been busy preparing one of my sites for the course, and! Got a big problem with memory for my graphics. Photoshop tells me now there is not enough memory to edit my graphics. I do not know exactly how the memory works in Photoshop 2017 but I went ahead and up the memory to the max in the preferences. It did not work. I still have the problem.

Before, while working with my Siteground server site, I had that problem. Photoshop told me my server was not saving my files for lack of memory. Siteground resolved the problem. So, I just got in touch with them again.

Siteground tells me since I am working in it is problem. Now what? How do I get support from

O but I hope someone to have enough patience to help me. Don't even know how to ask for help, that's the pits! Don't u think so? :-)

Hi Miss Lorelle, I am joining WordPress school to learn about web publishing for computers and mobile. I am from Cebu, Philippines. I hope to catch up with the assignments and learning needed. Thank you very much for your site. I have been thinking about participating for several months already. I finally decided to jump in. Here goes!

Hello, I can't seem to find a free WordPress web page. Can someone please post a link?? I would appreciated it. Thanks

Thank you Gai. I have felt intimidated by WordPress. Today is my first class. In the intro Lorelle said I would need to know a few things one being a tag. Ok, will google it. Here's to the year long journey. Thanks everyone for sharing it with me.

Hi, I am really glad to be here! Don't have the best computer skills, but I'm trying. I wanted to introduce myself on the intro page. I don't how to post. Any help would be great. There isn't an option to post anywhere.
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