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My final set of Coachella photos. 

Thank you so much to for lending us a 200 mm F2.0 (which I used in most of these photos) and a 400 mm F2.8 too. 

Extra special thanks to JBL/Harmon (they make many of the world's speakers) for bringing me to Coachella and putting us up in a nice hotel room. Plus getting us a photo pass (cameras aren't allowed at Coachella, so if we didn't get a photo pass, we would never be able to make these photos). 

Hope you enjoy. If you like these, check out +Thomas Hawk's photos. He has easily 10x more photos and better quality, too. I did learn some good stuff from him, but it's amazing when you shoot right next to a master photographer and then end up in his hotel room to watch how fast he processes photos (he brought a big Apple monitor down to Palm Desert to enable faster editing).

Great times and thanks to +Sam Levin for arranging everything. 

Don't miss my earlier photos from Coachella, here:

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Coachella 2014
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