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HERPING-DUSK to DAY with Gowri Shankar

The Dusk to Day program is a gathering of similar minds with a passion for herping. It is open to all who love to explore the wilderness with a special interest in reptiles.
We start with herping at 3pm on Saturday and spend a big part of our time walking trails in search of reptiles both big and small. For participants from our previous workshops, it is a refresher of sorts while for new entrants it will be an eye-opener.
Nevertheless time spent discussing, sharing and learning about reptiles with Gowri Shankar is going to be a fun learning experience.

When : 28th-29th April (3pm)
Where : Prani-The pet sanctuary,Somanahalli Village,Off Kanakapura Road, Bengaluru
What : Herping night and day
              Discussion: Human-snake conflict- an Urban perspective
              Group Activity: Pick a topic
Herping with whom?
Gowri Shankar
Gowri Shankar is a wildlife biologist working on king cobras for over a decade. He was instrumental in initiating the pioneering radio telemetry study on king cobras and was able to discover the secret life of king cobras. He is an authority on the ecology of king cobras and has been featured in several wildlife documentaries like the ‘King and I’, ‘Secrets of the King Cobra ‘, ‘Asia’s Deadliest Snake’, and ‘Wildest India’ by BBC, National Geographic Channel, NatGeoWild , Discovery Channel 'Mysteries of Wild India' and 'The Cobra King' by channels like the BBC, Discovery, NatGeo Wild, Animal Planet, Smithsonian and the National Geographic Channel .
He is currently registered as a PhD student at North Orissa University and former exchange student at Uppsala University, Sweden.
More about Gowri at :

Who can attend: Originally planned as a refresher event for our STORM participants to enhance their knowledge, it is now open to all (18yrs and above) who care to learn more and appreciate reptiles.

Register at:

Contact: | +91 9480877670
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