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Welcome to my community. It will consist of 1 role-play with 3 made-up clans, ask my permission for high ranks, such as leader, deputy, or medicine cat. when I approve you can create a character sheet for your character (You may have as many characters as you want)

No Cursing
Nothing sexual unless you get my permission first.
No bullying
No art stealing
You may not kill off another person's OC unless you get permission from them first.
Have fun.

Leader (Skyler DuFrene)
Deputy Whitestripe (WhiteStripe)
Med Cat Swiftbreeze (howlingwolf04 the wolf that is a cat)
Warriors ~MAX OF 14~
Apprentices ~MAX OF 8~
Ravenpaw (Shadow Art)
Elders ~MAX OF 4~.

Leader ~ Silverstar (Bluestar Blue)
Deputy ~ Echotail (Scourge)
Med Cat ~ Brownfur (WhiteStripe)
Warriors ~MAX OF 14~
Speckledfur (Layla Segabache)
Whisperfeather (CupcakesAreYummy667)
Lillyleaf (Bluestar Blue)
Lostfoot (Kids Railton)
Fawnstep (Bluestar Blue)
Apprentices ~MAX OF 8~
Tigerpaw (Emily Archer)
Patchpaw (Willow Creek Equestrian Centre)
Elders ~MAX OF 4~
Rosetail (Willow Creek Equestrian Centre)

Leader ~ Dawnstar (Rosewing)
Deputy ~ Featherhope (True Blue Floridian Sunshine State Florida)
Med Cat Dawn (name will change later to Deerfeather is a rogue as of now)
Warriors ~MAX OF 14~
Piketail (Spottedclaw)
Deerheart (Chara Dreemur)
Apprentices ~MAX OF 8~
Elders ~MAX OF 4~

Rogues: Dawn (played by Spottedclaw Future FawnClan medicine cat named Deerfeather)
Scar (Stardust SprinkleShine)
Storm Flower (Spottedclaw)
Jinx (Things Happen (Shannon))

Extra info:

They live on the snowy mountaintop regions where it is cold and the rocky mountain is dotted with snow, a few pine trees grow up there and there dens are made of ice and snow. They hunt rabbits, mice and squirrels. Their fur is extra long to protect them from cold so if you are in SnowClan you must love the cold and have a thick coat.

They live in the shelter of a magical forest known as Glitter Falls
many small ponds are around the terrain of the forest, the largest one has a small, burbling waterfall. The grass is always glittering with the sun and dew. They mostly hunt fish and birds. If you are in SilentClan you must be a good swimmer, love water, and be very sneaky. Their shelters are behind the waterfall mentioned earlier, which is a large cave with other caves on the walls that give the different dens.

They live on the lush grassy hillsides near a twoleg village. They like big open spaces and lots of undergrowth. Wild flowers grow everywhere, attracting bees and butterfly's and other beautiful animals. They mostly hunt mice, and deer. If you are in FawnClan you must have strong legs and a resistance to cold winds on the hills. Their dens are burrows underground.

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This profile has already been approved.

Name: Speckledfur
Age: 19 moons
Clan: SilentClan
Gender: Male
Rank: Warrior (please)
Mother: Flowerpelt (open)
Father: Barkfur (open)
Siblings: None
Bio: Speckledfur was made a apprentice at the age of 5 moons because her Clan needed more apprentices. Made a warrior at the usual age. He was made a SilentClan's warrior 8 moons ago.
Negative Personality Traits: Stubborn, Proud, and has a Hot Temper.
Positive Personality Traits: Great leader, Caring, Loyal, and Generous.
(first is a color pic and the second is just a black and white sketch.)
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Hey guys!
My character is Speckledfur and he is a warrior of SilientClan. I'd really like for him to have a apprentice. If any of you have an apprentice who doesn't have a mentor, could he be their mentor?



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Anyone want to roleplay?

Echoflower padded along the border. Scenting another cat along the breeze.

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|| Template by +NerdyFangirl12​||
(This should work for a variety of characters edit as needed)

||Personal info||
Name: Echoflower
Gender: female
Age: 14 moons
Build(optional): thin, well muscles
Birthday: August 30
Likes: hunting, training, snow
Dislikes: hot days, bloody battles, thunderpath
Clan: Snowclan
Ranking: warrior

Personality: grumpy sometimes, independent, curious
Flaws: overly suspicious, doesn't like having help.
Mother: Lakefur (deceased)
Father: Mudfoot (deceased)
Sister(s): Turtleheart
Brother(s): none
Step-mother: none
Step-Father: none
Step-sister: none
Step-brother: none
Accidents/trauma: none
Important achievement: becoming a warrior
Biography: Echoflower was born in Snowclan. Growing up She stuck by Turtleheart's side. Hey sister was deaf and worked to help hey communicate with others. She received her warrior name and remains true the code while still helping her sister as needed.
Song: none
Quote: "the very things that hold you down will lift you up"
Motto: none
(Art credit): Google images


Anyone who's still active, let me know, if you don't say Here by tomorrow then I will remove you from the community.

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Ok this cat OC I'm giving away her name is RainDrop

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|| NAME || DarkShadow

[[ Current Name ]]: DarkShadow
[[ Previous Names ]]: DarkPaw, DarkKit
[[ Future Names ]]: ???
[[ Prefix Meaning ]]: She has black hair and wings
[[ Suffix Meaning ]]: She has gray fur

|| BASICS ||

[[ Age ]]:24 moons
[[ Gender ]]: She - Cat


[[ Current Allegiance ]]: ????
[[ Current Rank ]]:Rouge
[[ Former Allegiances ]]:???
[[ Former Ranks ]]:kit, apprentice
[[ Future Allegiances ]]:???
[[ Future Ranks ]]:???
[[ Rank Desired ]]:???


[[ Deadly Sin ]]:killing with her speed and evil side
[[ Negative Traits ]]:being a kittypet
[[ Heavenly Virtue ]]:???
[[ Positive Traits ]]:???


[[ Fur Color ]]:dark gray and light gray
[[ Fur Markings ]]:???
[[ Marking Color(s) ]]:???
[[ Eye Color ]]:dark red
[[ Accent ]]:???
[[ Physique ]]:???


[[ Mother ]]:unknown
[[ Father ]]:unknown
[[ Sister(s) ]]:unknown
[[ Brother(s) ]]:unknown
[[ Mentor ]]:???
[[ Apprentice(s) ]]:???
[[ Crush ]]: ???
[[ Mate ]]: ???
[[ Kit(s) ]]:???

|| OTHER ||

She is half dragon

(Open to Silent clan only)
Silverstar was in her den. She had just woken up. She stood up and stretched. When she got outside of her den the clan was in chaos. She ran over to the tallrock and jumped on top of it. What do you mouse brains think you are doing! she yelled, her voice could be heard through the whole forest.
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