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Working on an 8-bits-per-pixel mode for my SixtyFourPixels games console ( so that games can get more out of the bi-colour LED display, while still keeping the 2 bit mode available. It works in a soft-PWM kind of way and allows each pixel to have 4 bits for red and 4 bits for green

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Early days yet, but this simple snake game is looking better than I expected.
Still need to add in objects to pick up and make the game speed change, but it is already playable.

Ok, now I am trying to reflash with the latest firmware.

I found the Timer library online, and fixed it so that it builds with Arduino 1.0.1.

The FTDI headers appear to be the wrong way around (pin6 is gnd and pin4 is power) is this correct?

Anyway plugging in that way around powers the device nicely off the USB, when I open the serial monitor RTS is driven low and as this is wired to reset the device goes blank.

When I try to upload the new code I get the error

avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding

I have checked the pin header and the pins are wired to the appropriate pins on the processor.

Any ideas?

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New game "MemoryGame" at
A kind of "Simon"derivative

Soldered mine up last night. Everything seems to be working fine, I can scroll through the menu and play the games. I got to level 4 in the space invaders game, althought I don't know what score I got.

Really easy to assemble, and the instructions are nice and clear on the whole.

Just one problem...

The display isn't working!

I think I have soldered it on upside down. :(

Where you wrote pin1 on the board, did you mean me to go by the x drawn on the side of the matrix housing?

I went by the 1 printed on the matrix circuit board underneath, which is in the opposite corner.

Not looking forward to having to unsolder it to turn it over.

SixtyFourPixels is an open-source project and you can download schematic and board files  for EAGLE from the GitHub page (
I am working to make properly fabricated PCBs available. Drop me a PM if you are interested in a PCB or a full kit including all the components

I've set up this G+ community around my Arduino-based 8x8 LED Matrix Game electronics project. This is an open source/hardware project ( and I am also hoping to be able to provide inexpensive kits. My aim is to give a simple platform for Arduino programmers to try their hand at creating hand held games and it would be great to get a little community going around this.
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