My name is krystal Smith and I have brown eyes and brown hair and I'm a female and human

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Name: Christian, Alexander, Dante, Gabriel, Beast and more...
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Vampire/Werewolf/Angel/Fallen Angel/Demon and more...
Hair: Black (May be dyeing part of it white soon)
Eyes: Black (changes on occasion)
Blood:O Positive

There are a lot of things about me that I don't even truly know yet... I know that I am not alone when it comes to this, but I am also a part of a Muti-personality... and I think that has a part to do with why I am so mixed up...  I wish I could just be normal sometimes...but it's not the case... I tend to screw a lot of things up because of this... I've lost my heart... and I feel that in trying to love again... I might cause someone else to loose theirs... or even break theirs... I'm really friendly... and very caring... so if you fall for me... I am sorry... I might not wish to fall in love again... not until I truly find my heart... I hope I am not dissed because of this... and I hope I can find a place in this group... Thank you... 

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Hi i m new here
Name - karin
Age- 16

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Think you'll enjoy this!! For all the supernatural lovers!!

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Hey Everyone Smiles Slightly Welcome to be here
Name: Zero Kiryu
Species: Vampire
Hair: Lavendar
Eyes: Lavendar
Blood: ???

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H-Hi guys, I'm Miku-chan Neko. It's nice to meet you. smiles a bit

Name: Miku-chan Neko
Species: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Blood: A

My name is tracy adams from australia Am here to give my testimony of how i became a vampire. Long time ago a friend of mine told me that vampires are real and i doubted it at the first place,not until she confessed to me that she was one of them. She told me the reason she had to become a vampire but at first i was scared of her but later she made me understand that i need not to be scared and that becoming a vampire will only make me live longer than expected,become famous and be able to fight all my enemies which i later agreed to become,i never thought it was real not until recently and right now am what i wanted to become,besides,the money i spent is not up to half of the money i have now. Am very proud to be one of them now,i have no reason to be scared to give my testimony to the world.In case you are interested,just contact the below email. ,, or add him on whatsapp +2348147863980

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