Thanks for accepting me. I agree with the Rules of this Group and I have much experience with Arstotzka ( Papers, please ). Glory to Arstotzka!

Ah,Republia. The Home to our people. I am able to Hannah as a best friend. I met her since we were kids. I might be able to see her once again. For the people of Republia,I will protect my friend and keep her safe from harm. As long as the people will trust me,I will be great with virtue and valor.

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Name:Sanic Fest


Occupation:Fastmaster (none)

Country:United Federation (Land of the free baby)

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Quotes:I will remain close to my friends.

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Name : reaver ,tullis

Age : 24

Job : Ceo of reaver ind

Credits : 250 (For investment )
what do you mean I did not pay the income taxes? I should have you arrest for such an acusations ! -reaver to ministry of income officer

Glory to arstoska indeed my friend for tomorrw is going to be s profitable day
-reaver to investor



*a man in a full black suit and hat walks into your booth
he sets down a badge M.O.I. M.vonel*
Hello inspector
i have a few questions for you.

glory to arstoska

M.vonel M.O.I east grestin special investagator

Katenka arrives at her post for the first time and takes a deep breath. Her boss hands her an instruction booklet, and she skims through it for a moment before saying
"Alright Katenka...lets go...your first day on the job, a very high pressure and important job..."

She opens the checkpoint and calls out

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Name:Katenka Sokolov



Inventory:Little More then her Checkpoint Tools

Credits:100 (During the beginning of her story)

Job:Checkpoint Inspector (For 2 years before applying as a government official via the reccomendation of the official before her during the Perfect ending, which you essentially unlock as long as you recieve no more then 9 citations throughout the whole game)

[Famous Quotes]
"Listen, if I didnt give half a shit about this country or its people, I wouldnt be denying your passport, NOW GET OUT OF MY LINE! NEXT!" -Katenka to a frustrated Arstotzkan who had a problematic passport

"Long Live Arstotzka, may we thrive even if our government falls. For we are the proud sons and daughters of the cold, and we are born to last to the end of time!" -Katenka giving her speech during the government meeting 3 years after she retired from being a border guard to join the government. This event is assuming that you have obtained the best ending she could possibly get.
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