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About 2 years after the Islamic revolution of Iran, Iraq invaded Iran. A war was started which continued for 8 years. At the first months of the war, Iraq army was obviously more powerful and occupied some parts of the west of Iran, including Khorramshahr. But gradually, Iran's army was regulated and reached many achievements.
The west of Iran contains lots of oil rich areas. 
Saddam Hussein was the leading member of Baath party and the fifth president of Iraq and the leader of Iraqi army.
Iraq used weapons of mass destruction over 300 times in war against Iran and killed thousands of innocent children and civilians.
Since the revolution succeeded, the terrorist groups (such as the MEK) martyred lots of our officials and scholars (such as Mohammad Ali Rajai the second president and Morteza Motahari the great scholar).
Iranian popular forces (whom are called "Basiji") and official forces, at last regained Khorramshahr and other occupied territories.
The war was ended by signing the UN resolution 598.
Iranian people (and in fact the Muslim people) call the martyrs and people who have been killed in the war Shahid.
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Iran, has experienced more than 20 historical dynasties, none of which were republic. The present government is the first republic government which was established about 35 years ago (1987). Our people participated in the "Islamic revolution" which led to this government.
Qom (My city) was one of the most significant and effective cities in the revolution.
Our people obeyed a wise man (Imam Khomeini) and finally they succeeded and overthrew the "Pahlavi" government (the last monarchy government).
Imam Khomeini was a religious and political leader and was a resolute and good-tempered man. You may read more about him here (
He died on 1989. Our people became so sad and mourner.

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I'm an Iranian who lives in a hot, small city in the center of the country: Qom.
The population of the city is about 1,000,000.
We speak Persian as usual. One of the most important handicrafts of our city, is the carpet. Carpets of Qom are well-known and are exported.
The majority of people of Qom are Muslims and believe in one God and the prophet Muhammad.
I gotta share more about my city and my country in the further feeds ;)
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