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Please Click the link and make sure to scroll down to visit the whole page! Full of answers for your questions you may have!
Filling out for Job after Job, and still not landing it? You know your Worth it, and quite frankly getting dressed up to arrive to an interview you may not even want to be at, Just to hear, "We'll call you if we are interested." In this case NO NEWS is Not good News. How are you going to pay for rent? Food, Gas, BILLS?
Are you tired of the 8 hour shifts, wore out at the end of the day?
Working your Tush off to barely make ends meet?
No Love for your Job or from the Employees?
Not enough MONEY?
No time to enjoy with Loved ones?
Not Sure what the future holds for you or your finances?
Keep Reading... I'm getting to the good part! 
Want to Work from Home, or anywhere that has a reliable Internet connection? If you Answered YES to at least 4 of these questions, It is time my friend, for a change! 
I am currently hiring Independent Sales Reps to Post Ads, Freelancing, word of Mouth, or anything that gets the information of My company into the homes of people looking for  Peace of Mind with our Exclusive Benefits from Motor Club of America. Training Provided, Tax Forms to be filed, May require a License (I will check your States Requirements) A few Documents to be sent in to the company to become an independent agent.
Live in the U.S.A. or Canada
File Taxes with W-9 Form
Must be 18+
Self motivation is KEY!
Must have a bank account that has Direct Deposit. $40 to join, and $20 there after each month.
Look at it as those special Shoes, or that uniform that you would have to pay for anyway to work! 
Cancel ANYTIME if you find it is not the right fit for you. You can keep the WellCare Card as a Thank you! $5 a week may sound like a bunch of money, but it is for a job! I spend more then that on toilet paper! 
That is less then you would spend on gas, lunches at those Places that are to expensive, but it's close so you have to settle. Because my goodness, your lunch time is 30 mins. and/or make up you put on to get ready for work!  No More rush hour! 
No more worrying if you can make it home on time for Dinner. No Need to plan 2 weeks ahead to schedule out for a birthday party or Doctors appointments! Or, Take your Kid to the Zoo before they close. Stressed because you may not be able to make it to their school play. AND.... MY, OH MY... WHO IN THIS WORLD WILL KEEP THE KID/S WHEN THEIR SPRING BREAK IS 2 WEEKS?  Even more, 2 to 3 MONTHS for Summer Break? Try asking your boss off for those days! GOOD LUCK! 
Computer Skills Required, Just basic Copy and Paste, Typing. 
Word Process and Documents a Plus
Free Company Website
Free UNLIMITED Training Available
Must be willing to Work, This IS A REAL JOB
Work as little or as much as you want
*Stay at Home
*No car?                                                                                       No problem
*No High school diploma,                                                           No Problem
*Not Grade A background?                                                         No Problem
*No College Degree?                                                                   No Problem
*Felony restricting you from making the income you deserve?  No Problem
*No Drug Test (Although we do not encourage the use of Drugs, it would not count against you)
*Disabled?                                                                                   No Problem
Let's get you started TODAY!. With the Membership you will receive Your Welcome to Motor Club of America Package that includes your Membership Cards, your Discount Health Card upon Completing Application, and I will invite you into the Training!
If this is not ideal for you, Check out the benefits and become a member! We are rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau
Benefits Travel with you! We have Service all over the United States and Canada!    
Misty Banks
Motor Club of America
Independent Agent
Contact Me today:
Check it out to see what the M.C.A. Package Has to Offer!

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At #Symbits, we are committed to providing a corporate atmosphere that is best suited for our team members, whether they are working remote or on site. Make this a career, not just a job. We provide excellent opportunities to grow professionally through different teams at Symbits.

#jobsearch #salesassociate

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Angie’s List employs talented professionals - who are doing amazing things — and we’d love for you to join them.
Working at Angie's List
Working at Angie's List

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The Lowe’s Contact Center in Indianapolis provides customer assistance for all of Lowe’s products and services via phone, email and mail.

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Learn to Clean Windows.  No experience needed!!  WOW! Window washing has openings for window cleaning technicians.  Apply online at or call 317.865.2969

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FINAL CLEAN CORPORATION is currently hiring cleaning crew members.  Clean interiors of newly built homes!  Apply at

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Need a Great Job with great people. Check us out!  Filling several positions immediately!!

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